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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by TheDarkTongo

[OUTDATED] Eve: The only real assassin

[OUTDATED] Eve: The only real assassin

Updated on February 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDarkTongo Build Guide By TheDarkTongo 5 3 16,599 Views 9 Comments
5 3 16,599 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDarkTongo Evelynn Build Guide By TheDarkTongo Updated on February 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



First of all, I'd like to tell you all that this is my first guide, it might have many mistakes especially on runes or maybe on items as I'm not the best player ever but:

- Evelynn guides didn't help me at all, only by using these tactics worked
- If used in normal games, these tactics will ensure you a nice score AND lots of fun
- Evelynn's AP at the end of the game will be higher than 750

Q: Does this work in Ranked games?
A: Ranked games are a problem for evelynn itself, it's much more fun and "easier" to play a normal game, also because people will be MUCH more friendly.

I'll try to explain everything you should do with Eve. I've been playing her since I was a noob and I know what is going to help the most in this guide.

These ones below are scores that you will be much more likely to get after following my guide (at least that's what I can do, consider that in my best games I can kill up to 40 people, but that's more rare, and you need a good team.)For the first game (the one with few kills) the game ended at 21 minutes because they said "eve OP" (and I was lvl 10 ha!) because I was the only one who could kill the fed enemy (16 kills, 3 deaths, by me.)
The other 2 games lasted not more than 40 minutes, that's why these scores aren't too good, remember that eve starts to shine at lvl 14-16, when she has 500+ AP and lich bane.
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Pros / Cons


- Very fast and lethal mid/late-game
- Malice and Spite has its cooldown reset everytime an enemy dies (explained further in Skills section)
- Once you get your ulti, killing an enemy restores a nice amout of health (this will be explained better too.)
- Once you have a good amount of AP, Hate Spike becomes an epic DPS ability.
- Guess what, she can become invisible.
- She is sexy
- She can /dance for you


- Before level 6 you are pretty much useless
- If you don't start ganking early (lvl 5-7) you will probably not do it at all.
- Mana problems especially early/mid-game
- Extremely low defense
- Helpless to the team (she got only a low duration and not so effective slow)

Tips to mitigate Cons:
Let your teammates do most of the work before level 6
Tell your teammates to call you when they see an enemy at 50% or less HP
Buy some mana pots at the start and recall often also to upgrade your items
Only attack when you're sure that the enemy will die / when you have a teammate covering you
Scare the enemies by going stealthy, this will keep them away from your teammates sometimes.
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I've seen many Eves getting too many points in the wrong skill, I'll help you avoid this.

First of all, there are 2 ways I spend my skill points, and they are:
Hate Spike - Shadow Walk - Ravage - Shadow Walk - Ravage - Agony's Embrace - Ravage - Ravage - Ravage - Hate Spike - Agony's Embrace - Hate Spike - Hate Spike - Shadow Walk - Hate Spike - Shadow Walk - Shadow Walk

This is the one I prefer. It gives you an early little boost to DPS with Hate spike and then goes just like Eve should be played (the third shadow walk point may be switched with the 2nd/3rd of hate spike if you prefer having more slow earlier)

Ravage - Shadow Walk - Ravage - Shadow Walk - Ravage - Agony's Embrace - Ravage - Hate Spike - Ravage - Hate Spike - Agony's Embrace - Hate Spike - Hate Spike - Shadow Walk - Hate Spike - Shadow Walk - Shadow Walk

Hate spike is now picked at lvl 8 to get more Ravage power. This is also a very good build (same thing here for shadow walk and hate spike switching) but you probably will not be able to get more than 10 minion kills, which is somehow good as if you aren't killing minions you're ganking, and so you're doing your job, nice!

Shadow Walk shouldn't even be there. I'd prefer her not to have a passive rather than having this worthless thing. Will not be as useless as you think if you start to get attacked at low lvl but it's much worse than most of the other "useful" passives other champions have.

Now to the descriptions:

This is your main DPS output, especially late-game but, is eve a DPS? I don't think so.
you should only get one point of this as it will only help you do the constant low damage, the big part will be done by Ravage.
Hate spike is also quite unreliable, as it can attack minions instead of champions (actually, in my case, it always does, what a stupid spell)
You get this at lvl 1 mostly because it gives you some DPS, especially against minions (lasthits will be easier with this)

This is what makes you Evelynn. Now you're wondering "wtf this guy just told it's the best skill, why should I only put there 2 points according to his build?"
There are 2 reasons:
1: 20 seconds of stealth are enough, if they're not, you're doing something wrong (once you max ravage you can get your 3rd point if you feel safer with 30 seconds, I do it sometimes.)
2: the difference between 35% and 50% slow isn't noticeable early game, or anyways not needed as enemies are not that fast. Also it's just 3 seconds, you won't get too many benefits from that.
BROTIP: Click B right after activating shadow walk (W) to recall stealthed!

Here you go, 100% AP bonus, main gank ability, casting this once is probably better than casting hate spike 10 times. It is so powerful that the enemies will go in panic and stop doing everything seeing their HP bar going half red for a second.
This has to be maxed asap as its damage is just too massive, once you get lich bane it will be pratically twice as powerful, and when you get Deathcap it will just onehit Teemo (teemo is the only one that ever got onehit by that from full HP, when I did it I was like WTF happened.)

I'm sure that if you ever ganked Yi you have gone mad at least once for his being omgwtfuberfast, well, with this ulti, you'll be able to run twice as fast (lied, but still quite fast). If you have ghost too you'll go back in time.
Uses of this:
- Gank multiple people (or teamfights) thanks to the passive granting you more survivability.
- Towerdives! attack the enemy using this, he runs to a tower, you think you cannot do it but You will be healed as soon as you're doon AND you will also be able to cast it again to run away like a boss.
- Chasing with utility: If you are ganking 2 people and they start running away, you may have some problems as you should stop moving to kill one but it's not so. 1: Use Malice and Spite; 2: Run to the farther enemy; 3: kill him and use Malice and spite again; 4: more easy chasing for you, or a towerdive at this point, you know, you can use it again to avoid tower hits!
- Simple ownage, this just works also on normal situations, just attack at double the speed and stay near the enemy.
- Run away from chasers, no one will be able to catch you, maybe a Yi can be a problem but you can pop Ghost too!
- Killing Baron, turrets and such, your extremely low CD allows you to spam it again and again.
- Moving around the map, I usually don't do this but if you see an intense fight or if you have no teleport you can just run where you have to go. Also if you are running to a teamfight the CD will probably be reset as people die often in teamfights (or they simply have low HP waiting for a ravage to let you have your ability ready faster)
- OMGWTFBBQ they just used Exhaust on me! I'm dead. Nope, you're not. Use this + Ghost and you'll be faster than normal.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite will help you get your early/mid game kills. Before getting this it happened ALOT to me that I had to leave an enemy at 50 HP just because I couldn't DPS enough

Flash is OP, you know it. it gets you to your enemy instantly or it saves you if you're being focused, unless you have a dot on you, flash away and go stealth and no one will ever see you anymore :)

Ghost + Malice and Spite = Enemies will not escape / epic towerdives
You know, if you take ghost and boots of mobility, at lvl 16 you'll be as fast as a Yi standing on a rolling rammus

Other good Spells

Revive Smite
These 2 are for junglers, revive has to be accompanied by its mastery improvement as it helps to get blue/red early.

This one is used especially when enemies at low health flash through walls, they'll feel safe but they will soon get killed.

Don't get Heal, it is useless. You can pick the ones you like most too, Clarity will be useful early-game.
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Runes I choose: Maybe these aren't the best runes for Evelynn, but I have analyzed them all and these are the ones that give me the most useful benefits.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9: You need Magic Penetration. This will give you a significant advantage talking of DPS ("significant" is relative as Runes don't ever give actually "significant" bonuses)

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3: More AP!

greater glyph of knowledge x9: More mana for you, never have mana problems anymore.

Greater Seal of Ability Power x9 AP AP AP! You need it!
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As of an AP, I think that the full offense tree isn't needed as it provides many more bonuses to Straight AD attacks

It's much about getting that 15% Penetration and then going utility. I didn't pick Perseverence as, even at lvl 18, it will make 0 difference.

The only thing you might want to change are the summoner spells improvements. Just remember that Presence of the Master and Archaic Knowledge are needed, so get points off what you don't need if you need a point for a Spell improvement.

BROTIP: If you're not lvl 30 yet, put your points in Offense first, and if you want put 1 in Burning Embers until you have enough points to master the Utility tree
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First of all: the items you see in gray have been put there to be purchased before the actual items, if you have money for them, I suggest you to recall and go buying them.
I put the sheen there as you will only have 1 slot left and will only be able to buy 1 item before lich bane, that's the sheen.

this is just the start, as you're useless the first levels, why get something that gives you AP if you can't use it efficiently?

I'd get 2 mana pots and 1 health pot at the start (sometimes I get only 1 mana and 1 HP). Remember to recall often, don't rely too much on potions.

This will be your best item over time, you'll surely get 20 stacks if you learn to play Eve (there's not a single game I don't, victory or defeat.)
Getting 20 stacks is a very good benefit (15% CDR + Nashor's tooth you'll get later = 40%, which is the cap.)

These will give you more movement speed and much needed Mpen.
I didn't get them earlier as the bonus from enhanched speed 1 is 15%, while the bonus from enhanched speed 2 is 5%, getting you to 120%.

This is just to get Lich Bane, gives mana, slight dmg boost and some AP. Now your mana is no longer (I lied, it will be sometimes) a problem.

Consider using your ulti while stealthed and then using ravage: massive dmg + 500 lich bane! WOOO
check all your items, all of them but these are actually owned by someone else (sorcerer'S, mejai'S, rabadon'S).

EPIC AP MASSACRE WOOOOOHOO! Not much to say, just consider that after this one your AP will nearly double, making you quite epic.

Morello's evil
This will get your CDR up to 40, which helps alot when it comes to late game as your Hate Spike will get much better.

"What the hell? This item isn't for eve wtf why is this in your guide?"
I have spent a lot of time looking for the best AP build, and complaining about my mana, and here I find this item. Not only it gives a lot of mana and 45 AP, but also converts the mana itself to AP!
Mana at lvl 18 with this item = Around 60 bonus AP (excluding the item +45)
Mana at lvl 18 with this item + its Passive at max (+1000 mana) = +100-110 AP (also excluding the item +45). I didn't get Rylai's crystal scepter as it would give me only a "little" AP boost.
The scepter gives HP and good AP, as well as some more slow, don't be afraid of picking it instead of this one!

Other viable items

This section is especially for the ones that don't like the mejai's soulsteales or that need more defense

Recommended if you don't like Mejai's Soulstealer
Without your soulstealer you'll lack of CDR later, I recommend you buying this one early as it costs nearly the same and it gives you nice bonuses. By doing this you also ensure that you get Morello's at lower price later, and 1 more item to add at the end.

I do not recommend this item as you don't have enough MPen to benefit that much from the bonus. The AP bonus is still quite good, making this a viable choice.

If you need defense, you're going for this probably. Good AP, Armor, and EPIC active. This will save you alot of times.
BROTIP: use shadow walk (w) and then right after this item to be invulnerable and stealthed allowing you to get away. (if you only stealth they can attack you and the stealth will come very late, with this, they can't)

Your beloved slow gets improved, This also solves your low HP problem with 500 HP which is quite high, and also gives more AP, as we never have enough. Good alternative to Archangel's staff because if used with shadow walk rank 5 it gives a massive slow.
I picked the Staff mainly because 150AP is better than a 35% slow, which is also useless sometimes as your teammates can CC once to let you rape hard with your Staff.

This gives more HP, always good if you want more survivability. Also a good AP boost and some mana for your problems. I still think this isn't what you want for evelynn, much better for many mages.

I recommend sorcerer's boots but these ones are quite good because

Boots of Swiftness help you going in and out of a fight quickly (your movement speed will be 125% up from 120% of Sorcerer's Shoes
Mobility Boots are useful when going to gank, they won't be able to call SS, you'll already be there (movement speed will be 140% up from 120% of sorcerer's shoes)
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Talking in numbers (AP)

As many of you have a disappointed look on their face (I can see you) I'll explain everything.

At lvl 18, all runes and all items:
AP (as the summary says) is 520.16 - This is not true.
The summary counts Mejai's Soulstealer 's passive but doesn't count Rabadon's Deathcap and Archangel's Staff 's ones.

Rabadon's Deathcap: 30% increased AP = (520.16 : 100) x 30 = 156.048

AP with the bonus = 520 + 156 = 676

Archangel's Staff: 3% of mana is converted to AP

Considering that you have no bonus mana from the other passive (+4 mana each ability you cast):
(1916 : 100) x 3 = 57AP + 676AP = 731 AP
Considering that you do have the bonus mana (+1000 mana) from the other passive:
(2916mana : 100) x 3 = 87AP + 676AP = 763 AP

If you didn't get your Mejai's soulstealer, assuming that you would have got a 60AP item, and considering the 30% bonus, you would have lost more than 170AP, which is quite some.


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The Basics of Playing

Before you start a game it's better to give you some tips and to tell you some important things:

1: Be aware that you will most likely end doing a **** game the first times you use this build. There are many champion categories, when you know how to play a tank, you'll most likely know how to play decently tanks.
If you are the best ever with assassins, you probably don't know **** about evelynn. She's just unique. Do not think that if you are a Twitch Pro you will be able to play Eve better than others.
2: Pick your lane mate well.
- He needs to be able to do DMG and CCs or slows (ashe for example is a basic one you might stay with)
- He needs to be ranged most of the times, you don't want to wait your friend to get near the enemy before using his CC skill.
3: Your team has to use that damn chat. if you're doing quite much nothing and the guy at mid sees his enemy with half/low HP let him call you (you have to be lvl 6+).
4: you're not that useful to your lane mate especially at the start, he'll probably hate you, I usually start the game by saying "I'll get some last hits, no harassing, no being useful, don't hate me please"
5: when your lane mate gets chased, remember you have a good (not as good as the old stun obv) slow that can make things easier.
6: Try ganking the squishiest champions, tell your teammate to focus them and to get their health down before the fight.
7: Try to stealth as much as possible, doing this every few seconds even to harass the enemy or even to go recall will make them eventually stop saying SS or forget doing so when you're going to gank.
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Ganking guide (With Pictures!)

For most people, ganking is not done very effectively, I've seen many assassins failing a gank because they didn't know the exact thing to do and even more teammates not even getting into the fight because of bad timing. I'll explain everything here

Brotip: when ganking, put an alert ping (G + Click on the enemy, not on the minimap but on the field) to your target. The target will be announced in your chat and there will be a "mark" on the target's head, that will disappear either when the target dies or when another target is set.

When ganking bot/top, try targeting the weakest/slowest one if there are 2 enemies (or the low HP one obv.
Brotip: At the start of the game, check who has the summoner spell Heal, if both enemies are weak, attack the one without heal.

O = You
O = Enemy
O = Teammate

The smaller circles are Creeps.
In this guide you are in the blue team, It works with purple team too (just consider the map specular)
I found out that Morgana's Skillshot Snare is one of the best spells to gank (the one that helped me most)

1: Basic Mid Gank

As you can see, your teammate should fall back a little to get your enemy as far as possible from his turret.
As soon as you are behind the enemy your teammate should advance and you should use ravage.

If the enemy is at full HP he'll probably survive, in this case go on and try to gank another lane.
If the enemy is at half HP or less he'll probably die, most of the times this will give your teammate an advantage as he will be able to push a little and even recall if needed.

BROTIP: Position yourself right where it is said in the picture, by doing so, the enemy will probably take more time to fall back (the arrow I drew isn't straight as you can see)

2: Basic Top/Bot Gank

This one is the normal gank you can do with your lane mate, he will just keep doing normal stuff, you disappear for some time (stealthing) and go in their bush, after 1 min you stealth again, go out of it and gank, remember, timing is essential for this one.

Brotip: position yourself slightly near to the bush, this way your enemy will not use it to hide, making the gank easier sometimes.

3: Double Top/Bot Gank

This one is when your lane is empty, your enemy is pushing, and your mate is waiting in the bush, you have all the time to use the same tactic, and the enemy will also have a harder time escaping.

If done at bot (or top if you're in the purple team) it is even more effective since the bush will be much nearer to the enemy, making it even more easy to do a lot of damage

Brotip: Position right in the same position of the picture, if you do so, your enemy will be much more likely trying to escape by going in the jungle, and there your teammate comes :)
Brotip 2: You can combine the double and the basic gank to make a triple gank (you in the bush, your mate pushing, and another in the river bush (enemies will never escape from you when you do this at bot (top if you're in the purple team) unless your target has ghost + flash.

4: Opposite lane ganking

You will find yourself ganking the opposite lane (top if you're at bot, bot if you're at top)
When doing so simply wait in the river bush and pop stealth when needed. It is best for your teammates to act normal (and possibly stay less aggressive and fall back) until you attack, this way as soon as you attack both of your teammates rush to the target to kill it.
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Early game: "I may be bad, but I feel good"

If you emote /joke evelynn says this, why? Because even if she feels good (we don't give a **** about it) she is very bad and useless, don't worry she'll get better later, maybe.

Start by grabbing Boots and some Health and Mana pots.

When the game starts even a creep could kill you (fortunately you have that passive that protects you from being ganked by them) and you'd better hold your distance and get last hits only, running in and backing out. Just pretty much nothing happens, don't try harassing the enemy as you will deal around 10-20 dmg per minute.
Try to get as much gold as possible because you are going for books n boots.
Don't be afraid of recalling if you have to buy your Amplifying Tome, exp is important but if you're not full on HP and mana just do it.

If you manage to get kills or assists it's just better, don't be greedy as you can die very fast.
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Mid game: "Time to Feed"

Mid game for Eve is when she has Mejai's Soulstealer. Once you have it your evelynn will start saying "time to feed" (she will do it always but let's pretend it's not so). Once this happens there are 2 things you have to do.
1: Try to harass (mostly get your teammate to do it) the enemy as much as possible, as soon as he's low on hp (1/3 max if you're attacking alone, 1/2 if there's your teammate, 1/4 if you want to keep ignite) just shadow walk behind him, ravage him (slow! your teammate benefits from this alot if he's ranged! and pop Ignite, your first ganks will probably assists, ignite helps you to get kills, which will be much better (2 stacks + 300g **** yeah)
2: If your teammate can handle the lane by himself, skip the 1st thing and directly go gank mid (read below)

Now simply start calling your mid mate and annoy him asking when to gank. Thing is: if you gank successfully your teammate has time to recall / time to destroy the first turret, if you don't, do it again, trying to make the enemy recall to destroy that damn turret.

Now you're thinking: what the hell's with that turret?
Well if it is down, you will simply have much more space to gank your enemy, all that jungle to get behind him, and all that space to chase him using your ulti.
(this mostly applies to bot/top, but since at mid players are MUCH more aggressive due to the little space, a tower down will both help you gank and help your team a lot. The turret at mid is the most important one, and getting it early will change the game.

You will start being epic strong (maybe others will outlvl you since you will have killed 1/2 minions, don't worry you'll have money to stay powerful, and their 18 won't be as good as yours) until you get to a score that similiar to 13-3-7.
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Late game: "I can smell their fears"

I'm not sure if smelling fear is a special ability or a 6th sense evelynn has, or simply if it's because the enemies have ****ted themselves and a sweet smell comes from them.

You should now have your Lich Bane and maybe part of your Rabadon's deathcap

Anyways by this time you'll be Legendary for 3 or more consecutive times on the chat, maybe Double kills will start coming (Quite hard due to Ravage's CD). Just keep ganking like a baws and remember that the more you are fed the more your target can be heavy (ganking tanks is still not a good idea tho, usually).

When it comes to teamfights you are a flashing champion, just hit the dying one and run away, or if they just don't target you keep spamming hate spike until your Q key gets consumed. Remember your slow for massive ganks.

Once you have your Rabadon's Deathcap you will start killing squishy people (Yi and Ashe being the best IMO) in around 2 seconds. If they get 2 cm far from their team, and if you're sure you can kill them in less than 2 seconds, do it and then run away like a boss even if there are like 3 people "near" him.
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Oracles and Wards

They are quite a problem when playing Eve, but not that much.

BROTIP: check the enemies' color, if they have a orange outline they're auto attacking you
BROTIP 2: go stealth near an enemy then quickly go out of its range and then go in again, if he attacks you or falls back the first time you go near, he can see you probably.
BROTIP 3: Probably you already know but a champion who used oracle has a violet Eye above their head, and if you're in range also the other enemies in range will see you (sometimes you can't see the eye because it's little, and is sometimes covered by buffs/debuff or by spell animations such as shields, Snare cages like Ryze's one... etc.)

How to avoid Oracles: Tell your team to focus him: it costs 400g, it's quite alot unless you have your full set.
How to avoid wards: Get an oracle and go destroy them yourself, or simply avoid the area
BROTIP: If you want to destroy wards, ask your teammates about traps or teemo shrooms or other wards and such so they can use your benefit from your oracle too.

If you are playing ranked (or sometimes normal) and you have a support in your team, tell him to buy oracle and tell him the places "where enemies can see you"
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