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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Lolbuildeextr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lolbuildeextr

Pick a Card Any Card, Deside your Destiny {(still inprogress

Lolbuildeextr Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my guide on how to Strike enimies with fear with the power of the cards, I have played twisted fate for a long time and i will give a full guide explaination and reasoning for my items and skill choices as well plz take note that twisted fates accualy AP in the end is not what it says up there if u add the passives and his masterys it is 601.4AP exactly which in a matter of 4 secs u can throw a gold card, wild card,normal attack u have just dealt 2400 damage to some one with no defence , i play Twisted fate as a Nuker who is great at starting fights and assisting allies with ganks also his ultimates world vision is great if u needa go some where or u just wondring wt.f your opponents are doing pop it before they gank u for a total advantage. as they cant hide in bushes from attacks they will still take all attacks since u are being a dush ^.^

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My rune selection was Scalling AP , now people will ask me why i was chosing scaling but hear me out, the reason why i chose scalling is because twisted fate early game can pack a big punch with out having a heavy advantage in runes, and if your having a bad time lanning ussaly tower can help you and aswell if you can poke you can use Wild Cards to farm effectivly while easly last hitting minions near tower., and if they try to tower rush u load a gold card and then use Wild Cards, and then normal attack if tower doesint finish him then feel free to chase him or ask your jungler to finish him.

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Now i chose a classic mastery build that works with TF its a little diffrent but it works for me.

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Now some health sustain but i also pick up Doran's Ring for the AP and mp sustain as well as hp, Lich Bane is probably the best item for TF because it makes his normal attack and all his other skills nukes, littraly since people will be scared of your Pick A Card since it can deal at end build over 700 (if u have 600 AP lets say now lich bane will give ur abilitys 450 dam +50 + gold card = 820 damage! blue card 1040damage im not playing around) damage with 1 card. I dont think i have to tell you why i pick up the Rabadon's Deathcap

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Skill Sequence

I explaind in notes , THE REASON AND THE ONLY REASON, IT IS RLY UP TO YOU!, i only rank Stacked Deck twice early for the early damage and honestly Wild Cards you can rank instead but i find for the first lvls that stacked deck is more effective while in lane since you dont have to constantly be consuming mp to nuke and if u stack up stackdeck then load a blue card then throw wild card it is a nice combination for a harass early game.

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I take Flash because it is naturaly a great ganking/escaping mechanism it is a must on any character

I take Ignite because it allows you to stop healing/ secure those early game kills

you can replace Flash with Ghost or Exhuast
At low lvl instead of Ignite i used Cleanse as i couldint get my *** killed by a CC or Ignite

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Pros / Cons

-Great at securing kills
-Great ganker
-Great pusher
-Great farmer
-Many diffrent CC's and nuke skills
-Squishy class even with Vial
-if you dont time your Pick A Card Right you will be butt ***ed
(note what i use to do to get quick and good at using that skill was going into a skirmish and constanly farming minions and picking a card=
-In team fights you must know when to join in
-U are ussaly a target once they see you doing heavy damage

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I will be ratting the difficulty of laning 0-10 obviosly the lower number mean the easyer time youll have lanning against her/him.

- IF you can find her at mid you will ussaly trade some blows with her but you will overall come out on top just make sure you outfarm her which u can easly and make sure you dont tower dive her as u are a squishy person. ((3))
- akali is a threat to you once she hits lvl 6 because of her annoying ult but try and stay close to tower and farm if she steps to much forward stun her with gold or just harass her with blue card and wildcard ((7))
- your probably wondring why da hell is he in mid lane... belive me i have played long enough ive seen stranger things but alistar at mid ive seen and well it was an extreamly easy harass his jungler tho f me up quite abit tho but alistar him self is an easy easy mid lane u will be fed easly ^.^ ((1))
Anivia=size50 - U WILL BE FKD SO HARD U WONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, honestly tho u will hate having her in lane she will out range u even with your wild card skill, my advice is trying to farm and stop her from farming, but also get your jungle to help u!! if he is free and u see a gank setup!!!! (9.5)
Guess what? its time to be a dush to this litte brat teach her a lesson she will never forget , she is honestly a farly easy lane just make sure u ignore her Disintegrate and u can zone her out with Wildcards and easly farm with stacked deck at a distance while using Pick A Card to annoy her. (2)
heh honestly this is an even fight u guys will both if played right trade off fairly even just dont let brand farm too much or gank try to annoy him enough to keep him in your lane , but i cant say u wont lose this lane , its a 50 - 50 chance (5)