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Nunu Build Guide by Spoonelite

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spoonelite

Now you will know what happens when you listen to my superio

Spoonelite Last updated on September 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jungle Clear

You can start either red or blue, I prefer blue because I like to have red after my first clear:
- - -
Start by consuming a lizard, the extra damage on your autoattacks from the consume passive helps the clears a lot. You don't need a big pull mainly because if you consume the Golem buff it gives you another passive buff of extra health (See Buff section). Next either clear wolves or wraiths and move straight to red.


I realise this is a controversial thing to say because he already has an OP slow. Red buff makes you 10x more annoying than any other champion. Slap those b*tches to death! Speed buff + slow + red buff makes you impossible to escape.

After your first clear you want to be looking to gank, any time you have red buff to be honest. And always remember to laugh at them as you follow them across the map and getting kills.

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Opportunities -
Look for champions who are over extended and out of position, you don't have a gap closer. As always bot lane is the most difficult to gank. However, Nunu has strong lane ganking potential due to his ult being invisible when you are in a bush. Also, you will be building the sweeping lens since your hunting Machete will become a ward when you upgrade it. This is something I have yet to perfect, using the sweeping lens to full effect.

Pulling your gank off -
Open with your speed buff into a snow ball then just slap them with your red buff until they die. Your speed buff allows you to re-position and get in front of your enemy to block there movement which will improve your chase potential, but this skill isn't necessary for you to carry games. Remember that your ult wont show if you are in a bush, giving lane ganks have a lot of potential. Don't be afraid of diving, you will be more tanky than you think you are, especially with the addition of the Golem consume buff.

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Consume - Two points in Q early for clear time, the extra heal after ganks and most importantly his jungle buffs (see next section). Max it last, you will be heavily farming your jungle but that is just because you can very quickly dip in and out of the jungle with your speed buff. You want to be focusing on ganks.

Then blood boil - This is scales beautifully throughout the game and removes the need for boots like mobility. Max this second. Keep it on yourself at all times, even though your auto attacks don't do much damage.THIS ABILITY IS FREE GOLD placing this buff on an ally that is going to get a kill gives you the assist gold. Also, placing this on you're ADC will greatly increase kill potential and wave clear. With the buff from consuming lizards and red buff you will be dishing out a fair amount over time. And on champions this allows you to stay glued to them.

Snow Ball - This ability is what Nunu is known for, it can hit hard and it has a really strong slow. Max this first. Maxed out and with some cool down reduction, this ability can be on a 3-4 second cool down, which isn't much when you are going to be glued to the enemy. However, it is a lot of mana, so be careful using it in the jungle. And using it in the jungle will be tempting because it will end up out damaging your consume.

Absolute Zero - Nunus ult does a ridiculous amount of damage if you let it fully channel, so generally do the obvious: wait for them to use all there CC (hopefully on you because you're the tank) then use it near the end of a fight, if your champions and there's are low it will scatter the enemy team. Also, don't forget if you ult in a bush the ult is invisible other than the slow. It can also be a great taunt for other CC, for example: If the enemy team has a Nautilus force him to use his ult on you. Getting used to the damage of this ult will prove the amazing Nunu players from the bog standard OP Nunu players. I have 100% to 0% a squishy mid past lvl 6 with a 3 kill advantage because my ult more than halved them.

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Consume Buffs:

Lizards - Your attacks and spells gain 1% of your maximum health as magical Damage.
At level 18 Nunu has 2165 base HP, that is before any items or masteries. An extra 22 damage on every single auto attack does make a difference. With items this buff is worth grabbing but is not essential, you're a tank designed to annoy and disrupt not particularly do damage.

Golems - 10% increased size and maximum health.
The most important buff to grab on Nunu and the most difficult since you can only grab it from three monsters on the entire map. Always make sure you consume golem buff, even if you are giving it to someone. Golem camp is a little out of the way and on most junglers I pretty much ignore it, but you need to keep it in mind on Nunu.

Wraiths and Wolves - Killing a unit provides a 15% movement speed for 3 seconds.
I have barely noticed this buff, but if you are being chased yourself you can consume a minion and it should help you get away. Your W exceeds this buff though so it really isn't necessary.

Jungle Buffs

I am very selfish when it comes to the jungle buffs, I only every allow people to take them if they have asked for them and this may explain why.

Blue Buff - Generally where I start the my jungle run. Nunu can be very mana hungry, his passive is very useful for this, however it is very situational. If you were playing Nunu like every other Nunu player and just counter jungling then you basically wouldn't need blue (although you should be grabbing theirs) the constant auto attacks with your W would make it practically unnecessary. BUT your aim is to gank, and the mana regen + CDR on his snowball make this very alluring. If mid needs it or asks for it and isn't about to instantly feed it to the enemy then by all means give it to them :).

Red Buff - As I have already stated this pretty much makes Nunu the annoying OP champion he is, at least early game. Do not give this away unless the game has exceeded 30 minutes. Early game this buff makes up for the cool down and mana costs on your E. With your W applied to you and who ever you are ganking for, your constant application of this buff will not only allow you to slow the enemy but it will do a lot of damage! Think how much Vi's damage is improved by buying Elder Lizard. This also considerably improves your clear time.

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Second Buy

Either Frozen Heart or Sunfire as the first item.
Sunfire Cape: This speeds up your clear time. Good for if you aren't getting the ganks off.
Frozen Heart: The cooldown and passive make it perfect to enhance your ganks if you are pulling them off.

Standard Build

This is your default build your last item is very much up to you. You shouldn't get this far into the game.

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Team Fights

You have so much movement speed that re positioning is easy, peel the ADC on there team. Remember your snowball has an attack speed debuff on it. Place your attack speed buff on your ADC slap any people who are endangering your carries and as mentioned in the ability section: save your ult until they have wasted all there CC to scatter the team.

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