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Orianna Build Guide by KeepsYouAlive

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KeepsYouAlive

Orianna build 6.9 (still in construction)

KeepsYouAlive Last updated on May 11, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Orianna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol, LOL. (actually didn't play against it as Orianna, but this champion isn't good at all at this moment, too bad late game, weak in lane).
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Hi, i'm KeepsYouAlive, a french LoL player, so... sorry in advance for my english.

I am a former main support, I recently discvovered the joy of the midlane, with Kassadin and Orianna. I didn't see any build with this items and runes, so I decided to create my own to share my feelings on this champion, and to have your opinion about my build, so feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you all.
PS : this guide is in construction, still I continue to discover this champion and the matchups. I will share my feelings after every new matchup. Even if sometimes, we are doing mistakes and the others too, I think I can share you my experience about a matchup after a game.

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Summoner spells

It depends on the matchup, you can pick Barrier or Exhaust, Ignite if you are really sure of you, but I would not recommend it. In this patch, I don't think Teleport would be a great choice.

I'll explain what you have to chose in the matchups section (actually it's above). Also, it depends on the other picks, if there is a top with cc, and/or a Thresh, a Morgana, or any support with cc you can chose the Cleanse to be safe and have a second chance when you do a mistake.

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Mastery explanations


Tier 1 : Fury vs Sorcery - Even if Fury could be great with your passive ( Clockwork Windup), Sorcery will be way more efficient in every trades, even more in teamfight.
Tier 2 : Double Edged Sword vs Feast vs Expose Weakness - Double Edged Sword is ok if you are sure you will be able to win trades/lane against the enemy midlaner, it's a good option, but not the best in my opinion. Expose Weakness is also a good option during teamfights, but 3% seems weak to me. Feast is the best choice to have a great lane, you don't have natural sustain, this will grant you some, you will be able to stay longer in the lane, and farm better. I didn't try yet the Expose Weakness mastery, maybe it's a good option with Orianna since it's a teamfight champion, but I can't say if it's a better choice than Feast right now.
Tier 3 : Vampirism vs Natural Talent - Spell vamp is a bad stat for Orianna because you only have AOE abilities, so the heal will be divided by 3. Natural Talent are free stats for you, just take it !
Tier 4 : Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor - Keep in mind that Bounty Hunter will not give you more than 5% bonus damages if you killed every single champion of their team. As an orianna, you will deal tons of damages during teamfight, that's not why you will be able to last it all of them. 2.5% from Oppressor is a free stat without killing anyone. Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave will proc this bonus, Oppressor is a really strong mastery with Orianna, and will be efficient since you have the 2 abilities. You will have to kill 3 different champions for Bounty Hunter to be profitable.


Tier 1 : Wanderer vs Savagery - Wanderer will help you if you like to roam a lot, and you will reach your lane faster, but Savagery coupled with Clockwork Windup will help you to farm better. Farming is important, farming is life, farming is easy with Orianna, that's not why you shouldn't get some help thanks to this mastery.
Tier 2 : Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin - Runic Affinity should be a good option, but you are never sure you will have blue buff, due to a bad jungler, or a loosing botlane which will open your bot-jungle, and a loss of control of your blue buff. Assassin is ok during the laning phase, but you are not really a 1v1 killer, you will often kill with a gank. Also, Orianna is doing her best during the teamfigths, so this mastery become useless. Secret Stash will be the better choice, a good sustain in lane, the instant healing can save you from an Ignite, also it will give you some extra mana (ok it's ridiculous but it's still something).
Tier 3 : Merciless vs Meditation - With Orianna, you will benefit a lot from Merciless , 5% is a huge amount of bonus damages with a lot of burst. Also, even if you will have an Athene's Unholy Grail, and probably a blue buff, you spam your abilities with Orianna, that makes her a mana-hungry champion, if you often have troubles with your mana, by using too much your abilities, Meditation will give you some extra mana-regen. But try to use properly your abilities, you don't need this mastery if you play smart.
Tier 4 : Bandit vs Dangerous Game - Not a lot to say about it, you are a solo laner, Bandit is not a good mastery for you, also, 3 gold for an auto every 5 seconds is not that amazing. Dangerous Game is an awesome mastery, you will be able to stay longer in the teamfight if your team is doing well (even if not, but your team have to kill anyway).
Tier 5 : Precision vs Intelligence - Precision will grant you 8.4 Hybrid Penetration at lvl 18, which is not that bad. You will have 40% CDR full stuff in mid-late game, you will be able to spam your abilities very well with it, 45% will not change a lot what you will do, your CDs will be already really low.
Tier 6 : Thunderlord's Decree - There is not much of a choice here, Thunderlord's Decree will help you a lot during little trades on the laning phase. You can proc it with Q-W-AA, Q-W-E, or later with your ult. You could go 18-12-0 instead of 12-18-0 to take Deathfire Touch , but once again, you only have AOE abilities, so you will not benefit a lot from this mastery.

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I'm still asking myself if I should start a Rod of Ages as the same time as the Athene's Unholy Grail, instead of Luden's Echo, but for now, i never did this. This is my favorite build, tons of damages, good magic resist.

With an assassin on the other team / if you think you will have a lot of troubles in teamfight, get a Zhonya's Hourglass instead of the Abyssal Mask (you can also build a  Rod of Ages as first or second item, instead of the Luden's Echo for a safer build).
If there is absolutely no AP in the other team (well gg), you should probably buy a Morellonomicon instead of the Athene's Unholy Grail. I really don't like the Morellonomicon instead of the Athene's Unholy Grail on Orianna, but... you never know....

In any cases, you have to reach 40% CDR without the blue buff.

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How to play her

Early - laning phase

The early game of Orianna is not that bad but you generally don't have enough mana and damage to kill enemy midlaner. You will not be able to kill him without your jungler, if he knows how to play his champ. Look at the matchups above.

Mid game

You have a good wave clear with your combo Q - W - E but it will cost you a lot of mana, do your best to last hit with your auto-attacks first. You have boosted autos with Orianna due to her passive, play with it, to farm or to harass.

You finally have the mana and you have items, even with only Athene's Unholy Grail you will see that your damages are not the same, if you can properly position your ultimate no doubt that the enemy will die, or at least, he will need to back. If you think you don't have enough damages but that you can kill him, wait for your jungler (poke while he is not here and ping him). If it's a melee one, shield him, wait until he is next to the enemy midlaner and ult, then Q-W. With the jungler damages, it should be enough to kill him. If it's not, chase, try to hit another Q. (if the ball is on you, you can flash + Q to surprise and finish him).

With the blue buff, you can farm very quickly by using your combos Q-W-E on the wave. You will learn how to optimize it by playing yourself.

If you can abuse your midlaner, kill him, ask for multiple ganks if he is in the middle of the lane, maybe he will ragequit. Your jungler or yourself can tank a little bit the turret thanks to your shield. If you can't kill, push quickly, and see if you can gank a lane. You can move faster to another lane with your W, Orianna's ganks are strong with a follow-up. Or you can execute low ennemies by yourself.


If you farmed properly, even with no kills, Orianna will be really strong in teamfights, or in pick-ups. You can one-shot a squishy ennemy only by doing Q-W-R. Sometimes your damages will surprise even yourself.

You will therefore be a prime target for your opponents, learn to position yourself and take your time to cast your spells. Don't forget your summoner spells !

Team Fight

Orianna has the ability to have a very big impact during the teamfights, you can win it alone, or fail everything.

However, do not precipitate, think about all the possibilities, who do you have to kill ? A ****ing tank is rushing you, can you ignore him ? If not, try to run away, flash out if it's necessary to re-position yourself, then kite back with Q-W. If you have a team they will protect you, if you don't, well it will be tough. Always look for an opportunity of a good ultimate, don't try to hit 5 champions at any cost, a good shockwave on 2 carries is clearly enough, even in one if you can one-shot him (a 5v4 is easier for your teammates even without your ult left).

You absolutely must control the positioning of your ball and never lose sight of it. If you do not control it properly you will be useless during the fight. You have to start the teamfight with all your mana, spam your abilities, Q-W a lot in the most of champions, shield your tanky friends, yourself, or the adc if he is in trouble.

During messy fights, try to hide your ball, on the champions or in the middle of the creeps, make them forget about it (trust me they often do, if you didn't one-shot them yet), then Q-W-R or instantly R-Q-W (WHY NO W JUST AFTER THE R YOU DUMB ??? Because they are not landing everytime in the middle of your ult, it depends on when they where before you ulted, so Q-W on the squishy ones if they are just next to the ball, but not enough to be hit).


Place your sphere on strategic or tight places, the enemies will think twice to pass over it. If they walk near to it by mispositioning, Q-W, just to let them know you are there and put them midlife.

Pro tip

Don't forget that I am a gold, do you really have to listen to my advices ? Go watch a Febiven gameplay video.

Real pro tip

If you want to learn a champ, watching a lot of videos is not a bad choice, look how the best players are dealing with your champ, it's probably one of the best way to do it, that's my way to learn, with PLAYING IT of course !

Real pro tip


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Pros / Cons

+Good range, good harass during laning phase
+Shield, slow/speed to avoid ganks
+Her Q gives vision, don't get trap !
+One of the biggest impact during teamfight

-Mana hungry, use your spells properly, Athene's Unholy Grail and blue buffs will help you
-You are squishy, good positioning will be needed
-You will have to train a lot to master it