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Pantheon Build Guide by unome2well

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unome2well

Pantheon : Revamp of Spears

unome2well Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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- now strikes 3 times, has lower cooldown, more AD scaling + damage, lower mana costs, and channel duration reduced.
- now has a 1.4 AD scaling, significant damage increase (65/105/145/185/225) and passive now applies 1.5x Critical Damage.
- now has cooldown adjusted to 13/12/11/10/9 and stun duration as 1 second every level.
- jump time duration reduced to 2 seconds + land time duration reduced to 1.5 seconds and edge damage (on circle) increased to 50%.


- Grand Skyfall now has a range of 5500


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Pantheon is a heavy burst damage AD champion and should be feared after he has his ultimate. However, he can still be devastating early game and is a great killer all game round.

- Strong.
- Stun.
- Burst Damage.
- Great Ganker.

- Very mana hungry early game.
- Difficult to get items if Pantheon doesn't kill.
- Out of every 1000 times you use Aegis of Zeonia, it will glitch due to CC/etc.

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If you don't want to read the rest..


- This item is optional now due to the proc. change after the patch. However it is a viable item.

- This item should be rushed as soon as possible because it is amazing.
Philosopher's Stone
- If you are still having mana issues, purchase this item for early game situations.
- Gold Per Second.

- Having these will give you a flat 1.0+ attack speed. It will help you during 1v1 fights.
- CC blockade.
- Cooldown Reduction.

- Guarantee that if you have runes of desolation(armor penetration) and this item, you can pierce through the whole entire enemy team. Unless they have tanks that have 3.5k HP + with like 500 armor. Due to changes, this should be your 4th/5th item situationally.

- This is a must have for Pantheon and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting two of these for substantial survivability. Also when it has reached the maximum boost point, it gives 20% lifesteal and 100 attack.. damn.


- This should be built near end-game because it is the finishing touch to soloing champions. Also this item can be replaced with defensive items such as . Note (, this item is viable due to Spear Shot becoming a priority.

- This item can be replaced by other items, but I mainly chose it because it gives you good survivability with the HP and slow that it gives. Also it should be built whenever you feel that you are constantly in trouble. Note (, this item is now viable due to Spear Shot becoming a priority.

- Elixers are self explanatory although I do recommend to get Elixers of Fortitude and wards whenever you have leftover money.


- I have noticed that Pantheon isn't the best at initiating team fights because of this lack of AoE skills except heartseeker.
- When the team fight is slowly seperating, focus on using this on the high-damage dealing champions.

- OPTIONAL but, I consider Ignite one of the best damage out there because it does significant damage and guarantees a last-hitting effect successful. The DoT increases as you level and starts with true damage.

- Excellent for Pantheon because if you want to reach out for an enemy or if you want to escape, both of these opportunity's can be achieved with Flash. Also provides great escapability.

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Skill Tips

- Aegis of Protection is Pantheon's passive. It provides a shield that blocks one skill that deals over 40 damage. You can get this shield every time you normal attack 4 times.

- Pantheon is very mana hungry so try to avoid spamming Spear Shot to every single minion and try to focus on enemy champion to maximize harass and damage unless it is a champion that has supreme lifesteal/hp regen.

- Your Aegis of Zeonia is key when engaging a fight 1v1 or chasing down an enemy or ganking so make use of it almost all the time.

- Heartseeker Strike is your key attack because of its amazing burst damage. After obtaining a majority of your armor penetration, this attack should satisfy your opponent to gtfo.

- Grand Skyfall is the initiating move that usually everyone gets scared of. Besides the ult being a transportation technique, it brings out a great amount of magic damage it self depending on how close the enemy(ies) are in the middle. Grand skyfall also allows you to get to the enemy and release your full combo which is likely to get you some good kills.

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Early Phase

- Farming isn't Pantheon's most best capability but if you have Wriggles Lantern, then you shouldn't be having a problem because it gives you a bonus 500 damage (proc) for some normal attacks once in a while. Also, having 1 ward every 3 minutes is also very useful early game. (wriggle's lantern active)

- Pantheon is very mana hungry early game, so you cannot actually abuse your spear to minions/champions. However, when you reach level 2, you will have your stun . For me, I usually get first blood when I have my stun because Pantheon tends to release a lot of damage with just his stun, spear, and some normal attacks.

- I personally dislike mid-laning for Pantheon because it is very difficult to fight against other strong ranged champions. Also, in order to compete with the mid-laning champions, make sure you conserve your mana and approach them with your heartseeker when you have the chance.

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- By mid-game, if you have a Wriggle's Lantern, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Brutalizer, and B.F. Sword.

- When you are at around level 11~ish, you should have your Heartseeker Strike or Spear Shot maxed along with your ultimate at level 2. With your items, your skill combo should let you jump from lane to lane for a successful gank almost every time your ultimate is up. However, your ult does show the opponent that you are jumping 2 seconds before you land. So make sure that you locate your ultimate at an area that your opponent will surely be. Note that Pantheon's ultimate range is now 5500.

Pantheon is also exceptional in team-fights for two solid reasons:

- Your stun should wipe champions in a team fight out one at a time making the team easier to fight the rest of the team. Also, when a player is caught off guard, and is alone in a lane, moving around with your team will surely get you the kill if you stun properly.

- Pantheon's durability during fights are also amazing because he has his passive and lifesteal. When you see a fight going on, you can expect that Pantheon will grand skyfall and wipe out one person with his combo right off the bat. Then when the fight turns over to a 4 v 5, he can still abuse his spears and normal attack because he has lifesteal and a flat 1.0 attack speed.

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This section is brief as possible due to Pantheon's massive owning percent rate:

- When the game approaches to a finish, Pantheon should be playing more safely or wiping out champions that are ALONE. Do not use your ultimate if you know that champions are aided by others.

- By now, your items should be almost complete. Having massive lifesteal, attack damage and penetration will definitely allow you to kill all champions that you wish to target.

- If you still have Wriggle's Lantern late-game, it is fine because by now, you should be consistantly taking dragon and eyeing Baron Nasher at all times. However, note that Bloodthirster is a PRIME ITEM and will provide massive attack damage and lifesteal when having the maximum stacks.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Marks of Desolation
I take armor penetration marks mandatory for 2 main reasons:
- What else can your replace it with?
- It demolishes champions(usually tanks) that are trying to defend against your damage.

- Armor and Magic Resist for your defensive needs.
- Great because Pantheon lacks defensive ability.

Greater Seal of Clarity & Greater Glyph of Clarity
- Due to the nerf of mana regen runes, having only mana regen seals are not enough and besides, Pantheon is a very mana hungry champion. However glyphs can possibly be replaced for CDR glyphs. THESE RUNES ARE OPTIONAL.

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For Pantheon I chose the infamous 21/9/0 mastery for the following reasons:
- Obviously offense mastery should be used to the fullest extent because it just provides everything Pantheon needs to boost his potential. Also taking improved Exhaust will be a great benefit.
- I take 9 defense because it gives decent MRes/Armor/Dodge and because Pantheon is a Melee DPS Burst damage champion, these are the tiny bits of stats that help Pantheon.
- Utility masteries aren't really necessary unless you cannot handle the usage/spam of Spear Shot harassment.

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Since I'm new to this stuff, I used simple words instead of pictures and all the fancy stuff.. Sorry! :(

1. For most occasions, when I start the game, I acknowledge that I am one of those types that go aggressive by jumping people. So I start with boots and than rush a Philospher's Stone to aid me early game.
After that, I either go for a Wriggle's Lanturn that eventually will be transferred into a and a Brutalizer. Armor penetration and Mass Damage = Pantheon's excellence.

2. For Pantheon, shoes can vary depending on the situation:

- Ionian Boots of Lucidity is great for Pantheon now ( because the cooldowns on his skills are moderated to fit with these boots. will now have an approximate 2 seconds cooldown and will have an approximate 4 second cooldown with these boots.

- Berserker Greaves are decent for Pantheon because it allows him to hit the 1.0+ attack speed which is nice but in some situations, it can differ.

- Mercury Treads are a nice pair to have but only in situations where the other team is loaded with CC/Casters. However, I do see that many champions carry a CC so this should be one of your priorities.

- Ninja Tabi is one of the boots that I am not really fond with besides Jax. Unless your getting super duper harassed(in which you shouldn't) and having trouble keeping your HP at a constant amount, than you can get these boots.

- Boots of Swiftness are the boots that prefer if you do not like Berserker Greaves because extra speed allows you to catch up to other enemy champions better. However, since Pantheon has stun/spears(projectiles) this should not be a problem.

3. Last Whisperer is primary in your build(unless the other team does not have tanks/armor building champions) because 40% Armor Penetration is just a solid form of devestation and should maximize your damage to the fullest. Also, having Last Whisperer as your 3rd/4th item, 40 Attack Damage & 40% Armor Penetration is almost godly.

4. The infamous Bloodthirster is one of the most common items for Pantheon. why? Simply because it gives a great 60 attack damage bonus plus a great chunk of lifesteal. I highly insist on getting 2 of these babies because they will save you by out damaging other enemies.

5. Infinity Edge is one of my favorite items. It gives the most attack damage in the game (besides having maximum stacks on sword of the occult) and gives you the best critical chance/damage boost. This item is now viable because Spear Shot applies Critical Damage.

Other optional Defensive choices:

- Banshee's Veil is a decent because now you have your Aegis of Protection and Banshee's (blocking 2 spells). This item is a must have if you encounter a burst skill or a hardcore CC. (recommended)
- Guardian's Angel is described above but you should get it once the game reaches over 45 minutes+.
- Hexdrinker . I am a fan of this item but I don't usually get it because for Pantheon, casters aren't the biggest threat.
- Quiksilver Sash is a good item but isn't really popular. It gives a good amount of MRes and has a built in Cleanse that can possibly save your life. It's very common for carries.

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Skill Sequence

I will mention again that I am a first timer with making builds so I will show the skill sequence of Pantheon with words. However, the skill order chart is shown above.

- Q is a nice way to finish off a champion/harass. It should be maxed second after your heartseeker strike.
- W is your STUN. Having your stun usually gets the kill because you can just jump on to an enemy, do significant damage, and pray that either the person is dead or my partner/laner will finish him off.
- E. Best and always will be the priority of Pantheon. Enough said. JK, Heartseeker Strike is your biggest damage factor once you have your ideal items and a decent level on it. Usually this ability finishes off champions or at least bruise them hardcore.
- R is your ultimate and should obviously be raised whenever possibly. Although it deals magic damage, it deals a good portion of the enemies health depending on how close they are in the middle, and it brings forth your combo
(W ,Q ,E ,Q ) which usually kills the champion easily.
- Your passive is Aegis of Protection Aegis of Protection. I favor this passive because it sometimes saves you or takes a accidental turret hit or blocks 1 enemy spell. If you think about it, it technically is a semi-banshee's veil.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust & Flash are the BEST summoner skills for Pantheon in my opinion depending on how well you are in escaping/approaching enemy champions.

Exhaust is one of those spells that can impair a champion massively, especially to the carry. Most of the time Pantheon uses grand skyfall to enter a battle. With Exhaust, it will help you take down the enemy team very well.
Flash is just too awesome for Pantheon. Having trouble catching up to the enemy? No problem. Flash, Stun and bam you have the enemy in your hand(unless they are beyond reach/Fog of War).

Other summoner spells that are good for Pantheon:

- Ignite is well for last hitting champions but thats why you have your Spear.
- Ghost is also a fabulous skill but doesn't match my standards. However, it is by far the most common and best skill to have because it provides speed to catch up to almost anything.
- Exhaust isn't bad but not really necessary because you have a stun that has a great reach when in combo with Flash. However, if you want to fight consistantly, this skill is the way to go.
- Cleanse also is not bad and shouldn't really be used because you should use one of your escapability skills instead(ghost/flash) to get away.
- Teleport shouldn't even be in this category but because I do see Pantheons that attempt to go mid-laning early game, I might as well throw it in here.

Nooby/Don't even think about it Summoner Skills:

- Revive IS used by some Pantheons but its just simply pathetic.
- Clairvoyance should be used on one of the support/tanks and not the damage outputters.
- Heal isn't common anymore and doesn't really help although it does saves lives in early gaming. Other than that, this is useless.
- Clarity is an ok/nooby skill because with mana regen seals and glyphs and knowing how to conserve your mana, this shouldn't really something you should be thinking of.
- Smite? Pantheon isn't really a jungler.
- Rally

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Yes I did use the Guide Setup on the side to make this build because I am a first timer and this is my first build so don't be harsh on me.. I will learn eventually..

(Notes are at top)
You shouldn't really be looking forward to being overdeath or even having deaths if you are used to Pantheon's gameplay style. Having that said, I hope you enjoyed my first build!!