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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong Build Guide by EpicSalt101

Oneshot. Everyone. A Guide to Assassin Wukong!

Oneshot. Everyone. A Guide to Assassin Wukong!

Updated on January 6, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicSalt101 Build Guide By EpicSalt101 9 2 62,051 Views 0 Comments
9 2 62,051 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicSalt101 Wukong Build Guide By EpicSalt101 Updated on January 6, 2018
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Hey guys I'm EpicSalt101, my mains are Wukong, Renekton and Xin Zhao. I may be pretty bad at this game and not play much ranked, but there's 1 thing I know and it's how disgusting Wukong is at the moment. Playing Wukong midlane to me almost feels like cheating and seeing any resistance is surprising. This is my guide on how to play Assassin Wukong Midlane.
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Electrocute is very important to trading early game and dealing lot's of damage late game. Compared to the old Thunder Lord's decree, this Keystone has a much higher cooldown which has thrown a lot of Assassin's into a frenzy, but as long as you trade every time it's up you can secure a free lane.

Sudden Impact means that every time we leave our W's stealth, and every time we E we get extra lethality allowing us to deal extra damage with our attacks.

Eyeball Collection is quite nice giving you just a little more AD for getting a few takedowns and is more needed than the others seeing as how your w is already a great escape and you don't need much more vision in lane.

Ingenious Hunter is very good on Wukong specifically for the cooldown on Hextech Gunblade, allowing you to enter and leave fights more often. If you're going in to a very poky matchup though, it is fine to take Ravenous Hunter to sustain harder in lane.

Triumph is very good on assassins because of how quickly they kill. Getting a kill guarantees that we restore some of our missing hp, allowing us to go back in or leave a lot easier.

Coup De Grace is also very good allowing you to secure kills a lot more easier and is standard on assassins.
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Core Items

Dusblade is very important on Wukong and should always be bought as first item. This is because it requires 1 second of being unseen to proc the passive on Duskblade while your W gives you 1.5 seconds of invisibility. This means every time you W as long as you do not end it early will give you an extra ~200 damage.

Trinity Force synergises with Wukong's Q, allowing him to get another ~150 damage every time he Q's, which late game, is a lot of extra damage with its incredibly low cooldown. Get this item first after Duskblade if you are ahead.

Hextech Gunblade gives Wukong a great escape and an even greater engage. Using Wukong's W will allow you to sneak up on to an enemy and E them before they realise, but if the enemy were to have any CC or escapes you would simply be left behind without your gap closer. This is where Gunblade comes in to play as you can slow them to prevent their escape even further. Get this item first after Duskblade if you are facing a lot of ranged champions and you're being poked down often.
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Pros / Cons

Massive Gap Closer
One Shot Potential
Great Tower Seige
Amazing Teamfight Potential

Kinda Squishy
very ability reliant
Very Item Reliant
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W Mechanic

A good way to outplay your enemy is by baiting them using your W mechanics. When you W, you leave behind a clone while you go invisible to close the gap, and the enemy can easily see this if you suddenly stop moving and they can back off. A nice way of tricking them is by walking towards them then suddenly standing still as if to mimic your W. By doing this and standing still for a solid 10-20 seconds your enemy will either lose their edge and come back allowing you to W unnoticed or back off and allow you to free farm.

This trick can also be used when running away, if you suddenly stand still, the enemy will ignore your "decoy" and run towards where ever they think you are going when in reality they have just run away from you.
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When to farm and when to engage

Try to safe farm by last hitting minions and keeping wave pushed towards your tower, the faster you farm the faster you can get Duskblade and win. Keep farming until you have your Electrocute up. In order to poke an enemy, first make sure you have Electrocute, E to the enemy, auto then Q to secure Electrocute then W away back to minions. By repeating this every time you have Electrocute, you can secure free poke on the enemy while also farming well and keeping your distance.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicSalt101
EpicSalt101 Wukong Guide
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Oneshot. Everyone. A Guide to Assassin Wukong!

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