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Kennen Build Guide by ViuMih

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ViuMih

Operation 36 CC Interceptor

ViuMih Last updated on May 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there,today i gonna present you Tank Kennen,
He is More likely half tank because of his huge damage output....

The single ap item is but it doesnt realy matter..

This guy is the hell for enemy team,last match i could 1v3 everyone

Here is a pic with me,the first match with this build,don't belive me?;okay;Here is another one for the guys who don't belive me

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The Reason

Well i often go on ap but i started this tank thingy because it sounded fun...

The reason is that kennen has already a huge damage output,and because of his spells he can go in every mode he wants:tank,support,dps,burst,caster,everything,but because of E and R,he can go as a tank too...why because of R?The guys with best ultis are most likely the tanks...

The Tank Unleashead

And if you don't want to go tank mode,check out the second build,but i won't give you any guide...just read the last four

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Pros and Cons to Tank Kennen

-Huge Damage without mass of ap
-Can enter in the enemy team and always start a team fight
-Always focused because of natural causes...most likely the damage and the size
-Can tank pretty well
-He can always stun like a boss for more than 2 times in less than 5 seconds
-His E gives him tank stats
-E and R and W are multi targets spells,more stuns!
-Can go everywhere he wants without being afraid of anything
-Has Double Slow items and stun ability,also that shield...

-In real terms his damage is nutella in comparation with AP Kennen
-If he is left alone all he can do is stun and run,and damage a little if he has ulti
-He can take the kills very easy,too much easy,******* easy
-People may be afraid of you sometimes and they won't attack you
-Did i mention about the damage?

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Pros and Cons to AP Kennen

-The Damage output drastically increased
-Has enough tank stats for the enemies to be afraid of you
-Can melt everything in his way
-The damage means everything in this game,others don't have it?No problemo!E+R+W+Q are you dead yet?
-Team plays better if they see you doing those tonns of damage

-Kinda Squishy with only 2500 hp
-It is too dangerously to go alone in some zones
-Gets more focused as never!Hell...
-No more double slow,just an ordinary slow and has no shield
-The Damage is 2 times(or 3) bigger but the surviability is 2 times smaller

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Do you want to be an
Interceptor-Surviving Master-Team Fight Starter-Team's Ace-CC Master


Serial Killer-Kamikaze-Stunner-Team's First Bullet-Single(mid) Player


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The Runes
-This guy is the best from the marks,also it provides nice damage!
Greater Seal of Vitality-The Hp is so nice,can't you just love it?It is one of the bests seals in all the cases...the armor is good too,but not as good as this thingy...
-MR in balance with per level-200 mr when on E ftw
-MR in balance with flat-200 mr when on E ftw
-Oooh 30 hp <3 how can't you love it?:)
Greater Quintessene of Swiftness-You need some speed too,you need over 400,and this helps you!Oh Yeah!

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Those are the masteries
Obvious reasons again
Tanky Stats,Evolving Summoner Abilities,High MS as sh1t,GOLD,Energy
Everyone needs those <3,more like every tanky kennen...

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-One of the items that every tank starts with!Extraordinary!

-You clearly need those fast...

-Kill me now if you can!!!
-The tenacity and mr is just gold!
-You can exchange it with Sorcerer's or Ionian..more likely ionian for strange reasons...

-Well,the item speaks for itself,the hp at the beggining will mind trick the enemies...(what do i mean?w8 for it)

-Well now the build is about to end,the build=THE REAL "EASY ONE" BUILD...
-The Gold per 10 is a realy good thing...for like those 5 minutes while you hold it it will give you 150 gold...-_- doesn't matter,the item that it mades is uber cool <3
-The Slow is a must on you on ap,support,tank as dps you take mallet..or you should...
-The AP is good enough for you..80 ap is pretty much good!
-That hp...

-Take this before Randuin's Omen for scientific reasons...that are obvious...(randuin's active)
-That unique passive...
-Gives you a lot of mr and armor!Fuc|< Yeah!

-The second slow much epicness
-Both Active and Passive have slow!
-Gives Nice Tank Stats
-Try to use E before activating this item
-This is the end of the "Easy One" build...phase 2 starts now...

-From Randuin's Omen the CC is living hell!This will help you more!Love it!
-Tha HP is pretty much awesome too!

-Better Later than never
-Set Complete,you are a tanky sh1t!
-Take this later because it is kinda useless early game unless you want to creep out everyone...
-Take this later because the other items were better earlier...

Some Nice Options!

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Items Build

The Classy

The Carry Shredder

The Mage Shredder

The Health Guy

The Interceptor

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Tips From League of legends wiki,CREDITS TO ALL THE EDITORS

During the early game, Thundering Shuriken can be excellent for spotting enemies hiding in the brush. Due to Kennen's use of energy instead of mana, Thundering Shuriken can be easily spammed to spot foes. You just need to listen for the on-hit sound effect to know they're there.
Kennen's Thundering Shuriken is very effective for harassment. Taking more than one point in it early game allows you to harass the enemy really hard while not being in range to take damage.
Getting one level of Thundering Shuriken and then maxing Electrical Surge allows Kennen to maintain 2 Mark of the Storm stacks on enemy champions, as well as effectively harassing them.
Using Electrical Surge after players have 2 stacks of Mark of the Storm is an easy way to stun.
If a marked enemy is out of range of Electrical Surge, they can still be hit by it if it is used on a closer marked enemy. This can be used with Lightning Rush to mark minions and Electrical Surge enemy champions that are too far away.
Kennen is a great minion killer if you use Lightning Rush combined with Electrical Surge.
Using Lightning Rush to dodge skillshots and run away is a good idea.
Lightning Rush can be used to initiate fights with its energy return component, allowing him to use other abilities afterward.
While in Lightning Rush form, Kennen cannot perform normal attacks, however he can perform all his spells.
Lightning Rush can be coupled with the summoner spell Ghost to move at very high speeds, with Kennen's stun this is excellent for chasing.
Lightning Rush can be used to get back to lane quicker.
After a team fight has initiated, use Lightning Rush to apply marks to as many enemies as possible, followed by Electrical Surge and Slicing Maelstrom . This combo adds two marks initially, followed by one mark for the stun, and then adds an additional two marks, leaving any runners ready to be stunned with Thundering Shuriken . Alternatively, saving energy and waiting for a second Electrical Surge will result in a second AoE stun.
A good skill sequence to harass an enemy or to scare them off is Lightning Rush, Electrical Surge, and Thundering Shuriken(if possible). The reason why this combo can scare enemy's is because it can stun or get ready to stun.
Kennen is a champion who relies heavily on combos. Some simple combos are: Lightning Rush + Electrical Surge + Electrical Surge(passive) + Thundering Shuriken - this combo works extremely well from levels 3-5 (ie before Slicing Maelstrom is learned). At level 2, Kennen can do a Electrical Surge + Electrical Surge(passive) + Thundering Shuriken combo to result in a highly damaging stun and a few auto attacks during the stun.
Once reaching level 6, Kennen gains the ability to stun an opponent twice using a Lightning Rush + Electrical Surge + Electrical Surge(passive) + Slicing Maelstrom + Thundering Shuriken combo.
For this combo, wait the longest time possible between the Electrical Surge (passive) (which completes the 1st stun) and your Slicing Maelstrom (which completes the second stun) to regenerate Energy, land free auto attacks, and position yourself behind the enemy.
The key to playing Kennen well is learning how to chain his combos together to be able to land free damage on the enemy while keeping them in a disadvantageous position.
A good way to build Kennen is a balanced build, which will spread the damage out more efficiently with mark of storm. With all three skills at rank 2, Kennen becomes a powerful enemy.
Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom is amazing for turning team fights around. It is key that his R is used as much as possible against multiple opponents, but only at the right time.
Kennen tends to be an initiator or to follow immediately behind an initiator thanks to Slicing Maelstrom. Using Slicing Maelstrom wisely in a team fight, in conjunction with Lightning Rush and Electrical Surge, nearly guarantees a viable amount of energy gained from Mark of the Storm because Kennen's cooldowns tend to end more quickly than Kennen's energy regenerates

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-When you play don't be afraid of getting kills just have max 5 til minute 15 max 10 til minute 30 max 15 til minute 45 and endless from 45 to 99999...
-Do what you do with ap kennen when it is about teamfights,the difference is that you tank more and you arent realy a coward...
-If you go on bot lane,try to harras the champions instead of getting the minions,i mean try to last hit the minions,but this is your priority
-It is most likely to go top or bot for obvious reasons that you are a tank not ap caster
-Mid is an option too..,but only if no one can go mid except you...
-The Gameplay ,most likely,is practically the standard ability power kennen that everyone is using with great caution everyday...The difference is that you can patroll everywhere..which is good...
-Your priority isn't the enemy,it is your allies,always waste every ability only to save them or help them kill...
-Most of the time let your allies kill your enemy!:P

Most likely tomorrow
For Secret Reasons...
Sorry :X I writted what is the most important anyways...

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Easy Mind Tricks for a better gameplay

Always get a lot of hp early game,this will creep out the enemy and he won't focus you!
If u get a skin,the enemy will be scared of you a little,most likely a 975 Skin as i have MD Kennen!
Try to R4PP3 Him early game so he will sh1t his pants everytime he sees you!
Try to never fail and turret dive as often!OH yeah!
Burst damage=Holy SH1T GET AWAY FROM ME!!!
No one will get scared if u are on killing spree or above...they will get scared if u have 0 deaths or 10 times more kills than deaths...

Adding More Soon

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Thank you for assisting me through this journey!I hope you had fun and i also hope that we will meet again!
Good Bye Amigo
Oooh!Don't forget to vote X)
Any constructive criticism will be respected...