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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillaTheNinja

Orianna-「☆iRavage」-Complete + Detailed Guide

KillaTheNinja Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Build has been archived due to troll votes on alternates accounts, and friends of those trolls on alternate accounts.

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Hola, Killa the baddest Ninja of them all here...with my first build. Please excuse the typos that you will undoubtedly come across. I bought Orianna day 1 and fell in love instantly. Great animations, charm, and she offers SO much to any team. Have played more than a few games with her and this is just a basic build that I usually go with, and I usually do pretty well. Would love some constructive feedback after you've given it a try!

NOTE: I play and build Orianna around a Burst-Support mindset. Don't neg the guide because you weren't able to go 20/0/10...this guide isn't meant to do that. This build offers the tools needed to output some nice damage through out the entire game, give you some survivability, AND make sure you can support your team constantly no problem.

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Pros / Cons-


    Very diverse.
    Works well solo mid, solo vs 2, or with partner.
    Excellent harasser.
    Great range.
    Marvelous support/caster dps.
    Escape artist.
    Great chaser.
    Decent health scaling.
    VERY useful in teamfights.
    Tons of AOE.
    Low cooldowns.
    Very maneuverable
    Great at scouting.
    :3 Amazing charm.

    Squishy during laning phase.
    AP a bit weak by late game.
    Mana intensive early game.

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Great on any ability power using champion. Orianna especially due to her being able to spam her attacks for decent damage over time and great early game bursts.
Also great on any mana intensive champion. Mana problems will stay at a minimum by mid game.
I go with these for the early-game harassment. With Doran's Ring you'll have 25 AP. Your ability power coupled with Oriannas already low cool downs and range will definitely make her hard for anyone to lane against, and gives excellent farming capability.
Orianna is pretty squishy early game and the health runes just help with survivability. Helps stay in the lane longer and your enemies will be more cautious at trying to gank a beefy champion.

NOTE: These are just what I prefer to go with. The magic pen,mana regen, and health runes are HIGHLY recommended, but the glyphs would work well as cool-down reduction or whatever else you may prefer. Just depends on ones taste

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I highly recommend Ghost on Orianna for chasing to get the last hit on that weak Leblanc, coupling it with her W for a quick escape, and the maneuverability in team fights.
Love going with this because I play Orianna so aggressive during laning-phase, and that costs a lot of mana. With Clarity, and some smart harassing (don't waste mana), your enemy will NEVER catch a break and will always be on their toes. She's great at wearing down the enemies health which keeps you (and your partner) with the advantage.


I've seen a few Orianna's using flash, and I guess it works. It's just that her base movement speed being decent for a caster, boots of swiftness, and her W...she can close/widen the gap in between her and the enemy fast enough. I personally think she benefits a lot more from ghost since it lasts longer and is better for chasing.

I've seen this a couple of times, and I myself wouldn't recommend it. For one, the casting range for ignite is smaller than Orianna's range on her abilities. You're going to be doing damage from afar, and it'll be pretty predictable as to when you're about to go in to cast ignite. The enemy will surely be smart enough to just escape. Second, as the match goes on Orianna is more relied on for support, not damage (unless she gets fed/has Mejai's). You should leave the kills for your carry.

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The *basic* core items that I generally use. Sometimes I decide to switch them up, and that'll be explained later. :3


OR I recommend going with Doran's Ring. The mana regen is good enough and you get some very nice health and AP for early game laning. the 25ap (with AP glyphs) with your W really hurts.
You want to get a Tear of the Goddess as SOON AS POSSIBLE so you can start charging it early. This item is essential to Orianna, in my opinion, and goes great with her spamming. If you manage to get blue buff after obtaining your tear, NEVER stop spamming your spells so you can charge up the Tear quickly. I can't stress this enough. This will guarantee you that mana will NEVER be a problem mid-game and later.

OR I myself always go with Boots of Swiftness because I love have maneuverability on Orianna for chasing, escaping, or just getting to a tower/team fight when needed. It really helps with being aggressive and dealing damage, then pulling back to avoid taking any damage yourself.

Alternative:Magic penetration from Sorcerer's Shoes is good too I suppose. You'll surely be out-putting more damage. Once again, it just boils down to each players taste.

By this time it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and sell Doran's Ring towards buying Rylai's. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is extremely beneficial to Orianna as a burst/support. Tons of health makes her really beefy, great amount ability power, and makes all your abilities SO much better. Rylai's assures you that no enemy ever escapes thanks to the great range on your Q, and the stack on your W will slow the enemy to an absolute crawl so you can get the kill on that lone strangler who thought they escaped death, or doubles the usefulness on her escapes which your team will love you for.
By now you should have a good bit of mana from your Tear, so you're going to want to put that to use by getting an Archangel's Staff. Great item for the mana, mana regen, and the ability power gain from the amount of mana you have.

By late-game, Orianna's auto-attacks only hurt mildly on the squishiest of champions. Coupled with lich-bane, however, it's a different story. o_o You're always spamming abilities which will make Lich Bane's passive stay up constantly...and that 100%+ bonus damage is going to be felt, trust me. Also beneficial from Lich Bane is even more movement speed and a ton of ability power.

NOTE: You can buy Nashor's Tooth before Lich Bane, but I'd go with Lich Bane first for the ability power, movement speed, and the passive. It just seems to be more effective to be bought first over Nashor's Tooth.
I usually build a Nashor's tooth by this time. I really love it on Orianna for the 50% atk speed which puts her passive to work, extra ability power, and 15% cooldowns for more spamming. The mana regen is a plus.
Great for nulling that Blitz Grab/Ashe Ult/Karthus Ult/Veiger stun...etc. Orianna has great range and maneuverability so this isn't completely necessary, but Banshee's Veil is ALWAYS good to have on any champion. Nice chunk of health and a barrier that makes you immune to a spell.


This item is not bad at all on Orianna. It works decently for her auto-atks and should easily be able to get up to 8 stacks with the spell spamming. I've only tried it once, and it partnered pretty well with Lich Bane. I'd still recommend Nashor's tooth due to the cool-down reduction, superior ability power, and it offers attack speed.
Could be used to substitute Nashor's Tooth or Banshee's Veil if you so choose. I actually had a hard time deciding between Rabadon's and Banshee's Veil because Orianna is such a great escape artist with her W, passive from Rylai's, and her ult. It's easy for her to get out of sticky situations.
If you find that the other team has too much CC (crowd-control) for you to get in close and maximize damage output on your auto-attack, op for Morello's Evil Tome over Nashor's Tooth. One of the best items in the game, imo. A nice chunk of AP and Cooldown. The mana regen is only a plus, since by this time in the game mana shouldn't be a problem for you.
OR Going against a tanky team and finding your damage isn't doing anything worth wild? Opt for a Deathfire Grasp or Void Staff instead. If the team is tanky only due mainly to tons of health (i.e. Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Gragas) and a mild amount of tank items, go with Deathfire Grasp. The unique active does damage based on health and serves as a VERY nice nuke.

If the team has viable damage and survivability due to tank items (i.e. Irelia, Mordekaiser, Nasus) then you're going to want some more magic penetration. Void Staff penetrates 40% of the enemies magic resistance and gives you 70 AP! Orianna's damage during late game does tone down a generous amount by late game due to not only her ratios, but any smart enemy team build Armor/Magic Resist, so feel free put this in place of an item like Nashor's Tooth or Banshee's Veil.

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How To Play Orianna-


I prefer laning with a partner with Orianna, and you really want this partner to be someone aggressive and who can output some damage with you. I find her to be most beneficial then. Ofcourse you want to level up your Q first so you can position your ball around and scout brushes. It requires very little mana so don't be afraid to use it when required. If your team has a jungler, use your Q to scout and keep your jungler safe until the enemies are revealed in their lanes.

In the laning phase you want to use your Q to let your enemies know you're not playing around >:[. If they try to go into the brushes, use your Q to reveal their cover, and if they close enough always harass with your auto-attack to force them out. Don't give them the opportunity to gain the upper hand on your. If there's an enemy jungler, it's a great tool for warding the river brushes every now and then (if you're up that far). Don't use your Q to harass or farm. You'll just be wasting more mana than what the damage is worth.

Once you've leveled your W you want to start being aggressive. Use your Q for some smart and quick positing and then your W for some nice unexpected damage in order to harass the weaker one of the enemy laners enough to disrupt their farm, but keep an eye on your mana. You don't want to harass so much that you run completely out of mana any time your clairvoyance is on cool down. Once your W is leve; 2 you'll start outputting some nice damage and will have the enemies scared of Ball. Remember to keep the ball at a distance closer to your enemies so that you can make quick unexpected movements with your Q and quickly use your W to take a chunk of their health. As soon as you have enough money, GET YOUR TEAR! Harass and farm greatly with your W.

Level 6 is when your lane should start getting some kills if you already haven't. You should be wearing down the enemies health bar and readying the for a swift death. Ball can be VERY deceptive. Once you think they're low enough for a kill, ping to tell your partner your about to make your move. Your partner shouldn't be afraid to execute a quick tower diver. Your W+E should get them out alive. Once you've gotten their health low enough use Q to position Ball, W for a burst and slow, your partner should go into for some damage, and you should ult to make sure the enemy doesn't escape or to land the final blow. Shield your partner from the turret damage and watch as they run to safety with the speed boost from your W still being active. Proceed to farm through out laning phase.

Mid to Late-Game

This is the time when Orianna is probably at her best. You want to ALWAYS be doing something...never just stand around. Scout (thanks to your Q) and farm your Jungle constantly for gold and experience. If not that then make sure to keep your lanes clean of enemy minion waves. Thanks to you having Boots of Swiftness and your awesome W ability, you can get across the map very quickly, and with your Q ability...safely. You're very mobile and wipe out minions quickly, so there is no excuse for you to miss a team fight!


Team fights are what Orianna do best. Make sure you stay far back like any smart ranged character should.

A general rule in team-fights is to constantly keep Ball moving around! Everytime Ball moves and comes into contact with an enemy then damage will be done.

Another General rule is shield your carry with your E! Don't forget that your W acts as a slow and speed boost for both chasing and escaping!

Another general rule is do not forget you have Rylai's! Make sure your teams main target does not escape.

Orianna's ult WILL quickly turn the tides of a team-fight. What you want to do is wait for the right positioning of your enemies. When they're all as close as you think they're gonna get (don't wait too late), and the fighting has already begun, use your Q to position Ball near the middle,your Ult for a *very good burst* of damage and a mild knock up+stun,and then your W for another burst and to slow anyone from escaping. Trust me...your team will love your for this. Orianna really does hurt, and this sequence can be used to guarantee your success in a team-fight, or allow your team to escape with minimal casualties..

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Tips to remember-

    Tip 1:Use your best judgement for when it's time to get a kill. Use your range, speed of Ball, and deceptiveness of your ults range to your advantage!!! Remember, harassing with auto-attack isn't bad at all.
    Tip 2: Remember that when you use your Q to throw your ball outwards, the E to bring it back also does some nice damage! You can use your Q to throw into minions, W to kill off the caster minions, and E to shield yourself and kill the melee minions along the way back.

    This is also effective in teamfights. Keep the ball moving at ALL TIMES during team fights! Every move it makes is more damage to the enemies.
    Tip 3: Mana shouldn't be a problem after you've gotten your Tear of the Goddess, so when you go back to the base to buy items remember to spam your W on yourself to get across the map quicker. It saves you time, experience, money, and charges your tear.
    Tip 4: When you get your Rylai's you're going to have a good bit of health. Remember, you're still a mage and you're going to be very squishy regardless. You're a ranged focus and you should be staying in the make. In team fights, your job is to help teammates survive while dealing damage, and making sure your teams main targets do not escape. With such great range you can stay in the back and be extremely effective.
    Tip 5: Remember with your ult you want to get as many enemies as possible! Don't use it too early, but don't wait too late either. You ult turns the tides of team fights. Remember to position the ball with Q, use your ULT when you think the time is right, then burst damage with W. Next use E to shield whoever on your team is dealing damage, or if someone else is low on health.
    Tip 6: KEEP THE BALL MOVING AT ALL TIMES IN TEAM FIGHTS! If you're not, you're playing Orianna terribly wrong. The more Ball moves, the more damage done!

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Question and Answer-

What's your reasoning behind the ability lvl sequence?

I prefer to just level Q once and no more until the game makes me. I've looked at a lot of other builds, and majority of them choose to level Q with W, and save E for last, which I very much disagree with. I find her Q to be only good for positioning Ball and that's it. The only thing which increases from leveling Q is the damage, which is minimal at best.

Her W is her main source of damage and has to be one of my favorite abilities in the game. It's so versatile due to it acting as a slow, speed boost, and burst all in one. It's a no-brainer for me to max out this ability. Constantly comes in handy through out the entire game.

Orianna's E acts as a shield and those are always good. That shield is amazing, and I've saved so many lives whether it was from an early game tower dive, team fight, shielding my jungler as soon as they initiate, shielding my carry in a team fight...etc. It's very handy and far more useful than the Q, especially if you've gotten it leveled by mid game for those team fights. More people need to realize this!

Why do you build Orianna the way you do?

This build offers everything you'll need for Orianna. Tons of ability power, maneuverability, health, mana, cool down reduction, and attack speed coupled with Lich Bane to take advantage of her passive.

Other guides I've looked at want to build her as Attack-Speed/Ability Power, but these builds focus mainly on attack speed and very little ability power. Orianna's usefulness relies much more on her abilities. Her passive isn't THAT great, especially with such little ability power.

Also, relying on your auto-attack and it's passive means you're going to have to be pretty close to the team fights to make yourself useful. With these AS/AP builds you already have such little ability power that you'll be doing no damage, and you'll have no survivability so you wont last 5 seconds against a competent team. You'll get snatched up really quick.

Why isn't your build CD focused?

I don't find Orianna's cool downs to be much of a problem at all, especially if I decide to stay on blue. However, this build can get your to the 40% CD cap. You have 9% from your masteries already, and if you decide to use CD glyphs your at a total of 18%, Nashor's Tooth comes into play and your at 33%, and feel free to swap out an item for Morello's Evil Tome which puts you over the cap at 53%. But again, for my playstyle cool down's are not a problem.

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:] Thanks for reading! Thumbs up if you like, and if you decide to thumbs down then please leave a comment as to why so that I can re-evaluate. I'm sure I'll find some better things that work the more I play her, so the guide may be changed in time.

The results of some recent matches...