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League of Legends Build Guide Author x_Hex_x

Nocturne - Trip down Nightmare Lane

x_Hex_x Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Hello again everybody and welcome to my second build on MOBAfire. My first build didn't get very much attention, so I highly, highly doubt any of you have even seen me around. My first guide was an Ashe vs AI only guide pretty much, and I was going to rewrite it, but I looked it over, and everything in it, including strategy, is for bots, and it would be simpler to just rewrite it than edit it.

As always, I ask that you keep all comments on this build respectful, and I will remain so as well. If you offer me good criticism, I will respond when I can, and possibly edit this build as I go. But if you simply troll the comment section, I will more than likely just ignore your comments.

Without further ado, I'll begin.Hope you enjoy the read.

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Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation x9
+1.66 Armor Pen. per rune. 14.94 Armor Pen Total.
With items, these armor pen runes put you at 49.94 armor penetration. Great for cutting through the armor of that tank and dealing more damage than you normally would, and also great for just smashing through the low armor rating of that squishy you are taking down.
Greater Seal of Resilience x6
+1.41 Armor per rune. 8.46 Armor total.
The extra armor will help you to ward off some of the damage. It may not seem like much, but that extra 8 armor could be the difference between 1 hit to die or 3 hits to die and give you the change to get away.
Greater Seal of VitalityGreater Seal of Vitality x3
+1.08hp/lvl (19.44hp at 18) per rune. 9.72hp/lvl (174.96hp at 18) total.
Another rune that is going to help you survive. Every bit of HP counts, and if you are being focused, which you will be, your going to need that HP to hold off until a team mate can help, or until you can get the edge and land that final blow before your opponent can.
Greater Glyph of Focus x9
-.65% CDR per rune. -5.85% CDR total.
Why go Flat over Per level you ask?
I am currently using per levels on my Noc, but a friend told me I should be using flats, and I looked into the math of it. Scaling runes, at 18, only give you 2.25% more CDR at level 18. While that may seem like a lot, it doesn't make a large amount of difference. Lets look at your Paranoia's timer. At level 18, It has a 100 second timer. Using flat CDR, the cooldown becomes 94.15. Using scaling runes, your cooldown is 91.9. A 2.25 second difference. Those 2 seconds shouldn't be critical at 18. If your team can't hold off a group for 2 and a quarter seconds while your Ult is cooling down, they probably won't be much help when you do ult in anyway.

Also, going with Flats helps you out early/mid game. By the time your Scaling runes get to the level of Flats, you are level 13, and already have your second level of your Ult learned, and are mostly done with your Q W E skills as well.

Only problem with this is, Scaling runes only cost 410, while flats cost 820, so they are much more expensive. 9 flats are 7380 while 9 scaling are 3690. So if you already have scaling runes like I do, don't waste money on flats that you could use to get the other runes you may not have any of.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3
+26hp per rune. 78hp total.
This goes back to your Greater Seal of Vitality description again. The more health you have, the more hits it takes to kill you.

My other choice for here would be Greater Quintessence of Desolation for the extra armor penetration.

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Cripple over Plentiful Bounty ?
I don't start off jungling. Although Noc is a great jungler, one of the top ones at that, and it does help your team out, I don't like doing it. I'm not good at it. I prefer to lane with Noc, and then I can jungle later game when the jungle mobs can't do much to me and gank from in there. So I don't use Smite. I would prefer to take Exhaust so I can slow a running target and catch up much faster using my Duskbringer and possibly conserve the active of Youmuu's Ghostblade for the attack speed against another enemy that may stay and fight me.

I used to do Perseverence over Good Hands, until I read this wonderful thread by Peyo on the LoL forums and realized the major difference between the two. He also makes a really good point in that thread. "Now go to your recent matches and take a look at your stats... How many of them are games with 0 deaths? NONE! Unless you're in some super low ELO, then maybe you'll have 1."

> /
Okay then, why go
Perseverence over Spatial Accuracy or Haste then, if the regen isn't that good?

You aren't using Teleport, nor are you using Ghost. So those 2 masteries would be a waste of a point. The 2% regen may not be worth anything, but it is worth more than a helper to summoner spells you aren't using.

Now, if you happen to drop Exhaust and take either
Teleport or Ghost, feel free to switch the mastery point. However, I wouldn't recommend either spell.

Teleport is going to get you into lanes faster, but your Ult has a very, very large range at level 3. Large enough to almost reach the river corners at level 3.

Ghost will increase your movement speed, and allows you to pass through minions for a short amount of time. However, your Duskbringer already gives both of those perks, and it has a lower cooldown.

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Mercury's Treads

I don't take Mercury's Treads for the Magic Resistance really. I take these for the Tenacity that they offer. Getting out of that stun, or breaking the slow faster can be a big help. It gets you away faster, or lets you resume the chase faster than your opponent expects.

Wriggle's Lantern

Ward. Always remember the Active or Wriggle's. The ward is a valuable asset to yourself and your team. It saves you from having to speed money on a Vision Ward, and if correctly placed, can give you a moment to ult a fleeing target that has broke your line of sight.

Wriggle's also increases your armor by a bit and adds to your attack damage. So it it a big help.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

30 attack Damage and 15 more Critical strike Chance. That means your hitting harder, and have a greater chance to hit even hard. Plus 20 more Armor pen and a 15% CDR from it's passive. Also, don't forget the active on this weapon. 20% movement speed can be great for catching up or running away. And if you are going head to head with another melee, that 50% additional AS gives you a brilliant edge. Combine is with your Duskbringer AS bonus and finish them off.

The Bloodthirster

60 more base attack damage and another 15 base lifesteal. Combined with wriggles, that is 33% lifesteal. Plus the passive that gives you 40 more attack damage and 10% more lifesteal. This item makes you hit harder and pull more HP per hit. It takes them down quicker and keeps you alive, what more could you want?

Frozen Mallet

Phage is a nice item. 18 Attack Damage, 225 more HP, and a passive that can reduce movement speed by 30% if it procs. However, Frozen Mallet makes that even better if you can afford it. You don't get much more damage, Mallet only gives 20. But, it gives you 700 HP (475 more), and it is no longer a proc chance, it is a guarantee.

Infinity Edge

I think that an Infinity Edge is a must on any character that is dealing high damage and has a half decent crit chance. Even the additional 80 attack damage is worth it, if you don't want it for anything else. But, this adds another 25 to your Crit Strike chance, and makes your crit strikes 50% stronger. This is another item that takes them down fast, and since you got a big attack damage boost, you lifesteal that much more.

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Skill Sequence

Paranoia takes priority, just like almost all champions Ultimate should. More Range, Less mana, Faster Cooldown.

Your main skill for catching up and dealing damage. Your unit collision is base,nothing can change about it. But each point into this increases your movement speed and your attack speed while on the trail. A very valuable skill to have.

Unspeakable Horror
Your fear is your next priority. Each level increases your damage done all the way up to 250 base, plus 100% of you AP, and increases the length of your fear, so they are stuck to take your hits for that much longer.

Shround of Darkness
The shroud is the lowest on the priority, but it shouldn't be forgotten. The passive increases your attack speed up to 40%, causing you to hit faster which means more damage done and more HP healed. If you time ti just right and block an enemies skill, not only do you get by with not being stunned or slowed, or whatever was thrown at you, but the passive also doubles. Giving you up to 80% more attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is great for catching up to your target, or getting away from a target. Used your duskbringer recently and it is on cooldown? Just used the Ghostblade in the fight to take them down, but the last standing runs? Exhaust him and take him down, that way you get your deserved kill, and your Ghostblade didn't go to waste.

Flash is another great one, and I hardly play any melee character without flash anymore. Not only is it good for leading the 3 chasing you into dragon/baron just to flash over the wall, but it is also good for positioning yourself for a fight. That Ashe running away just out of Duskbringer reach and Ult on CD? Flash toward her and hit her with it. Then catch up and finish her.

Other Options:

Now wait, didn't you say earlier that you don't recommend teleport, since your ult has a large range?
Yeah, I did say that. But your ult only has a large range at level 3. At level 1, the range sucks. It just barely gets you from in the edge of the jungle to the opposite side of the beside you.

Teleport is good to get you from one lane to the next, and to get you back into the battle if your team is pushing second tower, and you had to go back and heal.

Okay, a small damage over time spell can work...
Wait, stop there. You've been on and on about all these different gap closers. Why would you need to DoT somebody when you can just chase them down.
Well, chasing a fleeing enemy is not always a viable option. Even if it may seem like a good idea at the time.

Let's say you are chasing Ashe down.That 50 hp Ashe just ran back behind her first tower. You tower dive, getting half healthed by the first tower. You get her to about 70hp, and she is about to hit her second tower. Instead of diving it and possibly dying, hit her with an ignite, head into the jungle to get off of the path, and wait for her name to pop up in the middle of your screen.

Second scenario. You're chasing down Kat who just attempted to ult your team and run away low health. You're right behind her, waiting on your fear to come up, and she shunpos over a wall. Right into your Wriggle's ward. Your Ult is on CD, so pop her with an ignite.

Ghost would work as wel, but I really wouldn't recommend it. You have so many different gap closers and escape mechanisms that it would really just be a waste of a summoner skill.

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Creeping / Jungling

Last Hitting:
Please, please, please learn and remember the 2 types of last hitting if you haven't already. My first 15 summoner levels I spent just hitting whatever creep was closest to me, not even paying attention to the fact that you only gain gold for the final hit.

EpikGamer's Dan Dinh wrote a blog on this not long ago that is a really good read. That guide can be found on their site here.

Nocturne is a very capable jungler, but this guide was not meant to build Noc as a starting jungler. However, if you find yourself need a bit more gold on your way back to base, Noc doesn't have a problem to pop in on those double golems or those wraiths to pick up the gold. He also won't have a problem grabbing red/blue or dragon on his own either if you need it. Just remember that, even though this Noc was not built as a jungler, he has the ability to jungle without a problem.

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Team Work

Games are not won by a single person. A single person may play a big, possibly a very big part, in the win, but they needed their team to do it.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
~Andrew Carnegie

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
~Henry Ford

Do not rush into a group of 3-4 full HP enemy champions on your own, expecting not to die. Even with your Damage and Attack Speed, dying is still highly possible is if you get stupid. Always make sure you have your teammates around before diving a group of enemies.

Wards are a big part of team fights, solo ganks, and solo laning. A single ward could be the difference in you taking down that one over extended squishy, and you attempting to take down that 1 over extended squishy and getting ganked by 3 of his or her teammates.

Wards are also valuable to yourself because of your ultimate and you get a free one that can always be on the field. There is no reason you shouldn't ward the more critical spots of your, or a teammates, lane.

There are two things I have seen quite a few Nocturne's do in solo matchmaking.

The first, is that that don't know how to use their Ultimate. The ultimate has 2 parts to it, and you have to press R twice to use it. I have seen so many Noc's press R once, and not lunge at anybody. Then complain after the match that Noc has a stupid Ult and they will never play him again.

The second thing I have seen, and a lot of it again, is a Noc not letting his team know when he is about to gank out of the jungle. If you are playing as Noc and are going to gank a lane. First get yourself into position. Next off, tell your teammates on that lane that when you ping, you are going to Ult in on that person. Third and finally, ping the target, wait about 1 to 2 seconds, and pop your ult. By then, you should get there when your team does, and shouldn't have a problem taking them down.

Now of course, if you are chasing somebody down and are going to ult them, then that is different. You don't really have the time to go through all of those steps to let your team know what is going on.

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Change Log

August 14, 2011 17:06EST - Build Posted.

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That is all for my Nocturne guide. Please, don't troll my comment section about how bad this build is, or that I should never play Nocturne again, or that this build sucks compared to X's build. Instead, help me make this guide even better by leaving ey constructive criticism.

Please don't downvote without at least trying it first, and if you don't like it then, tell me what you think should be changed. After that, if you still want to downvote, then go ahead.

I'll try to keep a regular check on the comments on this build and respond.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoyed the read.