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Pantheon Build Guide by Rizer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rizer

Pantheon, Hero of the Manamune

Rizer Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first ever Pantheon build and second build ever in general, welcome to my build! As the title might explain, this guide suggests you buy Manamune, why, you might say? Because it's epic. It gives high mana/mana regen, which Pantheon needs badly if you've ever played him, and known, and it gives base AD and 2% of his max mana as AD meaning you get his most important stat for boosting his most annoying stat. As for the rest of the guide, that will be explained in the texts below, enjoy! And don't forget to Vote/Comment/Give Feedback I would much appreciate it, thank you!

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Pros :D/ Cons :C

He is great at farming due to his last hitting with Spear Shot and sweeping up minions with Heartseeker Strike.
Very capable ganker because of Aegis of Zeonia as well as his ultimate despite it's new 5500 range...sadface...
Good at spamming abilities and sustained damage.
His passive allows for some neat-o turret dives as well as that extra defensive boost against auto attackers.
He's the only left-handed champion.

Very squishy.
Targeted in teamfights.
After ulting in to a battle, you won't get out easy, be smart about when to ulti or not.
Mana hungry mostly until you get a Tear and Manamune.

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Spell Picks

I went with and because as you know, Pantheon has no escape manuevers so Cleanse to get out of those stuns and stuff then Flash and run AWAAAAAYYYYY.

Other viable options are:

Do NOT get:

As good as it may seem at any point don't get it you are much better off without it.


Baby, please...

Let the tanks/supports get this.


I love to get this almost every game who doesn't? Dang, they might nerf it soon just pop it down and your whole team is just like so OP...No who the FFF would get this?! Yeesh...

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9 x Greater Mark of Desolation For early and late game potential.

9 x Gives a nice boost when fighting AD champions such as yourself. You can also go with Health, Health regen, mana regen, or dodge here.

9 x You can also go with flat CDR I just like per lvl out of personal liking, you don't have to, most other glyphs are mage-y but ones that aren't are viable here except something like attack speed such as Magic Resist which I highly recommend.

3 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation Same reason for marks.

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Standard 21/0/9 build, 21/9/0 is also viable here.

No, not much else to put.

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Item Suggestions and Situational/Optional Items

I picked this because it offers everything Pantheon could want or need, AD, Crit (between spell spams), Armor pen, CDR (not NEEDED but very nice), and a move-attack speed buff on activate which is nice for chasing idk about the attack speed though, never needed it.

I think of these as staple boots just because it gives Panth high movement enabling him a better chase, other good picks could be: or because they give good defensive options.

Your most important item imo, completely fixes your mana problem and at 1000 stacks of mana, that's 70 extra AD, pretty fancy I'd say.

Big sword, nice...SHINY sword...very powerful, once you have this you will pretty much kill everything in sight, GO FOR THE CARRY!!!!

At full stacks, 100 AD, 25% lifesteal, 'nuff said.

You can trade this out for something else, I just like adding more AD and because of BC's passive, you'll penetrate like 80 armor, turning tanks into squishies and banning squishies all together, after this, if it isn't over, you pretty much just right click then lolol as everyone dies.

I've added in , this will allow you to have better survivability, thanks to Forgottenduty for the tip! You can also grab (my reccomended choice) which won't give as much survivability but will boost your chasing ability and give a tad bit of AD.

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Score Gallery

Coming soon!

Email me at: to submit scores for possible gallery posting, must be using my build or similar, thanks!

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Final Note

Don't forget to unload your criticism on me and vote, comment why you voted up or down, and give me suggestions about my build!

Special thanks to: DEWO a.k.a. Belenzor for inspiring this build as well as helping me with Pantheon in general, go check out his guides/builds here:

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Change Log

8/24/11-Edited guide added Banshee's and removed Black Cleaver
8/26/11-Changed Manamune maths and numeros for better perception.