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Annie Build Guide by ShaunFloodx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShaunFloodx

Pedo Tibbers [Waits for level 6 it's K]

ShaunFloodx Last updated on August 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am here to help using the champion of Annie for new players.
I am a silver player from EU; I have played Annie for sometime now, I thought to do a guide just to share some information and help upon her.
I like playing Annie just because of her burst, ability to farm because of the Q and just cause you can send out a bear just to jump on people.
Also this Champion is a fun and CHEAP champion to play on summoners .

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Skill Sequence


The Passive is for every 4 spells Annie casts the next Ability will be able to stun, Don't go aggressive while you have this up because they will know by your playstyle changing this is good for ganks also and teamfights. The stun is on the enemy champion for 1.75 seconds.


You will want the max Disintegrate first as it is easy to use this as a farming utility, if you use the ability correctly you will get mana back each time you get a creep kill = full or near full mana and because in the cooldown of one Incinerate you can use two Disintegrates which means = Moree Dammmmmage
Incinerate = 4 seconds and Disintegrate = 8 seconds


Incinerate does a lot of damage in a cone spread this is the best for using the stun as you can get it off on multiply targets , you want to max this second as the the Disintegrate does more damage because you can cast off two in the time you cast one Incinerate.
this is great in team fights as you can get atleast a stun off on two champions or even more.


This deals a damage on every champion who autoattacks annie, this is not key for Annie but you might want to put a point in it so when you do use it you get the extra bonus armor and magic resits in a fight which is 20 at start but at late game as you gain and additional 60 Magic Resis and Armor which can prove useful at the right moment.


    Use your ultimate to stun main champion like the adc or the apc, or if you feel that you can take down somebody SUMMON THE BEAR
    You can use this ultimate to gank lanes effectively because you can stun the target and deal a lot of damage to the lane you have ganked, TIbbers can be used to Gank/Tank/Stun.

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You can use ignite to secure the kill it is good on Annie just in case you don't have a lot of ability power yet and also with Summoner's Wraith you gain an extra 5 ability power and 5 Attack damage.


You can use flash to dodge enemies and get in or out of a team fight quickly, you could stun the either flash in or out of the fight.


You can use teleport just because you can tp and stun enemies but it is not advised as you have a short range and high cooldowns, so use this effectively for ganks, I wouldn't take this over flash because of you are trying to nuke people and you would want a way out of a fight.


You can use barrier because you know it is a shield and it can stop an burst of damage to save you in a fight.

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You want to rush Rabadon's Deathcap because the passivce is great and gives you a lot of bonus Ability power and it gives you a base of 120ap, which is goood as you want to burst down enemy champions fast.

Rush the Tear of the Goddess around the time you pick up the blasting wand for the Rabadon's Deathcap, just because you will have it stacked by Mid or Late game, Also the Shield from this Items active will help you, this is an other reason I would not advise Barrier along with flash, this may seem like a bad choice but it really is not.

As I have said before Magic Pen is always goood, just so you can deal damage to people with a lot of Magic Resistance, this will really help you out against tanks like Malphite, Naut and also against Locket because of the Aura.

Zhonyas gives you 120ap also a big help but you can use the active to put you in a stasis for 1.25 seconds this can save you in a team fight, Zhonyas helps from the ultimate that you just hate just like tibbers :p

Deathfire has the same range as the (Q) wish is ideal as you can get in range of the champion for the Deathfire, also this item is good as it takes down a lot of health on a tank and most other champinos, but getting tanks down is the main point with this item.

BOOOTS<3, What little Child doesn't want to run ayy, run faster with homeguard as well.

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Greatness of Ability Power, just because these are better to use over mana runes because of the Q, Allowing you to have the full burst potential you want in the lane.

Using Magic Pen marks so you can do more damage to the tanks, and any APC with a high Magic Resistance start, someone like Lee Sin or Pantheon, these will more likely help near the late game as there will be Lockets built and MR on champions,

Need more Ability power so you can have more damage on your Q, which means more moneyyy and also you can get more damage off on enemy champions.

Just because you're going a most likely an Ability Power Carry just go these Glyphs and you should be fine, The per level will help more to the end of the game because it will grant more Magic Resis than the base Glyphs.

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Pros / Cons


You can burst down any member off the enemy team!
You have a CC for the mid lane, you can help the team out with the stuns.


You have short range compared to other AP casters.

Very Squishy

Stun is very short

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Well farming with Annie you want to last hit the minions with your (Q), just because you gain all the mana you get for using your (Q) if you kill the minion or champion.
Just Remember that

Just do what you normally do if you have a hard time last hitting, just look at the minions hp when you left click it and then autoattack when it has the damage of your Attack damage.

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You need them, I don't care if you have an excuse for not getting them, you do need them how else you going to notice there jungle ganking magic? no.
If you're Purple Team you can ward the bush by Wraiths/Red which is a good position or you can ward one of the two bushes to the left and right of your lane or maybe why not both.

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Annie is a fun champion, I mainly play her with the Reverse Annie skin just because Tibbers has so much swag on that skin.
Annie is a Cheap Champion who is a Mage which is goood in lane because you can provide useful in a team fight, you can burst the majority of champions to get yourself free wins or elo.
Just don't get countered :), and mainly just have fun like I do with this champion. (Ain't nobody got time 'fo that)
Leave any comments for improvement as this is my first build.