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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puudgeyy

Pantheon - Squishy Shredder

Puudgeyy Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, I have been lurkin' around mobafire and I have NOT seen any good, balanced, strong Pantheon builds. So i decided to make one that I have been using and just shred squishies mid getting First Blood all the time. In this build you will learn about My item build, rune choice, summoner spells, and playstyle.

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Pros / Cons

Easy to play
Easy build to achieve
Very good harasser
Very good at mid/solo lane
Very good at Backdooring

Very squishy
Mana dependant (Only if you harass hard, Which I do)

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Summoner Spells

I choose ghost for mid/late game. It's good for panth because if you are losing many towers late game and its kinda even, you can Skyfall to their turret and Backdoor the **** out of them while they are out pushing your lane. It's also useful early game if you just got Firstblood so you can go to a lane and gank.

I also use clarity not only for harassing but for late game and to support team mates too. Clarity is too good early and late game. It's good because it lets you and your team mates stay in the lane.

Other Spells To Suggest:

Exhaust is good for those lil' suckers who try to run away. All you have to do is and or vice versa then do your combo and he's/she's done, down, finished, out.

Teleport is fine for every reason. You can recall if you are getting harassed hard, then telport back to not lose Exp. It is also VERY GOOD late game, if your minions are pushing a lane and you see 3-4 enemies out somewhere else, you can teleport to that minion and take down that tower!

This is also good for everything. Ignite is just a little boost to give you that Firstblood or kill the one that got away from your Aegis Stun.

Flash is a good spell for escapes since Pantheon doesn't have any escape mechanism except for his Skyfall. So, not much to say but yeah. Flash is Flash.

Ehh, It's alright if you skyfall a lot. All I can say is this is good for "The one that got away"

Since Pantheon is a carry and if you are carrying hard and do it all the time with Panth, You WILL be targeted in the fight since pantheon relies on his combo to kill. Once you kill someone you are basically useless untill your abilities are off Cooldown. So cleanse can be a must if you have been good playing panth and if your enemy team is smart.

Other Spells Not To Take:

NO! Never, only if you are new to panth and are trying to learn him better.

Not even Please!!

-.- Shame on you if you get this spell. Leave it to the tanks or supports.

. . .

I have never seen a Jungling Pantheon. So i really don't know about this one.

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Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation
These are a MUST for Pantheon. The more armor penetration, The greater the damage.

Greater Seal of Vitality
Pantheon is really squishy, as said before, so the extra health wold be good.

Cooldowns are GREAT on Pantheon. You can harass more and kill faster. You can kill faster because After you do your combo and they get away, You can activate your Youmuu's and ghost Keep throwing your spear until your stun is off cooldown then BAM! he's dead.

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Core item Build;
Boots of Ionian Lucidity

Ionian boots and Youmuu's:
You need these for the cooldowns
To own "sukkahs"

Last Whisper and Youmuu's:
These are good for the Extra Armor
Penetration and Damage.

Infinity Edge:
Nuff said.

Optional Items:

You may need this for the extra attack speed for Backdooring. And you can also have this for the Damage and Bonus Passive effect. Black cleaver is good for Pantheon because If you have done your combo on somebody and they are still alive and they decide to fight you. You can have the black cleaver to do massive damage while lowering his armor and fight till you have your abilities off Cooldown.

This is also good for the extra damage. It also works with the Black cleaver if you are 1v1 fighting.

Madred's Bloodrazors
This is another item that is good for backdooring and for the extra damage. I usually get this late game and replace the last whisper just to Backdoor and win the game.

If you are just Fu-... I mean Messing People up. GET THIS BEFORE YOUMUU's And you will own everything.

This is good for the Crowd control they put on you if they have too much. It is basically cleanse.

Blocks stuns snares, slows, and other stuff. It gives you and extra Health and Mana boost.

I dont know any other good items that can be put into the extra two slots so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment.

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Early Game:
Usually I go mid lane because so many squishies go there. I grab my Longswordand a and stay behind minions to let them do the work, so they can push to my turret and I would feel safe. But if I feel Like they are bad and so squishy and I want Firstblood, I harass the Shizz Out of them with my Spear until they are low. At level 3-5 If you are going for Firstblood, Make sure they are at least 300-400 health and Do your Initiating UBER KILLING COMBO which is, W - E - Q. BUT I only go for them if I am sure I could kill them and if they are more than half far away from their turret. If you get firstblood and feel like you are confident you can kill another, Make sure you look at your lanes and see if anyone needs help. If they can handle it port back and get your and anotherLongsword

Mid game:
By Now you should have your Last Whisper and at least your Brutalizer if not Youmuu's . Also, you should be Ganking by now while trying to keep mid safe, For it IS your job.

Late Game:
You should have your full build and SHOULD be carrying your team towards victory. Try to have red with you at all times, if you can. And be in EVERY team fight to push towers.

If you are losing. Try to backdoor with someone who has teleport. or Someone who can deal out tons of damage. If there are at least 3-4 people pushing your mid. You and your partner of choice should go Backdoor the Shizz out of them. I did this a few games and Succesfully won since they were so focused on trying to destroy our towers. And since I can teleport to anywhere on the map and have tons of Damage and Attack speed, It makes me the Ultimate Backdoor Champ. So try to backdoor a lot when there is a chance to.

Playing Pantheon kind of takes some map awareness. You need to be able to keep an eye on the rest of the lanes and gank if possible.

And when backdooring, the best teamates to have with you are:

Twisted fate for his Attack Speed and Damage Output

Shen for his Ult (teleport) and tanking abilities

And basically anyone who deals tons of damage and is mobile.

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So this is my build for Pantheon. It is my first build and I am kind of new to mobafire. So please be kind, if there any Guide/build making tips I should know please feel free to comment. Also, Don't downvote me because you think this guide is poop just by looking at it. Have a reason to downvote. So thanks everyone for taking time to look over this guide. I am always open for suggestions and help.