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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xSavage

Orianna - Underestimated Power of the Clock

xSavage Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: What I'm hoping to cover in this build.

Ok don't expect this to be YOUR personal build for Orianna .. this is just a guide .. not a bible. But I certainly am hoping that you will appreciate the time that I spent clarifying things to you.

PS: This is my first build so far and I admit that I'm not a competitive player but I like winning :D even though I'm not a hardcore player.

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Standard early game boost caster runes.
Marks for magic pen - self explanatory
Seals for MP Regen/lvl - I like having these runes on all my casters .. they provide a very nice MP regen throught all the game
Glyphs - Flat AP = nice boost early game
Quints - Flat AP .. even better early game :D

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9-0-21 Caster Masteries with a certain twist from most mastery builds since I take 3 points in Good Hands instead of Perseverence I put 1 Point in Ghost and 1 Point in flash for improved effects of my summoner spells.

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Summoner Spells

I go for and since I already have enough MP and MP regen because of Sapphire Crystal as starting item and MP regen runes. I also have AP for damage .. so what I need is survivability.
I believe these are the best 2 spells to take.. you can also think of Heal and Clarity as possibilities but I personally don't find them necessary.

Exhaust - its nerf to all kinds of damage is so good that you might take it if u like it a lot.. but be sure to put 1 of your mastery points in it
Ignite - Very good vs healing champs.. but with all the utility I have from my masteries I find it useless because I do enough damage with harassing.. feel free to use it tho.. but theres 1 little problem.. all your skills have very nice range.. this thing doesn't really have that much, so be wary of that !
- Useful for some.. but I prefer taking ghost instead
Heavy Situational Spells:
If you are playing a ranked match you might consider these 3 spells.

- You're playing with a team that you know.. and you gank a lot and leave turrets unprotected .. this will make sure that u wont lose any when ganking
- Survivability.. if you have a very CC heavy team.. this combined with your utility masteries give you a nice CC cancel with a pretty low cooldown
- Map Awareness with 1 point in it in your masteries you will have it on a 37 second cooldown - you have a ward anywhere on the map with only 1 click.. saves money and deaths it also shows whats in the bushes even if u don't put it in one.

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Skill Explanation and Leveling Sequence

Orianna's autoattacks deal additional magic damage every hit, subsequent attacks on the same target within a few seconds will add more damage per hit. This bonus stacks up to three times.

This Provides with AutoAttacks that are viable in fights I've had up to 150 bonus magic damage on my autoattacks because of this passive but with a different build you could reach to 200 I guess. But the purpose of this build is not utilizing this even though its nice to have.

Orianna commands her ball to fly towards target location, dealing damage to targets hit but doing reduced damage for each additional target hit. Her ball remains behind at that location afterwards.

This is your main source of damage from a safe distance.. almost always your initiating skill. Make sure to put it in the path of your opponent or behind him for better positioning of your next skills.

Orianna commands her ball to emit a magnetic pulse, dealing damage to units around it. Afterwards, the ball leaves a field behind for a few seconds that speeds up allies and slows enemies.

This has so much uses that It would make my fingers hurt from typing. If you hit it right after your Q skill it gives you some pretty heavy damage considering the MP cost and the range of the skill. In order to keep my fingers from breaking :D this is my summarized tip for this skill: REMEMBER ! As long as the field that the skill makes remains.. both your allies get buff and your enemies get slow.. so if you flee you put it on an ally.. buffs him with a free ghost for a few seconds and slow the enemies who fail to see the field in the ground.. and if you chase.. put it in front of your target to slow it and buff the allies chasing it.

Passive: The allied champion the ball is attached to gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance.
Active: Orianna commands her ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion when it arrives.

Passive gives nice defense. But here is the real deal this a shield spell with damage effects.. as I'm also a Karma player my shield is also at E I've changed my self-buff shortcut for my E spell to be at T instead of Alt+E. Utilizing this for Orianna is also possible.. here is what you can do.. Q behind your target.. right after that you press W and then T for the ball to return to you this will give you more damage than you can imagine
use this as long as you have enough mana to keep it up.

Orianna commands her ball to emit a shockwave after a short delay, flinging affected enemies in the vicinity into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, her ball.

The pull + damage from this skill is absolutely astonishing you can use it in a combo with your other skills to be unstoppable Q>W>R or Q>R>W can take half HP from squishies make sure to use this in all possible ways..
You can pull enemies back from teammates or back from you.. you can pull them next to a turret.. or back to a teamfight or you can just to damage with it :D

Leveling Sequence explanation:
Maxing Q for a better harass game.
Then going into both W and E while prioritizing W since it has both CC and buff effects while having damage.

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Pet Positioning

Ok so here are some tips.
1. try to put your pet in the path of your opponent so u can not only harass him with Q .. but also with W
2. Don't use W too much .. Q is about enough.
3. If you want to do as much damage as possible with harassing .. try not hitting minions with Q.
4. Put your pet into brushes to see if theres anyone.. your Q doesn't cost that much mana and you have MP regen runes.
5. Put your pet onto allies with E to get assists when they kill someone.
6. When your pet is on an ally carry or you are fleeing for battle .. feel free to use W to give him an easy escape.
7. When you have all skills ready your skill sequence should be Q behind your target .. R to pull him when he starts running .. then W to slow him. Run towards him if hes not dead and repeat your normal sequence of Q>W and normal attacks when possible.

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I get as starting item for a better harass game + 2 Health Pots for Survivability
Then I rush for (if we're dominating I don't even get boots until Ive finished it
But if not I get the normal boots. I go for Rod so early because the stacked boost that it provides 10 minutes later is really valuable + the passive that restores HP and MP on leveling it makes for a truly amazing support caster item. (it's certainly better than Rylai's Scepter since all your skills are AOE which means u won't get enough CC and you won't make your money worth it)
Then I complete my boots to CD Reduction.
Rushing for - All your skills scale with AP so I build an Item that improves your AP based on your total AP from items.. and then I build all my items to have AP
- Huge AP for its price + CD reduction + MP Regen for spamming skill = Pure Ownage.
This is your Core build!!!
From now on anything you build is situational I like my last 2 Items to be Survivability + AP
You have a number of good options.

- Armor + 100 AP + a nice active.
- CC reduction + AP yet again another cheap source of good AP + survivability ( You can get this before completing your main build if you're getting heavily owned by CC.
- Nice ap. 2nd best MR. Decent Debuff. Helps against caster teams without heavy CC.
- Cheap Surviavibility item with nice AP and Magic Pen.. (Really Underestimated item)

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My Personal Results

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This build is still under construction.

I will be putting pictures and more info in the near future.
Let me know if you want me to include anything in the guide.
Please rate and comment and give me tips if you feel like it.