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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Lolbuildeextr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lolbuildeextr

(Not Finished,) Pick A Card, The power of Destiny

Lolbuildeextr Last updated on October 29, 2013
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Need Magic resistance?

Need physical defence?

Need more power?(1)

Need more Power (Alternative)

(2 blasting wands)(build this)

Large rod? Build this(Not Reccemended)

After Lich bane Build both Order not matter

Last item Focus

Whenever u have gold buy boots ^.^

Always buy wards

Ability Sequence

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Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Welcome To my Twisted Fate Guide, A little about myself. I am a returning player from season 1 and season 2, However i did not participate in season 3 and i just recently have come back. Sadly my old account which was a mid elo in ranked i was not the greatest player, i am unable to access that account because my email used to change my password no longer existed. So now i have made a goal to get a new account to lvl 30 before Season 4 Hits on November 11th. I will admit lot has changed in league of Legends and catching up on the new ways people play is interesting to me. I have always been well in Mid lane but with the new jungle patch i have been enjoying jungle as well. Twisted Fate , Malzahar , Gragas , Fizz Are my most experinced Mid lane champions but this guide will be based on all the revamped items and how i play now. Feel Free to comment on my build and give me some advice i will answer back always.. Also i have started a new stream feel free to watch or watch my youtube videos Links shown below. I am online always ATLEAST 8pm-11am ALWAYS I also will be on earlier usually unless im busy.
you tube --

My time zone :(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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Pros and Cons


  • Low Cool Down Stun
  • Great Gank Potential with Destiny
  • Long Distance Skill shot with Wild Cards
  • Great Lane sustain with Pick A Card
  • Extra gold with Loaded Dice


  • Squishy
  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Slow moving Wild Cards Can be hard to master
  • No Escape orientated skill
  • Low base movment speed
  • Pick A Card--> Need to be able to focus on combat and pick the right card
  • susceptible to Crowd Control

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  • Why chose AP? The reason is Twisted Fate is only strong after he obtains his Lich Bane so it is better to have AP that make's your own Lich Bane stronger and since when you use your Pick A Card the bonus damage from Lich Bane and damage from skill nuke your target at once, it is great to have more AP early and late game when you need to burst those champs down.

  • Why chose Magic penetration? The main reason why to chose Magic penetration on Twisted Fate is to get your damage closer to true damage. Unlike physical defense Magic defense does not scale as a base stat. Which means the more Magic pen you have the close to true damage you will be unless they build Magic defense. THE MAIN REASON --->> When you have your Lich Bane it scales off your AP which means that it also is reduced by magic defense, so the less magic defense your opponent has the better chance you have to win in a fight against that target.

    I take these over Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration mostly because i prefer it, it honestly does not make a huge difference there both great runes. If you find you play well with extra AP then take these but if you want that closer to true damage stat take Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

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  • Makes attack animation faster which helps last hit better. since you need 4 points good to invest.

  • Gives you Extra AP whats not to like ^.^

  • Increases your overall damage, Again pretty self explanatory since your an AP Carry

  • Gives you much needed magic penetration that will stack with your to make your burst damage consistent.

  • Important**
  • This skill is useful on for a reason, When you obtain your you will be auto attack every time after your throw a , so as you progress to late game this allows you to do that little extra damage scaling from your own AP.

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Loaded Dice is what makes Twisted Fate early game very quick and he does not need to completely rely on getting kills early game. If you practice your skills with last hitting on Twisted Fate you can carry your game just by out farming there APC. Say your up against Zed in mid lane and he has 115 creep kills by 15 mins and you have fallen behind but you did not die in your lane but you have 98 creep kills by 15 mins.
(this is completely theoretical just follow my trail of thought) even if he is out farming you, you will still receive an additional 1-6 gold per creep kill which assuming that you averaged 3 gold per creep kill, your actual creep count would be about 110 ish, Overall this skill has great potential and can easily feed you with gold.
-Interesting fact BTW- I have done allot of testing lately with this skill in some custom matches for my own curiosity. It says in the description of Loaded Dice that it has a higher chance to give more gold. I killed 500 creeps during my test. i found out that 41 creeps gave 1 gold, 47 gave 2 gold, 118 gave 3 gold, 169 gave 4 gold, 68 gave 5 gold and 57 gave 6 gold
so overall i found that the rough percentage is around these numbers -->
1 gold = 8.2%, 2 gold= 9.4%, 3 gold= 23.6%, 4 gold= 33.8%, 5 gold= 13.6%, 6 gold=11.4%

---So overall i found out that you have the highest chance of getting 3 and 4 gold and the chance of getting 1-2 gold are low.

Wild Cards is the first skill i love to max, and its a must match because this is the skill that will deal your greatest damage early game. Its poke hurts hard and helps your farming. Wild Cards also travels through all of its targets with out any reduced damage. Why max this instead of Pick A Card first? The main reason i max Wild Cards
first is the reason above and also Pick A Card base damage does not scale great, its more useful after completing the Lich Bane.

Pick A Card is a very versatile skill on Twisted Fate, The Red Card is a good card to use in the middle of a team fight when you see you can hit multiple enemies, As it has a significan slow and hits higher then Gold Card it is also a great farming tool with its AOE damage, but don't use it recklessly as it costs a significant amount of mp early game.Try to balance its use out with 1-2 Blue Cards If you use Wild Cards make sure you use two Blue Cards Overall red is a good card to use when you want to farm or CC more then one opponent.
The Blue Card is what gives you such a reliable early game in lane. This skill deals the MOST AMOUNT of damage out of all the skills, so if you want to quickly kill the cannon minion kill him with a blue, or if your opponent is overextending in lane Nail him with the Blue card if you know you will take no damage in return. If you proc Stacked Deck prior to poking your opponent with Blue Card it will become a very strong poke. I call this the Safe poke because you don't have to waist 1/6 of your mp casting Wild Cards early game, if you time your Blue Card correctly you will get a high damage poke on your target.
The Gold Card is your little pet people fear, This card instantly stuns your opponent, does the least amount of damage, but the stun is 1-2 secs based on rank and the cool down is only 5 seconds!!!!!, When to use Gold Card? Personaly, I only use the Gold Card in team fights,or during early game When i have the mana to use Gold Card then throw Wild Cards (Try to get a proc with Stacked Deck before using your gold to increases its damage).

Why put a second rank into this skill at lvl 4 early game if its base damage is bad early on? The skill Pick A Card base damage scaling is horible, but its not the base damage i am interested in. the reason to put another rank in at lvl 4 is firstly for the extra Mana you regenerate from using BlueCard but the main reason is the extra 0.25 stun time from the Gold Cardbecause you need to be able to land your Wild Cards after you use gold cards on your lane opponent, which with rank 1 Pick A Card it gives your opponent more time to react. Pick A Cardcoexist great with the Lich bane.

Stacked Deck is one of those skills that are considerd "Bad". But this skill deserves some more credit then it gets. It allowes you to poke with your Pick A Card since the damage of Stacked Deck is able to stack onto Pick A Card, but also since the Sheen and Lich Bane stack onto Pick A Card as well. Which means you could deliver one massive poke with this skill. It also scales off your own AP its like an extra Lich Bane every 4 auto attacks. ( I always recommend using this to poke early game instead of wasting on minions).

Destiny even after it was Nerfed it is still a very useful ultimate for global control. Destiny grants complete vision around the entire map on all champions , the duration of the vision increases as you rank the skill up. Early game is when this skill can shine, it allowes Twisted Fate absolute map control with his Destiny[/b and Teleport he can go around and gank almost any lane he chooses. if his lane is being pressured he can use his teleport to quickly return, or if another battle starts on bot lane and your on top you can burn the teleport and join the battle, with a nicely placed WardWard

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Summoner Spells

Barrier ---> This skill is a valid pick for Twisted Fate, It can be useful to escape some ganks or if your going for a turret dive and you need to absorb that extra damage.

Clarity ---> To be fair this skill is useless on Twisted Fate , because he already has Pick A Card which regenerates a good portion of his mp so your wasting your time with this skill.

Cleanse ---> Since Twisted Fate is very susceptible to heavy CC teams, this is a valid pick against heavy CC teams.

Exhaust --> this skill much like Clarity it is useless on Twisted Fate simply because Pick A Card has a red card that has a natural slow and the attack speed decreases is not fully taken advantage of on Twisted Fate.

Flash--> Always take Flash over Ghost on Twisted Fate simply because it gives you the ability to use flash then instantly stun someone with Pick A Card or you can use it to escape to safety if your being chased by multiple people. Flash is just alot quicker when you need to get something done you can be sure if you time it right it will accomplish what you wanted to achieve. Unlike Ghost which is noticeable to any one on the other team that you intend to push the aggressive or to run.

Ghost --> should only be taken if Flash is not unlocked yet. The reason why is Twisted Fate is not a champion the benefits from Ghost. However a character such as Singed would benefit from ghost because of his Poison Trail and Fling Ghost is a viable option to chase down those fleeing champions with the speed + the speed from Insanity Potion.

Ignite---> Ignite is a spell that is very useful as a true damage DoT in fights and can help you secure kills that you may not have gotten. The reason this spell synergizes well with Flash is that you can Flash into your combo and ignite them as they Flash away, giving you a kill you normally would not have gotten. The healing reduction is a nice bonus if the enemy team has any healers. If you would want to remove a spell from primary for something else, I would remove this and keep Flash.

Heal --> Heal is a good spell pretty much if you want to bait your opponent into making a mistake. It scales slightly well into late game if no one else on your team has it, but that is pretty much it as far as its uses go.

Teleport---> this spell works extremely well with Twisted Fate ultimate Destiny. It gives Twisted Fate such a map presence early game all the way to late game, if the other team does not play defensive and overextends, Twisted Fate will have no problem punishing him with Teleport or Destiny.