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Pantheon Build Guide by TigerBladezz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TigerBladezz

Pantheon: King Leonidas Plays LoL

TigerBladezz Last updated on August 16, 2011
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A 300 Re-Make

This is a build in honor of or only and much loved Spartan in the Leauge... He resembles the King in the movie 300.. "Hence" the name King Leonidas.


*Screams like a Justin " Gay Boy " Beiber Fan*

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King Leonidas is a very strong champion. He has been nerfed and buffed, but anyways he is a well known King and Warrior and he kicks ***. All his oppenents get their butts wooped by him. He kicks people into wells on a daily basis...... Wait this is surposed to be about Pantheon not a kick *** King. So anyways Pantheon is like his remake but when he got dumped by Leona he started to jump super high in anger and just dumps all his power and anger on them in one great Grand Skyfall. Man he must have 5 expresso's, and add extra sugar to his Sugar Crisp in the morning to jump that high. Pantheon is very powerful and is fun. Hope you enjoy this build.

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For Runes I take:
Greater Mark of Desolation. Its gives me a great addition of Armor Penatration. Its makes you do alot of damage with your Spear Shot, Heartseeker Strike, and basic attacks.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage. Its adds alot of damage early game which is good because you Spear Shot does more damage at level 1, and at level 2 when you level up Heartseeker Strike its does more damage too.
Greater Glyph of Attack Damage. Its adds a good amount of attack damage so early game you will be hitting harder.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. It makes you add alot of damage early game so your Spear Shot, Heartseeker Strike, and basic attacks do more damage.

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For the masteries I have the set up of 26-1-3.
The 26 points in offence to give me more Ad,Armor pen,Increaded damage to minions,Cd Reduction,Crit chance and all of the other good stuff that comes in the offence section this will help you with your overall damage out put early on and will be there (but barley noticable) damage later game i think these work well on Pantheon and i find this set up works the best on him as it gives you the great early game killing power.

For that one little point in Defence I dont know why I used it but it gives you a small ammount of armor but not much i just didnt know where to put the point

Ok so now for the 3 points in Utility I took these because it gives me more hp and mana regen to help you out with your mana and hp regen not game breaking but I mean I didn't know exactly where to put the last 4 points as i really only need the other stuff because of the goods that come in the Offence tree.

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For Items I get :

To start off you can ether get Doran's Blade or Vampiric Scepter which ever you prefer.

Berserker's Greaves are your boots. They are very good for Pantheon early game and later on.If the other team is heavy cc then switch the Berserkers Greaves for Mercury Treads

After you boots a very good but optional item choice is to invest in a Chalice of Harmony this item is great because with nerfs to his ult he can no longer spawn jump and with the changes to his Heartseeker Strike he is even more mana hungry so after every fight i would find my self out of mana so to fix this i pick up this cheap item that keeps me from having to recall all the time very worth the gold then just later on sell it for an item when you feel that you dont need it. next item is The Black Cleaver should be the first big item that you buy it is very good because it gives you armor penatration and damage and attack speed with this kills and farming will come easy a very good item on Pantheon.

Next you buy The Bloodthirster which is very good because it gives you attack damage and life steal. Also when you farm after you buy it its gives you stacks ( up to 40 ) that adds even more damage and life steal. This item gives you a MASSIVE ammount of or AD and lifesteal when you get the 40 minion kills try to get this farmed up Asap as it will benefit you greatly and when you have these stacks up play a little bit safer because you really dont wanna lose these stacks.
Then you buy Infinity Edge. It is a EXECELLENT item. It gives you alot of damage, and a alot of crit, AND a AWESOME passve that gives you 250% more crit damage with this and your The Black Cleaver and your farmed The Bloodthirster you will have soo much Ad and you Heartseeker Strike will totally destroy you targest along with Spear Shot.Also to mention that the passive from your Infinity Edge works with you Certain Death passive making thoes crits do even more amazing isn't it.

After that you buy a Phantom Dancer. Its gives you a great amount of crit, and attack speed. Also a good amount of Movement speed and is a very good pair with the Infinity Edge trust me this is an amazing item it will make you crit every second shot and when this build is finished you hit easily over 1000 crits now that is impressive when you can kill ennemies in one shot if you feel that you dont need this feel free to switch this item for a Frozen Mallet as it gives good AD a major boost to your hp and plus the passive of this item it is nearly impossible for ennemies to get away a very good choice too.

Next up for the 6th item spot is DA DADA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Drum Roll Please!) Last Whisper with this baby you will have a nice boost to you Ad as well as its passive makes you do 40% more damage HOLY SH*T that is alot you must be saying well yes it is and at a nice 2180 gold you will SHRED ennemies with Heartseeker Strike, Spear Shot and you Autoattacks very nice item and I know you must be saying well why is it in the 6 item spot well i will let you know because of the passive very early on it is not near as usefull as when its later game and tanks have 300+ armor but if the other team is really tanky feel free to get this earlier in the game as it will help.If you find that you are still too squishy you can switch out this item for a Sunfire Cape good hp and some armor plus an AoE magic damaging passive with a cheap cost very nice item on Pantheon

Second Build!

Yes so I came up with a second build that was focused on pretty much just his combo and the crazy damage that it can do that is why I have a Trinity Force to make my Spear Shot hit like 10 trucks plus i have almost 400 base ad so it is very combo based but his combo should kill them. With the Trinity Force and the passive on Heartseeker Strike i have gotten my Spear Shot to hit for 1547 damage at the end of this build so ya plus another 1200-1400 from Heartseeker Strike will easily kill people.So here it is (Btw first game with this build i went 27-9-12 so yes it does work i am not just putting out a build that i ''think'' works it actully does work) So Enjoy!

For items I start with Long Sword and a Health Poition the Long Sword builds into your The Brutalizer and later into Yoummus Ghostblade.

For boots I buy Berserkers Greaves to give me some attack speed to help farm early and are just awsome boots for Pantheon if the other team is very heavy on CC pick up Mercury Treads instead.

Now our first big item is.......... Yoummus Ghostblade this item is the shyt on Pantheon it gives Ad,Armor pen and Cd Reduceion with an awsome active very good item with a nice price this item is like Mc donalds is to a fat kid they just cant be without it.

Next item is The Bloodthirster this item is the tits for Pantheon it gives TONS of Ad and *** loads of life steal.Buy it,Farm it,love it.

Next item will be Trinity Force man this thing makes your Spear Shot hit like 10 trucks its insane how much damage you do with this puppy as well as all the other things are awsome to have on pantheon but this thing makes his passive just that more deadly as well as him too.

Now for the 5th item,you can buy a Infinity Edge or Frozen Mallet.You can buy the Infinity Edge for when you want to go LOLOLOLOLZZ TROLOLOLOLOL KILLED YOU WITH Heartseeker Strike LOOOOOOOL. or you just wanna do **** loads of can get Frozen Mallet if you want to do good damage still but have more hp and slow every shot very good item.

Last item is gonna be Last Whisper now this puppy is cheap and it is great it makes you do sooo much damage with the passive 40% more infact so this item is amazing on Pantheon and is almost a must have.

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Skill Sequence

I use this skill sequence to give me the most of the new Pantheon because the stun on Aegis of Zeonia is 1 second so there is no point in maxing it untill late game because the only this that is gives is more damage and a little bit lower on the cd now keep in mind that the damage from this spell is very weak this is just the spell that you use to set up your combo,just taking the cd down and it really dosent do shyt for damage so leave this untill Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shotare max level because this is the meat in your combo Aegis of Zeonia is just the set up spell. Also When ever there is a chance to level up Grand Skyfall take it is so worth it the damage from this spell is amazing plus it takes a good chunk of the cd off so it is a very good choice as it will get you so many good ganks.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take Flash and Ignite. They are very good for him. Flash is very good for setting up moves, getting away, helping out teammates, and also it can be used for chasing. Ignite is very good because you can finish off the eniemy, to get them low, and to kill them.
Ghost can be anoher subsitute for Flash if your not the biggest fan of this spell then ghost can be used.
Exhaust can be a switch with Ignite if you feel that you want to have this to disable and slow you targets then by all means take it!
Teleport can be exchanged for Ignite if you feel that you like to be jumping around the map alot (if so take one point in the masteries to have this spell mastered).
Clarity can be taken instead of Ignite as Pantheon is so mana hungry this can keep you from running out of mana if you like to spam you spells!
Other then that I think the rest are not good for Pantheon.


Fortify: Leave this spell to the tanks as you being the *** kicking spartan that you are you dont need this
Cleanse: The only champ that i find this usfull on is Kassadin as Cleanse + Rift Walk is a very good get away mechanisim.
Promote: This spell is not even in the game anymore so yeah.........
Clarivoyance: This spell is nice but i perfer it on Supports champs so Pantheon has no need for this spell
Rally: This spell is for trolling so no need for this thing nerver used this and never will.
Revive: Ok i have seen Pantheons use this so that they can die, Revive,then Grand Skyfall to kill the person they where after well now with the nerfs to his ult plus the 9 min cd this is usless.
Heal: Meh i dont like this spell its kinda...umm...well Scrubbish as it is sooooo annyoing when you are about to kill that person and they heal just plz no.

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For farming you need to farm like a mainic once you get The Bloodthirster. Try to last hit every creep or minion you can so you can get the 40 stacks for The Bloodthirster. The more minions you get the more gold you get and the more stacks you get. Also Certain Death makes it soo easy to last hit minions so in laneing phase you can get a good amount of last hits to get your gold up to buy better items. So always get a good farm when your King Leonidas.. sorry I mean Pantheon.

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Pros / Cons

Da Pros:
- Great burst
- Amazing teleport with amazing damage
- Great passive can block some harmfull attacks
- Good stun with amazing combo
- Good farms with Heartseeker Strike once Chalice of Harmony is purcased
- Good last hits with Spear Shot and Certain Death

Da Cons:
- Very Very mana hungry ( Chalice of Harmony help with this]])
- Very annoying when Grand Skyfall fail
- Have to be good at combo to be good at Pantheon
- Can be fousced some times

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The Deadly Combo

Yes Pantheon has one of the best/most deadly combos in the game the quick combo of Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot can shred through the oppenets hp. Pantheon has one of the most powerful combo's. It is very strong but its not too OP cause his Aegis of Zeonia isnt very powerful. When this build is done your Heartseeker Strike just destroys their Hp, and Spear Shot does ALOT of damage.The key to mastering Pantheon is mastering his combo then you are mid air in your Aegis of Zeonia get your Heartseeker Strike ready so the second you hit the spell goes and you will get the whole thing on them.Also when you use Grand Skyfall get your Aegis of Zeonia ready to go while you are channeling your Grand Skyfall to get the combo on them the second you toutch down.

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So with this build you will be very powerful, and be shreding through your opposing champions and be doing alot of damage, So remember to max Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike first but alwasys level up your Grand Skyfall when you can. So enjoy this Build and start kicking *** with King Leonidas.. DAMNIT I mean Pantheon!!!! Thx, and enjoy this build In game!