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Irelia Build Guide by beso12123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author beso12123


beso12123 Last updated on July 14, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Irelia with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vladimir you are a strong pick against him all in him in level 4 and he will easily die
Yasuo this is your dream lane the easiest match up you can get just be passive till your level 4 and from this point forward you can destroy him pretty easily once you complete your try force you can kill him without even using ultimate
Swain simply like vlad play passive stay away from his bird as much as you can cs safe till level 4 and then give him a little surprise butt ***
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irelia is an easy champ to learn and a very fun champion to play with lots of outplay potential and also escape and gap closing moves irelia is very simple and strong in this moment that you can literally smash your head on the keyboard and will still do something and be useful she can snowball with the smallest leads and can crush whole teams of get a little feed and turn to a 1 vs 5 monster that can kill anything and still be tanky. but as easy as irelia seems to be irelia is a hard champion to master just when you think that you know every thing about her she will surprise you that you know nothing and will always feel that you could have done something better and her team fighting is kinda complicated if you are still new to the champ

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Pros / Cons

*a very strong champion with lots of burst and kill tanks easily

* has a very good sustain in lane

*have high outplay potential and very fun to play

* a mid game beast and a late game monster

* high mobility and low cooldowns

*stun for a long duration and low cooldown


* depend on items so much specialy triforce

*q bugs alot you can kill the minion with it and not get a reset and and you can miss the minion and not go on a cooldown RIOT !!

*if fight alot you use so much mana

* weak against high poke

* not very good at early game

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teams and team fights

irelia fit in most team comps because her kit allow her to be have variety she can be tanky as hell she can burst people down so easily or she can be ad off tank. she has cc, gab closers, aoe ultimate ,and finally true damage that shreds people down

* in team fights it differs for irelia as her role change according to the state of the game (mid or late where most team fights happen ) in mid game you will have your ghostblade and triforce completed you will be able to shred through most the enemy team and be a major threat for the enemy adc and mid lane you will be the shot caller and your team will follow most of the time the enemy will focus you which will give break for your back line you will mostly die but will take 1 to 2 people with you in late game you will be much more tanky and will be a true frontliner who you will have one of 2 jobs get the enemy adc or midlane out of the fight with you so he can not do major damage bec of you on him or of your adc needs high protection you can provide cc and damage that can not be ignored even from the front line of the enemy so your job in short will be mid game shot caller and an assassin in late game will be huge front line that protect your team or annoy the heal out of the enemy

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unique skills

i justed wanted to give a hint to some unique stuff irelia has that make he so different from any other character i will start with :

* W : if you look at it you will be like yeah we saw it before in champs like master yi but the thing is that it can heal you more than you can imagine and and provide you with soooo much true damage. at rank 5 it is 75 true damage !

* q : as simple as it is from the way you look at you are like yeah i am jumping to a minion and going back but for the enemy you are more annoying than you think imagine a champion always jumping next to with the potential to fight you at anytime that is ****ing scary ! and it can be used with shen so you can jump to them when they do not expect it so you use this to your advantage

*R : and finally your ultimate the most unique part of you some people may be amazed by it's damage or by it's way of activating sheen for me i am amazed by the amount of heal that can get you back if you used it right if you direct it on minions on the same time you hitting a champion oh boy you will refill your hp like you are garen with warmoges and it can make you do so many plays like if they are chasing you dec the health of the minions with it to q to them then use w with q to another one then another one and can do many trick with it so try to understand it well

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Skill Sequence

if you know that you will have to fight if you come to cs start with e so you can cs and at the same time trade back as it deal fine damage at early levels and will give you free auto on them so you will mostly come out of it even. but if you are against a poke champs aka teemo lissandra gangblank... etc you do not wanna get attacked while you cs and at the same time take ability from them on your way back so it is best to start q against them e works fine too but q is better . finally if you do not wanna fight in line and see you just wanna stun and run or your jungler will do the damage for you max your the stun duration is quite alot and so annoying for the enemy to deal with if maxed first in early levels. but against any normal match up this is your standard maxing[/color]

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this one will be short irelia combos is simple q to a low hp minion e the enemy champ then open w and start auto attack while firing you r at them at the end of your w (if he is not dead )use your q to make the q stronger as it is damage increased if w is still on

or when you complete tri force use w then q to a caster minion it will die and will give you the q reset or you can use your r to dec the hp of the minions and jump to it

N.B when you use your q on someone an autoattack will go after it so do not cancel it will go even if they flash ;)