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Annie Build Guide by GBeo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GBeo

Oh, There You Are Tibbers!

GBeo Last updated on February 11, 2013
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Pros / Cons


[*] Strong early game
[*] Easy to farm
[*] Good CC
[*] Good at teamfight
[*] Easier to use for beginners.
[*] Easy to get first blood with your jungler.
[*] She is sooooo cute

[*] Tibbers is Pedo...
[*] Squishy early game
[*] Easy to kill without the stun
[*] Been focus hard on teamfight
[*] You will regret when miss your ult
[*] Can be mana hungry without the refund.

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This not mine.

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Very important spell for annie, well for all mage .After many games you really feel lost without it. It provides you more damage, sometime the amount enough to decide between kill or not.

It provides you a getaway from bad situations but the most important is using it offensive. You can catch a malpositioned opponent or start a teamfight. Used well can be really usefull.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Magic penetration is need for all AP carries. You can cause more damage with your magic penetration.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
What do you know, more AP at lv18.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Now you strong early game.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
You gonna need mana to keep your lane clear.

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration
Well, mana regen.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
The more AP you have is the more damage you cause.

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Summoner's Wrath For the improved Ignite
Sorcery I take this for some cooldown, all mage need this.
Blast For more AP.
Arcane Knowledge For the awesome 8% Magic Pen.
Havoc It give you some extra damage.
Mental Force +6 AP for early game.
Archmage Even more AP.
Spellsword You deals more damage with bassic attack.
Executioner To finish the tree off, and it obviously helps with bursting people down.


Durability Annie is weak early game so i choice this.
Veteran's Scars +30 heatlh is alot of heatlh
Hardiness Sometime, their mid is AD.
Resistance Well, their mid is AP too.

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Boots of Speed You need some speed to run away from their gank.
Mana Potion You gonna need mana.
Health Potion You gonna need health if you want to live.
Sorcerer's Shoes This shoes give you magic pen for more damge.
Liandry's Torment Take this and + Sorcerer's Shoes + Void Staff + Arcane Knowledge = A lot of damage.
Rod of Ages It increase your heatlh, mana, and AP. also it restores your heatlh and mana when you lv up.
Deathfire Grasp I take this for cooldown, active to deals damage to the enemies, you can use on tank or who ever you want.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter More heatlh, more AP, you can slow enemies while you casting spell.
Void Staff Magic Pen !!!!!!!!!!!
Rabadon's Deathcap Increase a lot of AP, all mage need this sh*t!
Zhonya's Hourglass Increase some armor, AP and you can use this to survival in 2.5s when your team come to save you.
Seraph's Embrace Annie need a lot mana for teamfight and you can active to have a sheild save your life just in time.
Abyssal Mask You need some MR to against their AP.
Guardian Angel Sometime, i pick this to reborn and kick their ***.
Elixir of Brilliance Grants AP and CD for 3 minutes.
Elixir of Fortitude Grants AD and heatlh for 3 minutes.

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Ability Sequence #1

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Skill Sequence #1

Always start with Q Disintegrate. Last hit minion with Disintegrate to farm cost no mana and active her passtive Pyromania.
At lv2,upgrade W Incinerate. If you your Pyromania is on, you can deal a little damage to the enemies.
Upgrade E Molten Shield at lv3 to have another spell to charge you passive. It also give you defense and damage reflect as a little Thornmail
And of course at lv6 up R Summon: Tibbers.

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Ability Sequence #2

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Skill Sequence #2

I have read comment and i decide to up W Incinerate first.
At lv2 up Q Disintegrate.
At lv4 up E Molten Shield.
And lv6 up R Summon: Tibbers.

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Skill Explanation

pyromania: It is kinda a best passive of all champions. You can have stun for 1.75s after casting 4 spell.

Disintegrate : Annie flings a mana-infused fireball, dealing damage and refunding the mana cost if it destroys the target. So you can easily farm with Q and active your passive.
Incinerate: Annie casts a blazing cone of fire, dealing damage to all targets in the area.
Molten Shield :Shields Annie from harm, reducing damage she takes and returning damage from basic attacks. Summon: Tibbers: Annie releases her bear Tibbers, dealing damage to units in the area. Tibbers can attack and also burns enemies that stand near him.
  • You can control Tibbers with Alt + Right click or R.
  • When your Pyromania on, you can start the teamfight with Summon: Tibbers .
  • Use Tibbers to tank turret, dargon, baron,...
  • Control Tibbers to enemies team to deal much damage as you can.

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1. Always keep your Pyromania to kill the enemies or escape their jungle.
2. When you have Pyromania Disintegrate => Incinerate => Summon: Tibbers => Ignite => Molten Shield if it necessary.
Or Summon: Tibbers => Molten Shield => Disintegrate => Incinerate => Ignite
Follow that combo and you will have one kill, or not!.
3. You can control your Summon: Tibbers to tank the turret, dragon, baron , or use Tibber to block Ashe ulti, Gragas with Barrel Roll,...
4. You can use Summon: Tibbers as ward or let it run into enemies to cause some damages ( A lot of damage )

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Thanks everyone for read my guide, if there have anything need to edit, just comment and I'll edit later!