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Nocturne Build Guide by Polski Twardziel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Polski Twardziel

Nocturne O'Clockturne - Guide To Jungle Nocturne

Polski Twardziel Last updated on September 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Your first question may be, "Why on earth would you go all AD nocturne?" I have, A LOT of answers to this question. Overall, Nocturne scales extremely well as AD. For a very simple explanation of this, scroll down to the Items section.

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The cooldown reduction really helps with nocturne. You COULD replace the CDR glyphs for magic resist glyphs or attack speed, but CDR has always helped me a ton.

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First things first, Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Your ganks level 4-8 will do insane amounts of damage. The reasoning for the rest of the items are that they scale very well with Nocturne. If you get a blade of the ruined king, spirit of the elder lizard, and hydra, then you do very well. And you may not be as tanky as you would like, but you have sustain. Your passive goes very well with the hydra. VERY well. Blade of the ruined king's active can you help you keep up with any enemies especially when you are trying to land your fear on someone. Mercurial scimitar goes well with your W. Your W is essentially a banshees veil. A Mercurial Scimitar is essentially a banshees veil. That's two banshees veils for you (: allowing you to not get blown up if you engage with an ult.

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Ranked Play

Let's go over the basics of playing Nocturne in ranked. First things first, TELL YOUR TEAM YOU ARE NOT GOING TANK. Tell them you COULD go off tank, but in reality you'll just be lifestealing as a squishy assassin. When you jungle, Start Blue then make your way over to their Red and sit in the red bush and wait. Do not do this of course if their jungler starts red. This includes Jarvan IV, Aatrox, Lee Sin, Etc... As you wait in the red bush, if they show up. Do not go right for the kill. As soon as they come, in case they have any AOE attacks, back up on the other side of the bush to where you can't see red anymore, and then go back and when Red is low, Smite it, Kill their jungler, Run away with your Q to speed you up.

Post 6, Engage with an ult if you see an opportunity. Do not be scared if you aren't tanky. Your goal is to ult in, start a fear, if the fear lands and the enemy gets feared, If needed, flash or run away let your team finish the job. The only time you STAY in the fight is after you get BotRK, Hydra, and Spirit. Then your passive will go very nicely with the lifesteal on BotRK and hydra and you should stay alive from life stealing. Late game, do exactly as I said, but do not forget to watch for the scariest player on their team. For example, if they have a Leona, Wait to use your Scimitar and W (Spellshield) until you see her ulting or going in for a stun.

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Pros / Cons

The final chapter. Pro's and Con's not of Nocturne, but of this build and strategy.

    -Ganks post 6 are borderline unstoppable.
    -Constantly full health in jungle early game due to passive lifesteal and item build.
    -You have an abilities no other champion has both of. Spellshield and Fear. Unstoppable combo.
    -Ganks pre 6 can get rough, they are doable. but rough.
    -This build will make you squishy so don't go balls deep and think you're god.
    -What am I saying, there are no cons to this build. Go win some games.