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League of Legends Build Guide Author emaster8

Pentakill Mordekaiser

emaster8 Last updated on April 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, welcome to my Pentakill Mordekaiser guide. I've been browsing through builds and there's none like mine. They may be similar but some items and buy sequence vary. This build has given me the best results from all of the ones I've tried. It consists on an undying tank/AP Mordekaiser that can score pentakills easily, which explains the name of the build. It isn't necessary to go mid by using this build. Most of the matches I've used it in I haven't gone mid. Now that this has been explained, let's go on with the build.

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Important Announcements

If you really want to succeed with this build, please read at least the Items and Gameplay sections. Those are really worth reading. Sections like Runes or Skill Sequence are helpful but the Items and Gameplay sections are the most important sections of this guide.

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These will give you magic penetration to hit harder with all of your spells.

Greater Seal of Vigor These will grant you extra health regen. You will need it early game for the laning phase so that you can farm a lot without going back to base. This way you will get your ult faster and will have enough cash to buy when you do have to go back to base.

Since most of Morde's damage comes from abilities, some cooldown reduction of them is cool to deal more damage and along with your you will be able to slow enemies more often

Greater Quintessence of More Magic Penetration to hit harder.

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Since you're going as a tank that can actually deal damage, masteries are set for tanking along with some AP, cooldown reduction and magic penetration.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion, the best combination of summoner spells to take with Mordekaiser is and . I say so because Exhaust will let you have more survivability in fights. Specially at early game. When you're 2v1, all you have to do is Exhaust the biggest damage dealer and go for the weak one. Or you could also exhaust the biggest damage dealer to not take any damage and also slow it. By doing this you will be able to use more spells on that champion for weakening. Then you would use your ult, ignite and finish off the weak one with your ghost's auto-attack. Ignite is there so that people won't heal while your ult is on them. They can still do so but since they're ignited, heals will be reduced badly.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is focused on E and W early because while E deals hard damage W will give you shielding by hitting the surrounding minions. Q is left last because it isn't as useful. For successful laning you must spam E to hurt enemy champions and/or minions and W to shield up so that you won't get hurt by champions.

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Ok here's the fun and logical part. Item explanation. You start with and a for prolongued laning, so that you have enough money to buy Sorcerer's Boots when it's time to go back to base and maybe a . Back to farming now. Your next item will be . This will not only grant you extra damage from your abilities and HP, but also a slow effect when you use your skills on the enemy. This is useful for having the enemy to take longer to run so that you can spam more your spells. Next comes . What if you aren't against a team with casters? It won't protect you from any spells! No worries. It's not there for its Magic Resistance but instead for it's HP regen and speed boost. The HP regen will be good for being able to spam spells without getting your health lowered and the speed boost will be useful to follow squishies like , , etc. It also works for running away but you won't have to run away much by now. Next we're buying for its HP boost and armor, while having its AoE dps as an extra benefit, which will also help your ult since it will be hitting them for even more, along with . Then comes . I usually buy this one as soon as I have the money for its spell vamp effect but if you have enough to buy more components to finish your go for it. By this point you should've won already but if you haven't, the last item is chosen depending on what you need. If they don't deal much damage then you could get some more damage for yourself. Buy either a or another . You might not get benefit from your second gunblade's unique but the other stats make it worth the buy. If instead they are heavy on physical damage then get a but if it's magical damage what they're heavy on then you could get an , which will give you both protection and damage. If they're balanced in damage you could also get a or more damage for yourself, in which case I would still get an extra . It may not protect you as much but it will make your damage heavier, which will let you kill faster while getting even more lifesteal/spell vamp.

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Item Sequence

I got a comment asking to explain in which sequence you should buy items. I myself always buy the same way as explained. Why is that? Here it goes...

Rylai and Sorcerer's Boots should be your first items so that you can rush in or escape. Boots give you movement speed while Rylai lets you slow either for chasing or escaping. Then comes the not just for the magic resistance. It's also there for the extra movement speed and HP regen. I ALWAYS buy it before because in my opinion Mordekaiser doesn't need as much HP this early but instead HP regen to spam his spells without getting his health lowered. You could switch their sequence depending on who you face but I don't ever do this. Even against physical DPS like or I always get first. Still you're free to switch. Now that we got the survivability part covered, which should go before the damage output part, we can buy our for DPS and some more survivability. The last item, once again depends on who you are facing. This is the only item that varies in buying sequence for my build.

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I'm going to split up gameplay in 3 parts. You might already know which ones I'm talking about. They are early, mid and late game. This is how you should roll during each phase:

Early game: Get out of base and go to any lane, you're flexible enough to choose between going either solo or with a partner. Just don't head to jungle this early. From the start you should be spamming your spells to weaken the enemy while getting armor so that it won't hurt you. You could try getting some kills before getting to lv 6. It won't be easy I must tell you, unless you have a heavy DPS partner. When you're lv 6 the ownage phase will start. As I said earlier. You could either exhaust the heavy damage dealer to go on the weak one or go directly on the heavy damage dealer to ult and get his ghost image. By doing this you can use the image to hit its partner and maybe get a double kill. Depending on if the one you have just killed is ranged or not you may use W on the ghost or not. Go get your as soon as possible. It will do good to you and your partner.

Mid game: You should have a couple kills on yourself right now. If not don't worry, Mordekaiser is better at mid/lateish game. By now you should have your and maybe a component or two of or maybe even have it completely already. Don't be afraid of going against 2 or 3 people. You might get hurt, yes, but all you have to do is focus on the one with most damage to get its ghost image and then own the other 2 with it. They will be too busy attacking you to bother on going for the ghost. While you're tanking them your ghost will be killing them without any problems.

Late game: So far we've focused on getting the strong ones first so that you can get their ghost images and they can finish off the scum. They may have realized that you've been doing that by now so they've been focusing the ghost instead of you. This leaves you with a lower damage output, which is the reason you get . Not only your ghosts will hurt but also you will. You should've won by now but there's a chance that you haven't, in which case you still need one last item, which would be dependent on the other team as explained already.

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Friend's Scores
Anyone can own with this build.

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Let's just say this build makes Mordekaiser an immortal killer. Since he becomes a heavy tank with damage dealing abilities. By early/mid game you will have to focus on the strong ones to get their ghost images so that they can kill the ones attacking you. Instead, at late game they may either run away or try to get your ghost image before getting you. This is why you get more damage for yourself, so that you can hurt aswell and also get more survivability with the lifesteal/spell vamp effects.

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This guide was completely done by me after having tried some other builds, having this one given the best performance throughout the game. It could look similar to others but it's not the same. I made this build all by myself after trying many others.

Don't just downvote it because don't like it leave me some comments telling me why you don't and I might make it better. Also please don't downvote just because you feel like. There's many other guides out there for doing so. I'm not saying you should do so, just saying it's not good that you downvote just 'cause it's "fun" to do so. It's not fun for us the ones that have put so much effort into making our own guides/builds.