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Nunu Build Guide by crashstash5

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crashstash5

Nunu the frozen beast a guide to AP support and jungle nunu

crashstash5 Last updated on June 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nunu is a cheap underrated champion capable of jungle top support and his highly underrated AP. Nunu is good at sustaining lane because of his Q large self heal and his passive allowing him to use little mana early on.

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Nunu as an AP is highly underrated people think his support is much better although that's likely because nunu is mainly played support or jungle in ranked. AP nunu is a very successful mid position because it allows any single opponent to take large amounts of damage to a single target instead of spreading it out. As an AP nunu you want to poke every 5 attacks with your ice shard this leads to several kills before lvl 6 allowing his ultimate to be a heavy surprise finish even on a lightly damaged opponent.

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Nunu support is a surprisingly damaging support even with less amounts of ability power and is commonly seen in ranked. When pushing a turret with your ADC put your blood boil on them this will increase there attack speed and movement speed incase they overextend and need to get out. when someone on the other team overextends hit them with your ice ball and give your ally a blood boil to spoonfeed them a quick kill. This is one of the easiest ways to get your carry to be fed.

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as a jungle simply use Q and E whenever possible and try to bite golems,wolves/wraiths,and lizards this will boost your jungling power and empower your ganks. When ganking walk into the side brush and give your ally a blood boil and fire a ice ball at the carry or support it depends on which they say will make more of a difference then walk into the lane and when they try to get away activate your ultimate to slow there movement and attack speed this gives your all approximately 6 more seconds to kill the opponent.

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Team Work

in a teamfight wait until the initial round of burst has been used then quickly fire a ice blast flash in and hold your ult to turn the opposing team into a bunch of icicle pops about to get SERVED. People may focus you during your ultimate don't fear go to a nearby minion and eat it with your Q to regain a portion of your health then begin to assist your allies with more ice blasts blood boils and basic attacks.

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Nunu is a relatively easy to play champion that can do large burst damage and stay in lane for extended periods of time. Nunu is capable of successfully playing in several positions including support and jungle

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Pros / Cons

-Nunu is very powerful against people without knock up or backs although people with these can easily counter your ult
-Nunu requires flash for max efficiency but with flash demolishes teamfights