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League of Legends Build Guide Author markd315

Offlane nasus bot.

markd315 Last updated on June 24, 2013
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I just did this in normal draftpick.

Follow these steps:

Evaluate your chances of feeding.
Convince your team that you won't feed.
Ban Teemo (**** that stupid rat thing)
Pick nasus.
Take revive and tele. Everyone else gets normal spells.
The summoners spells might make it suspicious on loading screen, but it'll probably be unexpected.
Tell adc and sup to take CC skills and hide in top river bush and firstblood.
Build mobis and straight tank.
Farm under your turret (You can quite well with the Q). Don't feed and then get zoned out from under your own turret for gawds sake.
Tell ADC and sup to take top turret ASAP and roam. Your lane opponents will be trying to do the same most likely.
If you die, revive and tele back.
The offlane in your favor top should be easy AF for your ADC and sup. Tell ADC to take an early botrk against a tanky toplaner. Assuming you're better as a tanky, survivable, hastherightsummonerspellsforanofflane, knowshowtohandleanofflanecuzyoureadthisguide than the soloq scum top, your team just got an advantage.

At the worst, you will be a sacrifice so your own ADC can get fed pretty easily.

Take Q first and max either Q or W depending on teamcomp. If you need CC take the W, it's very good.

They might respond to the lane swap by putting their duolane top too. If that happens, farm safely while they swap and kill the top-now-botlaner if you have an advantage. You should be able to. He missed out on farm when he got firstblooded and during the lane swap if this is the case.

By countering the lane swap with one of their own, you just gained a CS advantage.

By not responding (other than a wtf or two in allchat), you sacrificed dragon control, but likely firstblooded top, and likely have a better bruiser for an offlane, or at least better summoners spells. You can dominate top, racing them for the top and bot turrets. Your botlane should survive, especially if you're a string player.

You could probably get out of ELO hell in bronze with this strategy. It lets you dictate what 2 enemies are doing by having a 2v1 lane, and if you're good at nasus or league in general, this is a great way to win; by increasing your influence on the game. Gold and above will likely expect it when they see revive/tele.

My story:

In my game doing this, I did fine in the offlane. The support roamed a lot anyway. I got 2 kills on the ADC early from him being a ******. The support came back some and supported him. They killes me once, and I revive teled back. I actually outCSed the enemy ADC, because I have great lasthit mechanics, even under turret with nasus, and he couldn't farm for ****. Don't expect to do that though.

But Quinn fed top akali 4 kills somehow, even with the numbers advantage. I don't know how. She proceeded to come bot. I got her a kill on Varus and got chogath low. We took bot turret (somehow neither top nor bot offlane turrets had fallen yet?) She was almost dead, so I pinged her back. She backed in the river bush (I'm still pinging her to fall back to turret with me: mid and top are MIA...) and she gives akali another kill. You know what happens next. GG.

And no, I don't play DOTA.

Note that I'm bronze. This is not a high elo guide, and if your team whines, abandon the idea, cut your losses, and play something else. I often suggest to play this, but only actually play the offlane this way like 1/10 games; because usually my team won't let me. Let them have their way or they'll feed. Don't piss them off. However, if they're open minded to breaking the meta, try it.