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League of Legends Build Guide Author Campeone

Nocturne, Nightmare from jungle

Campeone Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Last update

04/18/11 : Guide published

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Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne is a melee assassin, he has a good potential for killing others champions, but it's not a Carry, you won't be protected and you won't carry the game as Ashe or Caitlyn, you have to do the kill, and run away after that, as Katarina or Shaco.

He has :
- Fear (1~2 seconds)
- Mapblind (some seconds)
- Good movement speed, and 2 skills to move around faster !
- Magic Shield (very important)

My guide will introduce Nocturne as a Jungler Ganker, with a good attack speed (for his passive), a good damage pool (to nuke squishies and open up tanks), and enough survivability (you're still squishy) to gank some ! A bit like Xin Zhao.

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will be your main engage skill, it grants you damage and movement speed, and make damage to all target in a lane without any reduction.

will be your magic shield, and your attack speed booster, you need only one point early, and it's an awesome skill, as the magic shield of Sivir, but you will get more attack speed, instead of mana.

will be your only one real CC, but not a useless one, it will make damage, and after 2 seconds, fear your enemy for 1~2 seconds, it's priceless.

will be your gank skill. Use it to start a gank, finish a coward, or fast moving to a place (to stop a backdoor is an exemple). It will make damage and surprise them with map blinding. No one knows who you will destroy ! Insane !

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Shield, Fear, Charges
- Very good dps
- Very good life regen
- Autoattack (fun to play)

Cons :

- Buff dependant
- Manavore
- Squishy
- Autoattack (easy to kill/CC, thornmail will blame you)
- Exhaust !

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greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation will give some precious armor penetration, it will help you to gank and kill in early game, without too much damage reduction.

Greater Seal of Resilience are a must-have to this jungle ganker build, it will help you to survive in your first jungling patrol, without it, you won't be able to do it so easily.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity will give some early attack speed to use your passive efficiently, you need your passive, and you need dps too, attack speed suits to Nocturne.

Greater Quint of Alacrity, more dps, more regeneration, useful !

Why only 15 Armor Penetration and not 25 with Quint ?

You don't really need 10 more points, you're jungling, little golems have only 12 armor at the beginning. You will have some Armor Penetration later, with Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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I'm going on 0/21/9, I prefer Defense than Offense, because it's giving to me an easier way to jungle and gank faster.

9 Support :

You need at least one point to Utility Mastery, longer are the buffs, longer you're useful. Without buffs, you're weak at early game (and mid game will be hard too). And Awareness is a must-have for a jungler.

21 Defense :

- You need armor and magic resistance to survive in jungle and to live long enough to kill a caster (if it's a solo Morgana, she will rape you without some bonus magic resistance with Tenacity).
- You need to block some damages from neutrals creeps, Defensive Utility, Harden Skin, Veteran's Scars and Tenacity are your friends ! Less damage you take, longer you will jungle before a Recall !
- And Ardor will give you some precious % on attack speed.

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To begin the jungle, it's a typical start with 1 Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.


When you will end your First Jungle Patrol (you can see it later in my guide), you will have ~770 gold, you will be able to buy a Long Sword and Boots of Speed, and start the gank mode, with your two buffs, or getting the others buffs.

After some gold farming with kills, assists or/and more creeps, finish your Berserker's Greaves (or Mercury's Threads if there are many CCs against you) and your Wriggle's Lantern. Your early build is now finished.

Now, you will need a damage booster, and some CDR to make your ulti available faster, because it's important to move fast on your enemy "to surprise them with your decision !", Youmuu's Ghostblade is your answer ! Start with The Brutalizer, and then finish your Ghostblade. Youmuu's GB will give to Nocturne all the stats needed : AD, Crit, Armor Pen, Movement Speed, ... ! Priceless ... Or not totally ...

Now you have your core build, now it will depend of your enemy team.

4th item and others

This one is important, because it will be the situational item :

- If you need more survivability, make a Frozen Mallet, you will have several HP, some damages and a slowing attack (40%). Care of Madred's Bloodrazor !

- If you're aware, do an Infinity Edge to upgrade your dps like a berserker, and destroy your enemy faster ! And never letting him a chance to run away without an Umbra Blade in his head.

- If they have a lot of CCs, start your Banshee's Veil by a Catalyst The Protector, it will be another magic shield, but i think you won't need it so fast.

Then, start your Bloodthirster with BF Glaive, and finish it later.

At the end, you will choose your last item as the 4th one, but instead of Banshee's Veil, if there don't have so much CCs, you can go to a Guardian Angel, a very good armor.

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Now, i'll give you a good plan to jungle with Nocturne, i tested it and it works without any problem.

1 - Little golems

Start with the little golems, attack one, smite it, and destroy the other one, you're level 2, take your Q. You will use one HP potion.

2 - Wraiths

Open the fight with your Q but be careful that your skill doesn't go out on mid lane, if you're spotted, you're dead in few seconds with a top gank. Then, kill small ones and big one, you shouldn't use any HP potion to get them.

3 - Wolves

As Wraiths, open with Q, destroy the big one and small ones, another HP potion should be used.
You're level 3, one point on Q.

4 - Blue Golem

Now, you will need your buff and your smite is almost ready (or it is), nothing difficult.
Start with Q, then smash the golem and smite it when it has 500 hp or less. Finish small ones.
You should use a HP potion there.

5 - Little Golem again

Same as 1, without your smite, you have 2 HP potions left, use one.
You're level 4, get your E.

6 - Red Lizard

As the Blue Golem, crush the Lizard, fear it, smite it when he has less than 525 HP, and get the red buff, finish small ones. Use your last HP potion in the fight.

7 - Wraiths again

You don't have enough gold, but you must grab them before, kill wraiths with your Q, fear the large one and kill. But be careful, you are injured, if you think you can't get them, avoid them, but you should have enough power to kill them.

8 - Recall

You have enough golds and experience to buy your Long Sword and your boots of speed. It's time to choose : Gank or continue jungling.

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Skill Sequence

When you will gank, you will need to react fast, and think before.

Start with your Q , block a skill/spell with your W , and focus your target with E .

Use your ulti to finish someone, or to make a surprise attack, but never engage a team fight with !

Never forget that Nocturne, is not a melee carry, not an initiator and not a tank ! You're a ganker, an assassin, the most hated of all kind of characters : The Punisher !

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Summoner's Spells

Ghost : You are an autoattacker, you must move faster than your enemy, or he will run away. It can help you to escape of course !

Smite : You are a jungler, and you need to do it fast, it's your BFG !

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It was my first guide, not totally completed, i'll update it when it will be needed, and i'm waiting your reactions to improve some good things to this.

I'm sorry about my english, i'm french, and i'm doing my best to make it a bit comprehensible.

Thanks for reading !