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League of Legends Build Guide Author Orphanwaffles

Nocturne-A Shadowy Death (jungle guide)

Orphanwaffles Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nocturne is a filthy, filthy hero. He has the ability to be an amazing laner as well as a great jungler. I personally prefer jungling with him, since his ulti is perfect for getting a quick double and pushing a lane early in the game. This build is purely DPS with very little survivability, but I will throw in alternative items to help with situational games.

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Pros and cons

-A slightly longer jungle variation, but helps prevent early jungle-rush from the other team and is a very hard route to make a mistake and die on.
-Ridiculous damage output early and end game
-fantastic ganking ability
-finish off those pesky runners
-rarely have to B to heal up

-Minimal survivability
-Jungle route is slightly longer then usual
-This build is slightly team dependent, because if the solo-laner is getting pushed hard and feeds, it might hurt you.

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This passive is what makes it possible for Nocturne to A)Jungle and B) rarely have to leave the battlefield to heal. This is because later in the game, simply going to a lane or into the jungle will bring you from about no health to full health in no time. This passive helps you from the voice saying 'Welcome' to the voice saying 'Victory'

This ability is all sorts of good. It makes jungling possible, it makes clearing creeps like mowing the lawn possible, it makes killing summoners with full health and no health possible, and it makes harrasing possible. This, by far, is one of the best abilities I have seen in the game. Only downfall, it is a skillshot, but it goes through minions and has a pretty wide path.

I feel like this spell is underutilized. It gives you passive attack speed, which just adds on to the itemset attack speed, making you a flurry of shadowy blades. But also, the active is it blocks a single enemy spell. Not just gives you a magic shield like Morgana's , where it just blocks some damage, but it blocks the whole spell. SO say you just got a double and you're a little low on health, and uh oh, looks like Karthas is about to to finish you, just press W, sit back, and laugh while you heal up. Another good use for the active is right when you get into a team fight or a gank, pop this bad-boy so A) you block whatever they cast on you first which will most likely be their best ability and B) double your passive attack speed so you can go to town on their candy ***.

You know how much you hate Fiddlesticks fearing you so you succumb to the death of his entire team? or when you walk into a bush and Shaco's gay little boxes fear you and leave you out to dry? Well now you can have your revenge. This is Noct's only ability that scales with AP, but the damage is not why this gets used. The fear effect caused after 2 seconds. This fear causes them to sit there while you beat them down and while your Duskbringer finishes its cooldown. This makes it possible for early game kills since this will stop them for just enough time before they get to their tower

And here we are, the most frightening Ulti in the game. Lets start off with the best thing about it. The range. You can pop this bad boy and fly around the map toeither save a teammate, gank a lonely tower pusher, jump into a teamfight, or finish a runner. This range is what makes it awesome for Noct to be a jungler, because when you finally hit level 6, even if they have wards in the bushes, no one will know your coming until they hear the *whoosh* and see darkness. Next, we'll discuss the base damage and how it scales with AD. When it is maxed, it deals 450 +1.2 of attack damage. Well that is just a fantastic ******** ratio right there. You can get a squishy to half with this alone. Next, we shall discuss the reason it is named Paranoia. When you first press 'R', it takes away all sight radius from the enemy summoners, making them **** themselves and run back to their towers. The next time you press 'R', you come flying in like the nightmare you are. If need be, this ability can be used defensively, but that takes practice and luck.

The skillup order is R>Q>E,W

I personally alternate E and W because they both have great effects and both are needed, so its better to keep them even then have one ****ty one and one great one.

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Summoner Spells

I choose and

WHY you ask?

DUH, if you have to ask why I choose this for a jungling route, then GTFO my guide right now.

I choose this for multiple reasons. A) say you see someone pushing a tower, and your Ulti is up. And say you are just out of range of using your Ulti and that tower is goin down fast, well pop this bad boy and get in range quick enough to get the gank and save the tower. B) Someone thinks they can escape you with their ghost...HA. Pop your ghost, get in your Duskbringer trail and pop your Unspeakable Horror and watch them cry and die a lonely death. and C) lets say your rumblin around in the enemy jungle, and a few stumble upon you, too much for you to handle alone. Well, throw a duskbringer trail in the direction you want to run, pop ghost, and poof, now you see me now you don't.

Honorable Mentions

I have seen some guide makers nut over this summoner ability, since you can use it on a runner to hit them with your ulti just in case they run through a bush or flash over a wall. But I think it is just a waste. Ghost has SO many more uses and if anything, you can pop ghost and a Duskbringer trail and try to cut them off. Or, if not, let them have their one escape with flash, maybe even type /all hey nice escape. Then 2 minutes later you can use your ulti on them the proper way and rape their face.

This always has benefits...mostly for laners though. As a jungler, you do not need to teleport back to a lane real fast to get back into the action or defend your lane. If you wanna use this to defend a tower or gank? That's what your ulti is for numbnuts.

Everything else is essentially useless to Nocturne. Next Topic.

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Masteries and Runes


why you ask?

Well in offensive, anything you can take to increase physical damage output is a plus. Also, the improved Smite helps jungling and getting a little extra gold.

There is 0 in Defensive because like I said in the intro, this guide is to maximize damage output and jungling ability.

The 8 in Utility is exactly what it is, Utility. The improved Ghost is just a nice little buff to Ghost, the mana and health regen is helpful between jungle pulls in the begining and just a nice little touch to have. The extra Xp is important for this jungle route because it will help you get to 6 slightly faster.

For runes I'm not going to explain very much. These are just my personal preference for Jungling with Noct because the health,attack speed, and armor pen add to survivability in the jungle and help against summoners as well. If you don't like the rune build, then you can alternate it yourself.

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And here is the true reason for this guide: The Jungle. Here is my route that I have adapted from watching countless videos and reading guides.

Level 1: Pick up a and 2x in the beginning and pick your Q,
Route 1: Right off the bat, run the the bushes(see picture). Sit here until you are certain that the enemy team is not trying to jungle rush you. If you do see the enemy team coming, try to run back to the nearest tower in mid, popping Ghost if you really have to

Once you are certain they are not there, go to wolves. Use Q and hit all the wolves, then focus down the big wolf first. Once the big one is down, Q should be up again so use it and hit both the other small wolves and finish them. Right after that, use your first healing potions while you run over to ghosts

At ghosts, use Q, once again, to hit all the ghosts there. Right after Q, use smite to kill the big ghost, and here you will level up to 2, and pick W for the attack speed bonus. The small ghosts should go down with ease. Next start running over to golems.

At golems, use your Q to start the fight, trying to hit both. Then start attacking the further one to ensure your Umbra Blades hits both of them. Keep hitting them and once your at about half health, use your second potion. Your Q should come off cooldown right when the first golem is about to die, use it again and hit both of them, then finish off the second one. Immediately 'B' after finishing the golem.

Right now you should have about 430 gold. Wait about 15-20 seconds to get the 450 you need to buy a and to allow your route to respawn again.

Route 2:Go through the same exact route (minus the waiting in bushes) again. After the big wolf you will hit level 3, level up your Q again. After you finish golems you should level up to 4, choose E.
Route 3:Since you do not have enough gold to do anything, heal up then immediately start running towards blue buff. Once you get there, stand right in front of the golem then use Q to hit all 3 creeps. This ensures that you hit all 3 with umbra blades every time. Right after using Q, use E. This is just for a slight fear and damage output, also brings the golem closer to make the next Q easier. Keep hittin him and eventually use your Smite to finish him off. After blue, mosey on over to wolves.

At wolves use your Q to start the fight then use E right away on the big wolf. Finish them, then cross the lane over to ghosts.

At ghosts, use Q to start the fight and hit them all, then use E on the big ghost and focus that one down first. This is when you will hit level 5, pick your Q again. This will be the closest you get to dying during your jungle route. Right after ghosts, 'B' back and get your and heal up.
Route 4:Run over to Red buff now and hit Q to hit everything, E if you want to, then just burst him down til you can use smite. Now you have both buffs. Go over to golems, kill them quickly and get your ulti. If you do not have all points into the extra Xp in Utility, then you will not be level 6. Go up to wolves again and hit them to get level 6, and get R. If you want you can 'b' real quick and get your and possibly your level 1 boots, but you will lose your Blue buff. Or you can attempt to gank bot, top, or mid right away. It depends on the situation

For the rest of the game, jungle from time for money, xp, and buffs. And at this point dont be afraid to rumble in the enemy jungle a little bit and steal their buffs, so you will almost always have blue/red the entire game. Also, at around 9-10, you should be able to solo dragon. Getting dragon is key to victory for your team. Do it often.

REMEMBER: The point of you jungling is to get a slight money advantage over other's and to be able to surprise with a gank. Even if you are not level 6, you still have an amazing hero to gank with, using Q and E. If you ever see a chance to gank a lane, take it. The early hero kills will only speed up the jungling process and feed you early on.

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Now I already went through the first few items in the Jungling part of the guide, but lets say you skipped that and went right to this

Start the game with a Cloth Armor and 2x Health Potion. Once you get 450 gold, buy a Vampiric Scepter. Next, buy a Madred's Razors, then soon after upgrade it to a Wriggle's Lantern (NOTE: DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE ACTIVE EFFECT OF WRIGGLES. It is very helpful to ward one of the rivers or to ward dragon. This will help you anticipate where you can gank next or warn you of a gank.

next, work on your boots. In this guide I put up Berserker's Greaves because of the early increase to attack speed, which is huge. If I don't get Berserker's Greaves, i almost always get Mercury's Treads, which are the best boots in the game IMO. 90% of every game you play has someone doing magic damage and someone who has one of the effects listed in the boot's effects. These are just helpful all around.

This should be around 10 minutes in: After boots, I always grab a The Brutalizer. Damage and armor pen for the cheap price of 1137? count me in. Plus, look at the price. You should want this no matter what. Also, it eventually upgrades into one of your end-game items, Youmuu's Ghostblade. After The Brutalizer is when the long grind for items comes in. The next three items need a B.F. Sword

These three items are the only three items that require a B.F. Sword.... The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge. I mix up the order of what I buy first sometimes, but my normal order is what the order I put those in right above this line.

After this, you will be full up on items. Time to upgrade your The Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade (ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE ACTIVE OF Youmuu's Ghostblade, IT IS FANTASTIC)

At this point the game should be over, BUT, if it isn't, I like to sell my Wriggle's Lantern and grab a Madred's Bloodrazor. At level 18 everyones health will be much higher then before, and this will just tear everyone apart.

Alternate Items

Banshee's Veil This is a great item. It gives you a little extra health and mana, as well as blocking an enemy spell. I know what you're thinking "But wait, doesn't my W do that already?" Well yes son, it does. But now you get 2 spells blocked. Holy ****.

Sword of the Occult I've been playing around with replacing Infinity Edge with this. Simply because games are short, and when you rape as much face as you should be early game with Nocturne, then this is a great item. It is only 1369 versus Infinity Edge's 4080, and stacks with kills and assists. +5 damage per kill up to 20 stacks, so + 100 damage on top of the +10 you get from just having it. That is more then Infinity Edge. Also, at 20 stacks, you get +15% move speed, which is a nice little bonus.

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Nocturne is awesome. Hands down. But one of the main keys to Nocturne being so superior to others, whether you are laning or jungling, is creep kills. As of right now I do not have any screen shots of games, but I always have the most creep kills by far in any game I do well in. If you use my guide, feel free to send my screenshots with the results of your game and I will try to throw it up on my guide. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to post them and I will try to explain.

Happy Hunting!