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Orianna Build Guide by nikolac234

Orianna-Where did my ball go?

Orianna-Where did my ball go?

Updated on August 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nikolac234 Build Guide By nikolac234 4,664 Views 4 Comments
4,664 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nikolac234 Orianna Build Guide By nikolac234 Updated on August 6, 2011
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Hello there.Im Nikolac234.
If u dont like Orianna then dont downvote this build.
This is my Orianna guide and build.Here i will explain how to play her.
Lets get on with the guide,shall we?
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Dealing big dmg to squishy targets.
Dealing decent dmg to tanks/mr stackers.
Doing good CC.
Having a ball.
Escaping easly.
Can steal Baron/Dragon.

If CC'ed u die fast.
If not having a good team u deal low dmg.
Beeing squshy.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration-As all AP dps's these Mark's are best for Orianna.Beacuse of items,Boots and These Mark's you can deal great dmg to Tanks/MR stackers aswell.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration-Since you got low mana regen and sometimes you need to ask your jungler for blue buff,these seal's will help u out in early game with your mana regen problem's.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power-Since you start with Boots you got no ap usually.But with these runes you got decent AP without any AP starting item.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power-These Quintessence's are like the Glyph's.Used in early game and mid and late you get good AP and good DMG.
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Skil Sequence

From level 1 to 6: -> -> -> -> -> .
Some people ask me why dont i take Protect at level 3.Well depending on how you play,you shouldnt be in trouble till you are lvl 4.Because even if enemy got ganks and jungler.You got flash and the mini-ghost(Dissonance).And ofc at lvl 6 you take Ultimate.
From 7 to 12: -> -> -> -> -> .
This is usually the mid-game.These spells help you to deal alot of Dmg to the entire enemy team.Beacuse you can throw with ure Q spell then use R and W to do ure full combo to the enemy team.Combined with other ultimate's like Lux's or Miss Fortune's you can turn the tide in a team fight.
From 13 to 18: -> -> -> -> -> .
At this part it is late game and you are beeing focused.Since you upgarde ure Protect u are hardly to die.And with the combination of the items you survive in team fights.And if u played a good early/mid game you can deal alot of dmg to squishy's and tanks.
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In Offensive tree i took the basic minor AP for casters.
In the Utility tree i took Good Hands because if u play really good you will be focused alot and even if u have a misfortune and u die ull spend ure death less.The next thing i took is Awarness.You will never know when you will need the EXP boost,and the boost is even better when u go in mid lane.Beacuse you can outlevel your enemy at mid.The next masteried i took are Meditation and Utility Mastery .Both are good because you dont have alot of mana regen and you could use Meditation .The [Utility Mastery]] is also usefull.Example:If you got a jungler and you are say level 8.You can ask him to get u blue buff for mana and CD.If he wants to give you buff.You can spam spells + the duration will last much longer.Next i took Quickness and Blink of an Eye .Blink of an eye is usefull because it lowers ure CD on Flash wich u use to escape,catch enemy's,escape from ganks,..... Quickness is also usefull to increase your momvment speed because Orianna with improved boots is still slow,so she needs to be able to walk faster.The last 2 masteries i took are Intelligence and Presence of the Master . Intelligence is usefull for the CD and helps do combo's faster. Presence of the Master is usefull because it decreases the CD of the summoner spells,wich we all know is usefull for many...many things.
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Summoner spells

The Ones I Use
-I use Ignite to ensure kills or when im dueling vs a healer (example: Vladimir, Dr. Mundo...)i use it to take the advantage or i use it to kill tanks because Ignite deals true damage.
-Flash is used by most players.And i agree that is the OPest summoner spell.You can flash over walls,escape ganks,catch up to enemy's,escape from enenmy's or escape a nuke/skill shot.
-If you go to the base too fast you should always have this summoner spell to return to lane faster or set up a gank by teleporting to a ward.If you go to a due lane,you can always return to base and teleport back so u dont get pushed.
-If you dont like running out of mana sometimes then you can use this summoner spell.But i wouldnt recommend it because u got mana regen and you can get the blue buff early if your jungler lets you.
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Starting items: and 3x
Next buying items: x2 and
Tip #1:If you have enough gold to buy Sorcerer's Shoes and x1 Doran's Ring its better then buying x2 Doran's Ring and having Boots.
Core items: and and .
Tip #2:In the core items ALWAYS make Rabadon's Deathcapfirst Rylai's Crystal Sceptersecond and Void Staff third.
Ending items:(first sell both Doran's Ring's): and
Tip #3:If its going great. You can first buy Zhonya's Hourglass then Guardian Angel.
Optinal items: , and , .
Tip #4:These Optinal Items are replacement for the Guardian Angel.
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Team Fights

Like i said before Orianna needs to stay back in fights.Always let a tank engage first so your full combo with skills is succesfull.Always try to pull as much enemy champs with your ultimate as possible.So thats why you should always have another AoE ultimate champ in your team(Example: Lux, Miss Fortune, Malphite, Vladimir).If there would be a fight in the jungle (before you are level 6) you can only throw your Q and W to deal damage.So thats why Orianna is usefull in a teamfight with her full combo to deal as much damage as she can.
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Laning and Farming

Laning is very importiant for Orianna.She most of the time goes mid lane and top(solo) lane.
Because she can reach her full potential when she is solo.Why????Because she can farm the lane and reach alot of gold.Sometimes if you play alot better you can secure a kill for yourself(when you are in a solo/mid lane).
If you are GOING mid lane, you BETTER play EXTRA CAREFULL againts certain champions.And those are LeBlanc, Annie, Mordekaiser(sometimes he isnt all that strong if you outfarm him).
If you get unlucky and you got to go to a duo lane,then you gotta work with your ally.But sometimes going duo is great with the combination of your spells.Because at lvl 6 you can pull the enemy champion to you and use your full combo's to kill him/her.If you lane with a support champion like Janna, Soraka, Taric you can farm very well but if you lane with a DPS or Tank you gotta let them have some minion kills.But i feel when you lane with a tank you are safer and can secure more kills for your team then when u lane with a support chapion.
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Combo for mid/late game.

The combo you usually use for 1v1 is: --> --> -->Then repeat this combo again and again and again.....You usually use to pull him to you when he is running away.If you get into a sticky situation you gotta use to lower the enemy's Health.
AOE Combo is: --> --> --> .The AOE Combo is used in most team fight's.
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Thats the end of my Oriannaguide.I hope you enjoyed it!
Please comment and vote (upvote would be greatfull).
And if u have any suggestion's please leave it in the comment section.

"Play me well summoner's!" :D
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