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Orianna Build Guide by Orkann

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Orkann

Orianna - The Golden Build

Orkann Last updated on September 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 21

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First of all, while this is not meant to be a troll guide at all, it's still just a thought and it's not proved to be viable in ranked games. Feedback will be appreciated.

As you know, in League of Legends gold is a must to get items, and items are a must for you to be able to perform you role well. Having this in mind, I thought that maybe sacrificing some AP for extra gold income throughout the whole game would pay-off, by giving you gold advantage over the
enemy, which leads to item advantage (or at least allows you to keep up with the enemy in case they're outfarming you).
Besides, you'll also have a slight XP advantage due to the points in Awareness.

So, this guide is all about setting runes and masteries to get extra gold. By following it, you'll get at least:

    10 min - 419,75 extra gold
    20 min - 854,75 extra gold
    30 min - 1289,75 extra gold
    40 min - 1724,75 extra gold
    50 min - 2159,75 extra gold

(Kage's Lucky Pick and Pickpocket's gold is not included, since it depends on how often you proc Pickpocket and on how soon you get Kage's.)

Notice that around 20 min, you'll get enough FREE extra gold to buy a Blasting Wand, for instance.
Maybe I wouldn't follow this guide if matched up with an "easy" lane. I'd follow it though if the lane is hard and/or I know I wont be able to farm that much.

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Pretty much self-explanatory here.
For this build 9/0/21 masteries are used. The 9 points in the Offense tree are a must and obviously I'd never give up on that 8% magic penetration, but since I wanted gold income, I didn't go deeper than that and put the 21 remaining points in the Utility tree instead.

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Personally, I prefer going 2 AP/lvl and 7 CDR/lvl Glyphs, instead of 9 CDR/lvl, because lategame you should be going for Blue and/or Elixirs, which already gets you to full CDR, so the AP/lvl runes help soothing the lack of AP that this guide provides, when compared to full-offense guides.

You can customize it though, of course. If you really suffer from mana issues early on, try to balance gold and mreg Seals. Like 6 mrgen and 3 gold or something.

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So, before you start calling me noob and such, I'll say it for you:
I am a noob and this is just an experimental thing that I (a noob) thought of. I never said it was effective nor good. I only said that in my opinion it can actually work well. Therefore, I'd like constructive feedback on it.

PS: Sorry for the lack of customization and further details, but as for now I just wanted to share the idea. If it's approved, I might then improve the looks of the "guide" and add more details to it. Else, it'll probably be deleted.