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Not Updated For Current Season

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Leona Build Guide by Oldess

Support OP SUPPORT || Leona

Support OP SUPPORT || Leona

Updated on March 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oldess Build Guide By Oldess 6,396 Views 10 Comments
6,396 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Oldess Leona Build Guide By Oldess Updated on March 2, 2013
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Hi guys, I'm Oldess and i want you to meet my favorite support - OP Leona!

is a tanky support. It means that you have to play agressive with her.
When you reach level 2, you can jump to enemy( Zenith Blade) and stun them( Shield of Daybreak).



    a lot of damage
    hard CC(3 stuns)
    small cooldowns
    without heal/shield to ally
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I bought these runes and I am happy. So if you think you have better runes, skip this part ;)

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - with this you have a lot of damage
Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration - spam your combo!
Greater Seal of Armor - great sustain and tanky runes. Perfect!
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - magic resist is good, anyways
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - here comes damage again
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - damage again? o_O
Greater Quintessence of Gold - at least one support-ish rune for Leona
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With this masteries you have armor, magic resist, mana regen and some gold and experience bonus
Again, if you have better masteries, play with your masteries! :)
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sight ward
Mana regen, vision and sustain.. not so bad for start ;)


philosopher's stone
Stone for money and HP and MP regen, another stone for health and vison and boots for higher chance to chasing enemies or run away from jungler. You can later upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads


Shurelya for chasing enemies or fleeing and finally you can upgrade your stone for higher amount of health and vision

But we want to improve, so we are going to buy another items.
Which? It depends on enemy and on your team.

This is good item for Leona and for every support. Your allies gains great aura and you have bonus health. I am sooo tanky Leona! Talk to your tank before you buy it, because some tanks buying it too.

Because Leona cant heals or shields someone, this is item for you, definitely!
Use it in teamfight and you can won it without doing anything! Not bad :)

You have problems with turrets? Me neither :P This items extremely energize your minions, sou you can take down dragon and keep pushing. Great. Finally, it gives you damage and armor against ADC

Oh my god! Extra health and damage for Leona? This is so OP Leona, but if this is your lifestyle, no problem. If you have a lot of armor and resist, you can buy this for damage and health

Enemies are hiding? Summons your ghosts and its done :) Or you can use it when you are falling back, just release them and you are safe. Or you forgot to ward baron? Lets check if enemies aren't going to kill him. And it gives magic resist? o_O Their APs will cry :/
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Sunlight (passive)

When you shot your enemy with your spells it will mark your enemy and they will receive additional magic damage. So hit as much enemies as possible ;)

Shield of Daybreak

Stunning spell. Good for defending your ADC or attacking enemy.
This spell resets your basic attack cooldown! It means you can destroy ward alone! Just basic attack, Shield of Daybreak, basic attack, +25g


Bonus armor and magic resist. Up to 40! So this is good to teamfights! After a few seconds, shield will explode and damage nearby enemies. If you hit enemy, bonus will be extended

Zenith Blade

With this you are reversed Blitzcrank! If you shot champion, you will dash to them and stunning them for the time you are dashing. Finally, it hurts all enemies in a line! So hit as much enemies as possible for great AoE damage and for Sunlight buff.
Good for farming, definitely.

Solar Flare

This is your ultimate skill. One of the best ultimates in game. AoE damage and slow. Enemies in center will be stunned instead of slowed. Use it well ;)
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Yep, this is Leona's moment. Leona is someone who can start the fight. You can use all of your spells. I first use Solar Flare to their biggest damager(ADC or midlaner) and then I throw Zenith Blade on my target, then comes Eclipse for armor and resist and finish them with Shield of Daybreak. You can also use Exhaust if you have it.

If the teamfight has started use your Solar Flare to the middle of the fight. Acitave your Eclipse and throw Zenith Blade. Someone is fleeing? You have Shurelya's Battlesong and Shield of Daybreak
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You are support! So kill creeps only when your ADC is not on your lane! You dont need minions, you have philosopher's stone for money. For farming you can use all of your spells. But Solar Flare is not a good choice for farming :) Throw your Zenith Blade through the minion wave - its good AoE damage. Activate Eclipse and go in the minion wave! Great ;)
Money from minions can be use for sight ward or Vision Ward ;) Remember: When you are at base, buy wards! And in late-game, you can buy a lot of wards! You can win late-game because you know where the enemy team is waiting on you and beat them ;)
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Finally, this is end of my guide! This was my first guide so I just want to say thanks for reading it and for commenting. You can give me some advice, what are you doing better with Leona or some good stratergy. I feel free to learn new options ;)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oldess
Oldess Leona Guide
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