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Nocturne Build Guide by Kwiick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kwiick

Nocturne Jungle - Who is there? DARKNESS!

Kwiick Last updated on April 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everyone! I'm Kwiick and welcome to myNocturne Jungle guide: "Who is there? DARKNESS!". In this guide I will describe what I believe to be an effective way to jungle with Nocturne.

Jungler is a very important role, no matter the ELO or even if it is a simple Normal game. His role is to gank all lanes and to get all team objectives. This is the way of victory.
I play Nocturne offtank for 2 reasons 1st because in my opinion a jungler must be Tank or offtank the mid lane and ad carry bot lane must carry the game. The 2nd, some peoples are affraid by the Darkness and will focus him even if he is tanky so that work really good.

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+ fast jungler
+ great ganker
+ good to counter jungle
+ good jungle sustainability
+ all skills can be used to defense
+ amazing ganker at lvl6!


- easy to counter with armor
- often focused (can be a pros if played tanky)
- not lot of CC

Nocturne is a fast jungler who gank very good at each levels.


Nocturne is a very fast jungler thanks to his passive. Duskbringer helps him to destroy jungle monster faster and Shroud of Darkness give him more DPS for a faster jungle. With the Alacrity runes that I put, his passive couldown is reduced and the jungle is faster.


In early game, Nocturne's passive and vampiric scepter help him to be sustinable in jungle, thoses give him life during he hits monsters but it's not long enough to hold. The blue buff helps you to stay in jungle and to be able to gank. In late game, once you have your Wriggle's Lantern you'll have no more health problem but you must give your blue buff to the mid. The only problem of Nocturne will be his mana.

GANKS (9/10)

Nocturne is able to gank at level 2. He can harrassed his enemies and fear them. After level 6, his ganks are unstoppable, because he can come from anywhere.

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Umbra Blades (Passive)
This is Nocturne's passive ability, which helps him to be very sustainable in the jungle. Since it scales with AD, it is usefull all game long and is equally effective at farming groups of minions, healing up in the jungle or lane, and doing heavy AoE damage in team fights.

Duskbringer (Q)
This ability has several interesting utilities. It increases the damages inflicted on the enemy harassed, it just allow to escape thanks to the trail which increases movement speed and allows you to chase an enemy thanks too the movement speed and his ability to cross units.

Shroud of Darkness (W)
This ability blocks one offensive spell if cast shortly before Nocturne get hit. It is important to remember that this ability gives bonus attack speed as well, doubling when spell is blocked.

Unspeakable Horror (E)
This is the only one Nocturne's ability that deals magic damages. It's not worth building any on Nocturne for just this skill. The main use for this skill is to fear your target when you gank but you can also use this ability to escape.

Paranoia (R)
This is Nocturne's ultimate, like many champions, is what really defines him. It allows you to teleport a unit which makes it very effective for gank EVEN if the enemies have wards. Paranoia can be used to prevent vision to allow your mates to attack an enemy without his team can be seen to help.

As you can see all his spells can be used as offensive or defend spells even his ultimate but seldom if it flows on a single enemy then he will be able to escape easily.

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Summoner Spells


Smite: This spell is absolutely necessary on every jungler. If you think jungling without Smite is just as viable, you are mistaking. A jungle route without smite is possible, but you can be easily counter-jungled by any competent enemy with Smite.

Flash: This is hands-down the best summoner spell in the game. His multitude of uses in a variety of situations makes it indispensable as an escape mechanism. You can use this spell for chasing, fleeing, initiating, ganking, stealing buffs dragon or Baron.

Ghost: A similar spell to Flash, providing speed for chasing and escaping. This spell works good and can be put instead of flash mainly on a tank, but I recommend flash that helps you in more situations.

Why flash is the best pick?

Why NEVER jungle without smite?

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Thoses masteries are in my opinion the best choice for jungling. These increase durability to give you a solid early game. You'll be passing up Runic Affinity but exept your first jungle route, you must give buffs for your team.

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Greater Mark of Alacrity: These runes will boots your DPS, improve your jungle speed and reduce the cooldown of your passive umbra blades.

Greater Seal of Resilience: These extremely cheap runes are easy to purchase and work on jungle monsters. These works good against towers and AD champions.

Greater Glyph of Shielding These glyphs are cheap, powerful, and good on all champions. The scaling glyphs will help Nocturne survive nukes from AP carries (who you'll likely be targeting) after he exits the jungle.

Greater Quint of Desolation: These are some of the strongest quints in the game, significantly increasing the damages of your physical damages abilities and auto-attacks against jungle monsters and champions alike.

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The order of thoses items is optimal, but not necessarily the best in all situations. Feel free to change your itemization on a game-by-game basis. Judge which items you need based on the needs of your team and the strengths of the enemy team composition.
For example if you play against a fed AP champ, it would be better to put the Banshee's Veil before the Atma's Impaler.


Boots of Speed: High mobility, great sustain and gives the most effective early ganks due to the extra move speed. The three health potions should be enough to sustain you through your route as long as you get a leash on blue and aren't heavily counter-jungled or harassed early. Works great with any jungle route.
Vampiric Scepter orCloth Armor with 5 Health Potion. Vampiric Scepter gives the most cost-efficiency and Cloth Armor with 5 health potions gives the most survivability for high-health ganks or long jungling periods.

My favourite pick is Boots of Speed with 3 potions, vampirique scepter work good too but Boots of Speed are better for early ganks. I advise Cloth Armor with 5 health potions if you are a new player and don't have an optimal rune and mastery setup.


Mercury's Treads: Thoses boots will help you against early magic damages and give you some tenacity.

Wriggle's Lantern: The staple of many junglers, this item grants all the stats a jungler needs. This give armor life steal and a good passive from Madred's Razors. Make good use of its ward.

Wit's End provides a nice attack speed bonus and some on-hit damage as well as a stacking MR value on each autoattack up to four times. Getting it early will give you a great mix of MR and DPS that's useful for both ganking and clearing your jungle.

Frozen Mallet: By this point, you're going to need some survivability soon. The Frozen Mallet gives you a lot of health with a good passive with which on-hit slow will make it so noone will escape your grasp.

Atma's Impaler: It provides very helpful armor, critical strike chances and the passive is very usefull combined with Frozen Mallet and Banshee's Veil.

Banshee's Veil: It provide very helpful magic resist, health (which increases the power the passive on Atma's Impaler) and awesome spell shield.

Heart of Gold: After Lantern, I advise you to put a Heart of Gold because you are usually late compared to other players when you jungle and it helps you to compensate it.

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Playing as Jungler

When you jungle, your team will rely on you for several things:

Ganks: Ganks are the way of victory : you have to gank all lanes to kill enemies and help first the lane you think are the more needing help.

Handing off buff: Exept your first jungle route wherein you take all Buffs, you must give your Blue Buff to your AP Carry who needs a lot. For the Red Buff when you built your Frozen Mallet, the Red Buff is not necessary on you so you can give it to your AD Carry if you want this Buff to be more usefull.

Cover&take team objectives: During your jungle you have to cover team objectives (Drake & Nashor) To this just put wards. You can use your Wriggle's Lantern but the best is to buy vision wards that afford to destroy enemies wards and to do a bit later the team objectives.

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Jungle Monsters

For jungling and counter jungling, you must know these spawn times


Initial Spawn: 1:40 Respwnan Time: 1:00
These creeps have low priority but this is your farm


Initial Spawn: 1:55 Respawn Time 5:00
After your first jungle, the Blue Buff is for the AP Carry that needs mana and the Red Buff is for the most DPS champ of your team (which is usually the AD Carry or you)


Initial Spawn: 2:30 Respawn Time: 6:00
This team objective is important. It gives 190 gold for all players in your team

Initial Spawn: 15:00 Respawn Time: 7:00
This is the most important team objective! When you kill it, all your team get the baron buff and it makes your team more powerfull. And with that it gives 300 gold to all the players in your team.

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Jungle Route

Note: If there is a gank opportunity during your route, feel free to interrupt your jungle if your team needs help, or if you can pick up a kill or assist. You can easily gank any time after red buff, but you may want to try an earlier gank if an opportunity presents itself.


I think this is the best route. You can wait a few seconds after Red for Wraiths respawn and up level4 if you want to do better ganks than before. If you started with a vampiric scepter, you can do wolves again, then wraits to be able to buy boots and cloths armor at your first recall.

Here is a video with my Blue Buff route:


This is an agressive route but I think it works better with a champ like Shyvana or Lee. I advise more my Blue Buff route for Nocturne.

Here is a video of Red Buff route:

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Hall of Fame

You need a proof?

Yes I know, I lost a lot of ranked but I make this match history on halle of fame because I got nice scores. Losts from leavers or feeders.

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To finish I show you a video of a normal game I do in jungle with Nocturne:

I hope you liked this guide =). If you enjoyed it, vote +1 and leave me a comment to tell me what you think and to tell me what could be improved. I appreciate criticizes, as long as it's constructive.

If you've read my whole guide and still want to dislike it, please let me know why so I can fix the problem(s).