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Pantheon Build Guide by pwnurfaaace

AD Offtank Pantheon Early & Late Game Ad Caster

AD Offtank Pantheon Early & Late Game Ad Caster

Updated on February 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnurfaaace Build Guide By pwnurfaaace 7,789 Views 0 Comments
7,789 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnurfaaace Pantheon Build Guide By pwnurfaaace Updated on February 17, 2013
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Hi guy's this is my first guide on mobafire. Everyone says pantheon falls off late game but this is not true! If you build strictly ad then yes you will get bursted down easily and man jumping into team fights is sure to get you killed. Now instead of building like normal tanks you'll be building tanky while adding more attack damage the tankier you get.
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The items you will strive for benefit pantheon in more ways then one. Manamune (your core) will deal tons of damage increasing with more items you purchase as well as when it becomes the OP as **** muramana. Building the brutalizer next helps you get through some of the armor tanks will be building(along with CD reduction to help land more spears). Build this into Black Cleaver whenever you feel the time is right. (usually when snowballing you'll take this sooner then later) The boots you build is the only situational item you will build. Merc treads are a must if you are against a heavy cc team where as ninja tabi is better when there's less CC and more AD. Banshee's veil is another OP defensive item on pantheon as it increases your health, mana (which converts to ad thanks to manamune), and MR for the ap carry. It's passive along with pantheon's is just way too annoying to deal with, so if you're focuses down in team fights they'll be wasting all their burst on you with not much success. Even if you end up dying your team should be able to clean up after their spells are all on CD. Your next item will be frozen heart to medicate more damage as well as more CD reduction and AD through the mana it gives. Final item you should build is Frozen mallet as the health increase along with some ad ans the passive slow will make you unkillable 1v1 and that much more of a threat in team fights.
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Pros / Cons

The pros to this build are simple. Strong burst while still being tanky. The only con i've dealt with is if the other team dominates another lane quick enough to end the laning phase before you start building tanky. If this happens try to get your team to play passive until you have enough armor and MR to take some hits so that you can kite the adc and ap carries using your ult and burst damage (ult in Q,W,E, auto attack,Q) which is enough to burst them down completely.
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During the laning phase try and mix harrass alongside last hitting minions with your spear. If the enemy champ is tanky (like cho gath, singed, and garen) try to farm more then harrass since your harrass wont do as much as if you were against a squishier champ. Another note is build up your passive block so that when you go in with your spear you negate the enemies first ability or auto attack then go in to stun them to get off free damage and bring your shield back up. This is more annoying then you might think and many have said pantheon is broken because they can't counter this.(especially physical champs like darius, wukong, renekton, xin zhao, etc.) Even if you can't get off a kill farming minions should be priority. (denying the enemy champ farm as well is another way to get ahead). With that said punish the opponent everytime they try and get a last hit with a spear to the face! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnurfaaace
pwnurfaaace Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon Early & Late Game Ad Caster

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