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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheArtOfNothing

OP Pantheon is OP

TheArtOfNothing Last updated on January 11, 2011
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This is my pantheon guide mainly for normal 5v5 games and it is the first guide I have made. It basically focuses on two parts, beginning game dominance and VERY late game backdoor just for the fun of it. How will you dominate? You are going to stack armor penetration up the butt.
I apologize for any errors that may appear as I have written this guide in under an hour.
I am open to any suggestions, feedbacks, and corrections.

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x9 Greater Mark of Desolation
x9 Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
x9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration
x1 Greater Quintessence of Desolation
x2 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These are the runes that I use and recommend for Pantheon. The Greater Mark of Desolation is pretty much the obvious choice here, if you choose anything else than that you are a fool. The Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration for Pantheon are a must. Without these runes pantheon is as useless as he is without Armor Pen. Quintessence choice is more of a personal preference, but I do urge you use Quintessence of Movement Speed. As this allows you to gain enough speed that you can catch up to your opponents and to hold back on the upgraded boots until you buy last whisper and the brutalizer first.

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Skill Sequence

Heartseeker Strike - This is your #1 skill and asset as pantheon. With this ability you can poke hundreds of straws into people, and at which point you will either drain them of all their hp in a split second. You will prioritize maxing this skill out first.

Aegis of Zeonia - Your stun skill, most of the time you will use this to set up your heartseeker strike. I choose to max this out second because it will increase the stun time and allow my victim to remain in the effective field of heartseeker for a longer duration.

Spear Shot - Ah the "spartan spear" with pinpoint accuracy. This wonderful skill I choose to max out last because it is rather mana consuming early game. This is typically used to harass squishy during the laning phase to a point where they will be annihilated by one heartseeker combo.

Your typical combo will be to first Spear Shot if possible -> Aegis of Zeonia -> Heartseeker Strike -> and Spear Shot if they are still alive.
With that combo you will hardly ever have to chase your opponent.

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Summoner Spells

- Ghost is non-negotiable. With this you can chase down those pesky opponents that seem to barely be able to escape each and every time. Also a very good escape mechanism when you have little hp or need to catch up to your team.

- Well next up is revive. Yeah I know what you are thinking... "Revive what a garbage skill with a 8 minute cooldown." Well forget about everything you heard about revive and here me out on this one. You see revive works very well on Pantheon. Why? Well considering an average game will last around 40 minutes, that gives you 5 extra lives. Also considering the fact that you will most likely be the first to be targeted in a team fight, you will end up dead first. Revive allows you to pop back alive and rush back and become the savior of all your teammates. As a bonus if you ever choose to backdoor you get an extra life :D

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I go with a 21/1/8 Build
Well going down the offense tree is probably the wisest choice as it will give pantheon more damage. I choose to get Archaic Knowledge since it gives you that extra oomph of damage for Aegis of Zeonia and when you land Grand Skyfall dead center on an enemy champion.

I get Preservation because it reduces the cooldown for revive, as well as giving a 400 hp boost.

I choose allocate the remaining points into utility to get max Awareness allow you to level faster and most likely allow you to gank earlier.

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Explanation of Certain Items
- Doran's blade is your #1 starting item. It gives you an extra 100 hp for beginning game, which if you realize is a lot. In addition it gives a substantial amount of bonus attack damage that will help you in last hitting creeps and increasing damage on your Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot.

- Mercury's Tread is your primary choice for boots. It reduces cc effects on you giving you the opportunity to rape face more or run away like a pansy if you so wish.

- With the introduction of these boots in the recent patch, it gives a greater opportunity for pantheon to decimate. A great choice if you think the enemy's team cannot cc you if their lives depend on it. With the 15% CDR from these boots, 15% CDR from Youmuu's Ghostblade, and 3% from masteries you will have 33% CDR on your abilities.

Main Build
/ - Great for damage, armor penetration, and CDR

- After it changed from attack speed to attack damage, it became the perfect item for pantheon. Giving more damage and penetration to do more damage with Heartseeker Strike

- A great item for pantheon for a early, mid, and fast ending game. If you are doing good and believe you can keep stacking on stacks then by all means get this item. Later in the game however if you have filled up your item slots and have enough money to buy something else, sell Sword of the Occult if you have less than tenish stacks, and get the new item.

****py Items
Mana Regen Items -any mana regen item is a waste on pantheon and hinders your ability to have a SPECTACULAR beginning game.
- A horrible choice and waste of money, if you have your mana regen runes, which you should have, mana problems will be pretty much non-existant post level 6.
- Manamune may seem like a great choice to solve your mana problems but, this is pretty much a two sided item. Mana only really benefits you pre-level 6. And the damage is only (355 mana+822 base mana)*2% +20= a ****py 43.5 dmg and you will only get this much damage from the item after you max out manamune's passive effect. So this is not really worth your money, I would rather spend it on a bf sword.

Late Late Game
- This is for very late late game after you finish your build you can go ahead and sell your boots or some other item for Phantom Dancers. Great option if you want to have some fun or you have no option but to resort to backdooring.



if you have ****py stacks

Very Late Game/Backdoor

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It is mandatory if you are playing pantheon to take preferably mid lane or a solo lane. This will help you dominate. You should never take the a non-solo lane as pantheon is strongest early-mid game.
It is also recommended for your team comp to be more ap heavy to balance pantheon. Typically if you dominate with pantheon and game lasts long enough the enemy will stack Thornmail and more armor. So I suggest you choose heavy nukers and tanks.

In addition Pantheon works well with champions that can stun as a well timed stun could have pantheon's cooldowns to be refreshed by the time stun is over.

Feel free when you are mid to run down and gank the side lanes early game if they are below half hp, it almost always ensures a kill.

If you are playing pantheon you MUST be aware that if you don't win the game early, you will be relying on your team to win late game.