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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Orianna Build Guide by CptVenne

Oriana - The ball of death

Oriana - The ball of death

Updated on June 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptVenne Build Guide By CptVenne 11,724 Views 1 Comments
11,724 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CptVenne Orianna Build Guide By CptVenne Updated on June 26, 2011
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Hello everyone! Here's my first champion guide. Please enkoy!

I make this guide for everyone who wants to kill with Orianna. For everyone who believes the best defense is offense. It is not meant for starters tho since Orianna is one of the two hardest champion and this build focuses on NUKING WITH ALMOST NO SURVAVIBILITY. So please, dont go use this build on your first time with Orianna. Probably gonna end up badly.

But for everyone else that has already played Orianna, enjoy!

p.s. You might find a lot of mistakes in my guide and I apologize but english is not my main language. thank you for your comprehension.
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Pros / Cons

-very powerful early game
-very easy farming-
-lots of AOE
-will hurt tanks
-good escape spell

-very low hp
-will be targeted by enemy team
-low mana
-bad early game will be hard to catch up
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For my runes, I went with pretty standard mage runes.

I get 8 mpen from my marks and 2 from a quint giving me a nice 10 mpen right off the bat.
I like that since it gives me a lillte more kick early game

For my two other quints,I get flat ap resulting in an other 10 ap.

I go with ap/per level seals and glyphs. With my seals and my glyphs, i get 45 ap at lvl 18. It might not seems like a lot but when you think about it, if you have 500 ap, that means your 45 is 10% of your total ap and that ain't bad.(500-45=455, 455/45=10%)
It also scale very well with her passive.

All of this for a total of 10 mpen and 55 ap at level 18.

I can already hear some of your complains:
``Ap per level seals sucks man``

Ap per level seals arent that great, i'll give you that but seals arent that great for mages so i just go for some extra dmg. Remember this build is all about DMG so we will take more dmg whenever we can.

Also, some of you might think:
``Why not take mana regen glyph since Orianna is such a mana demanding champion.``

Because as I said before, this build focuses on DMG. Later, i'll also tell you why Orianna doesn't need that much mana when played my way.
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For my masteries I go 9/0/21.
Why? Standard set up for mages. Doesnt need alot of explanation

I like the shorter cd on my summoners, resultin in more Ignite(YAY!) and more Flash
I also like the cd reduction on my spells.
It well help with that low mana pool.
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Summoner Spells

WIth Orianna I take Flash and Ignite.

I just love flash. IMO it's the best summoner spell out there.
Defensively, Flash lets you escape almost certain death. Great for counter ganks and great in those team fights where you end up in the middle of the fight.

Offensively, Flash will let you catch up with those 30 hp remaining champions and it is a very impĂ´rtant part of early game since it will help you get those early kills.

Ignite is just badass.
Defensively, Ignite is pretty much useless. The only real power it has is scaring the enemy and hopefully they'll turn around and stop chasing you.

Offensively, its probably even better then exhasut. Not by a long shot but i believe it is better. WHy? First of all Ignite has a pretty short cd. And that translate to more Ignite per game. It also does alot of dmg. Carries like Ashe or Tristana
often finishes the game with 2000 hp. Ignite deals 410 pure dmg, thats 20% of their life right there, without using mana, without using one of your skill. Its also very good agaisnt champion lik Dr. Mundo, Swain or even Alistar.

But the real reason why I take Ignite is for those early kills. At level 6, with all her spells and ignite, Orianna can dish out an impressive 500 dmg. So has long as the other champion is not full hp, it is pretty eaasy to get a kill.

Alternate summoner spells:

Very usefull and pretty straight forward.
Defensively, use it to run away from danger

Offensively, use it to catch up with running enemies.

Can be usefull for those game with Tryndamere or Master Yi
Defensively, can be great to escape or to counter that Xin Zhao that keeps jumping you.

offensively, it will make the champion very easy to target but other then that its useness is limited with Orianna

One last thing: Remember you should always chose the summoners that suits you and you play style. If you want to take Clairvoyance and Revive, I say go ahead has long as you fell comfortable.
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Skill Sequence

Pretty simple here too.
Max out Command: Attack by level 9. It is your main dmg spell.

The base dmg of Command: Attack is fairly low compare to other champions spells but it has a very low cd. With the recent nerf on Vladimir, she can now cast her Command: Attack more often then Transfusion.

Ater Command: Attack, max out Command: Dissonance since its your second dmg spells and its your escape spell.

The base dmg here is a little higher but the real sweet thing about this spell is that its always never done alone. Command: Dissonance almost always comes after Command: Attack resulting in a neat 500 dmg.

Last and not least Command: Protect

Beside the point I took at level 3, I wait until level 14 to max out Command: Protect.
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Here I will go over the first 4 items of my build in detail(not counting philosopher's stone since I end up selling it).
Why only the first 4? Because IMO they are the core of my build and with only those 4 you should own the enemy team. I'll also go briefly over what the last two item could be but since they arent a prerequisite to my build, they can really be whatvever you want.
That is why I put up Hextech Gunblade and lichbane as my last item. They're good items but they can be replaced with almost any other ap item.

Regrowth Pendant is a very good starting item. It lets you stay in lane for some extended time and it transforms into a philosopher's stone which is just great.
You should always buy a potion if you have the money. Its great to stay even longer in your lane and it might save you from that last tick of ignite.

philosopher's stone

Let me make something clear, philosopher's stone is an incredible item. Not because it gives you money, not becasue it gives you hp and mana regen but becasue it gives both.
Think about this.
You get your philosopher's stone 10 minutes into the game and let say the game lasts 40 minutes. That means you got your philosopher's stone for a full 30 min. Your philosopher's stone makes 5g/10sec resulting in a 30g/1min. Mutiplied by 30 and you have an awesome 900 gold out of thin air. That not all, since you'll eventually end up selling your philosopher's stone, that's an other 400 gold in your pocket.

Let me summarize. You buy an itme that cost 800 gold that gives hp and mana regen. After 30 minutes, selling that same item will result in having 500 more gold(900+400=1300,1300-800=500) then your teamates. Now you might say 500 goold isn't alot but look at it this way: you got payed 500 gold to have some hp and mana regen throughout the game. seems like a pretty good deal to me.

The hp and mana regen is also why I can stay in lane and free farm. I find that the mana regen is just enough so I dont need to buy mana potion or any other mana item at all. I'll explain in the next chapter why you shouldnt be spamming your spell like crazy and why it wont be necessary.

After your philosopher's stone, you should immediatly start saving for your Needlessly Large Rod.
I suggest buying it before your boots. Why?
Because if you do, you won't need to run. You'll be owning the enemy champion so hard he wont even come close to you. After you have the biggest part of your Rabadon's Deathcap
you shouldgrab a pair of normal boots and keep going for the rest of your Rabadon's Deathcap.

*When buying a Rabadon's Deathcap, always start with the Needlessly Large Rod.
I know sometimes it can be hard to fight the urge of buying a Blasting Wand, espicially when you are forced back to base and you have enough money to get your wand.
But trust me, it just pays more if you get the Needlessly Large Rod first.
*It can be noted that even tho I put Rabadon's Deathcap before the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, buying some Boots between the Needlessly Large Rod and the Blasting Wand is a good idea since Orianna has the minimum speed of 300.

You should alwasy wait before having your Rabadon's Deathcap before buiyng the Ionian Boots of Lucidity. You can buy normal boots before the Rabadon's Deathcap is complete but dont get the Ionian Boots of Lucidity since you will need that 700 gold for the Rabadon's Deathcap.

I chose Ionian Boots of Lucidity over the other boots for many reasons.
First off, the cd is precious but not for the reason you think. Its not because i want to spam my spells has much as I can but to have my spells always ready.
What i mean is that every second counts when you have no survavibility. If i need my shield now, I dont want it in a second since a second could make a difference between life and death.

Second, I strongly believe that every other boots, even Sorcerer's Shoes, aren't has nearly as usefull. Boots of Swiftness are just funny on Orianna since you shouldnt be chasing down enemies. Berserker's Greaves, Mobility Boots, Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi are all bad choices since they dont really help you kill more.

Third, let's talk abit more about these Sorcerer's Shoes.
It is no secret that the core of this build is dmg. So why am i not taking the boots that give more dmg.
Because Void Staff.
Yup! Since i get a Void Staff I dont need that 20 mpen.
Again, I can hear some of you thinking but it doesnt matter. I dont need it even if it means I'll deal pure dmg to those carry because I have so much ap that 10 mr really doesnt make a difference in my dmg output.
But 13 less seconds on my ult, now thats good.

*Just like the summoners spells, I suggest you go with boots you are comfortable with since boots are not that important in the end.

This is the item that will make the tanks afraid of you.
But why get it this early? Surely no one has that much MR yet anyway, right?

Sure, enemy might not have that much MR and thats why this is just great.
Think about it.
Lets say 3 of the enemy champion have 30 MR.
Minus the 10 from runes they now have 20 MR.
And with the 40% from Void Staff they are now at 12 MR.

But hey, if I had Sorcerer's Shoes I would do pure dmg to them.

Ok, but what about the remaining champs.
Let's say they stack MR, suddendly those Sorcerer's Shoes aren't that usefull anymore.
That's why I get a Void Staff because it is better to have.
I could keep going but i think you get the point.

Last and not least of my core build, Zhonya's Hourglass. This item doesn't need a long explination on high its good. !00 ap and 50 armor with a 2 second invulnerability, this will wreck the day of ad carries.

With this, all the items above and you runes, you will have 500 ap or enough to kill almost anything the enemy has to offer. And the best part is that there is still two spot too increase that firepower.

Killing power vs survavibility

The way I see it, the last two spot are really for anything at all.
Personally I like nad

The Hextech Gunblade is a great item for Orianna. The spell vamp is awesome since all of her spells are AoE. THe lifesteal is great too since you'll be using that auto attack a little. On top of that you have a 300 dmg slow for finishing off an enemy. You'll have 150 ad with an as of 1. If you count the 180 magic dmg you'll receive from her passive that's more then 330 dmg per hit. And its not over.

Since my last item is a Lich Bane. It's actually just icing on the cake. With it you'll get some crucial ms, a little MR and a nice passive that doesn't introduction.
Remember what I just said? 330 dmg from your normal attack. Well let's add an other 700 just for fun.
Yup! that's right! Every two second you will hit the enemy for an astonishing 1000 dmg.
Combined with the HIGH dmg of your spells and youve got yourself a nuker.

The problem with this for many people is the lack of survavibility but honestly, with her huge range, you should not get hit that often. And even if you do, you have spell vamp and lifesteal to regenerate that lost hp.

And for those of you who really REALLY want more survavibility,
you can get a Rod of Ages and a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
With those two items you have the same amount of ap but you'll also have almost 3000 hp and a truckload of mana.

Two other items that can be usefull with Orianna
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Solo laning/farming

In this chapter, I'll tell you how I lane and how i think you should lane with my build.
Of course, everything here is at the discretion of the player. My play style might not fit yours or you might play against that can counter this build(I doubt that but you never know).
In any case, you have to adapt to the situation. Those are only guide lines.

Early game

-Play defensively
-Get those early kills
-Stay behind AT ALL TIME
-Make use of that long range
-Never attack the enemy turret alone, wait for renforcement
-Get that philosopher's stone, you need it
-Farm with your auto attack, keep that mana for enemy champion
-Remember to go back to base when the enemy wave is far from your tower
-Be on the lookout for those canon, they hurt more then they look
-Becareful, there is a jungler out there and he is coming for you
-Try to stay on your side of the river
-map awerness

Here is a short description of what early game looks like for me:
(For the example, let's assume im in a ranked match, teams are balanced,
jungler on both teams and im agasint a range champion, either mage or ad carry.)

I start with regrowth and Health Potion. We go protect our jungler then I head top.
I don't harass the other champion until he start the hostilities or until i'm level 3. Unpon reaching level 3, I start harassing with Command: Attack, Command: Dissonance and my auto attack. Even tho my auto attack is weak, with Orianna's passive, it will hurt the enemy. I might get counter harassed but with my hp regen and my potion I can stay longer than anyone who bought a doran's something. At level 5, I trie to get that early kill but even if I fail, I willl opefully be able to send him back home thus gaining a moneytary and experience advantage.

Now I go back to base and hopefully, I have enough for my Philosopher's stone, my Boots and, best case scenario, my Needlessly Large Rod. In the case that I have enough for only two things, I would probably get the philosopher's stone and the Needlessly Large Rod. Offense over defense, that is my motto.

In the best scenario, I come back to my lane and i utterly start killing the enemy champ. So much that he changes lanes. Its also the time when I really start to farm. I can start thinking about ganks but without Ionian Boots of Lucidity, it is pretty hard to achieve a good gank. Once I finish my Rabadon's Deathcap, early game is uselly over and I have a couple of kills.

Mid Game

Pretty much like early game.
-Don't forget too keep an eye on your turret if its still up
-participate in those team fights, that's where you'll make your kills
-Keep farming, you never have enough money
-get blue if you can, 60 second cd on your ult = OWNAGE
-Don't forget to shield your teamates if you arent being targeted

Late Game

You should already destroy everyone by late game. If you dont that means you failed.
No worries tho since all you have to do is practice and eventually, people will be afraid of you.
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Ranked Play

This build was build with ranked play in mind. So everything you reed applies in normal and ranked game.
If anything, it applies even more for ranked games since there's almost alway a jungler and 2 solos.
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I hope my guide was helpful and useful. It was a bit long but I tried to put as much details as possible.
Remember it's my first one so please don't be to hard in your comments.
Any constructed comment will be appreciated and if you have any suggestion, do not hesitateto comment.
If you try my build, leave a comment after your game and tell me how you did, I wanna hear about it.

Thank you for reading my guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptVenne
CptVenne Orianna Guide
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Oriana - The ball of death

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