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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zee1234

Please ignore me

Zee1234 Last updated on October 17, 2012
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Sorry about this

This was a fail from the moment I uploaded it because I failed to describe real strategy and also playstyle. However, that much I realized twenty minutes after I hit publish. The first three comments, however, showed me a very large problem that I had completely missed. I will rework this into something decent. In the time being, I hope this is not easily found. I will leave all of that, however, so I can attempt to pull out the parts that work.

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I make no claims as to following this to the letter, partially because that is stupid, partially because I cannot. I am a level 22 summoner. I do not yet have all my masteries unlocked, nor all my rune slots, and I do not even have all the runes that would fit this guide. However, I know Singed. I know how he works, I know his skills in and out. I cannot tell you how well this guide will work in certain ELO ranges or anything of that sort. However, I can tell you how well it works in general. I can show you what even an incomplete build can do if you are smart and quick, and a little bit lucky.

Singed is, first and foremost, a tank, so he can take a lot of damage. However, he is also quite the support character. More than once have I saved an ally from death by flipping a Rengar off of them, or saved a group of us by catching most of the enemy team in my Poison Trail and Mega Adhesive. His speed allows him to pop into fights quickly, targeting a single enemy to flip and allow the whole team to attack them easier. His health, innate, and especially his ultimate, allow him to run right back out. His poison makes sure that the enemy team does not get away without taking a blow, no matter how inconsequential it may end up being, to their health.

You may notice that I do not build many tanky items. The reasons will be explained throughout this guide. One note to make is that mobafire does not take into account his innate. Upon including that, Singed has an additional 778 health with full Archangel's Staff stacks, bringing him to a grand total of 2620.

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Pros / Cons


  • Quick, maneuverable
  • Great initiating, great disengage
  • Good synergy with ranged characters
  • Damn hard to kill


  • Rather low damage
  • Despite his Mega Adhesive being a decent CC, it easily fails with a misclick, or a smart enemy who walks around it
  • Can lead to overconfidence easily

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Offensive Tree

You grab Summoner's Wrath for the speed buff to Ghost. A fast Singed is a deadly Singed.

Defensive Tree

You may notice the lack of health masteries here. Yes, I avoid them. I prefer the effectual health given by MR and Armor. This way, your ultimate does the most for you possible. I believe that the wiki states this in terms I could not better, so I shall simply quote it.

By definition, armor does not have diminishing returns, because each point increases the unit's effective health against physical damage by 1% of its current actual health whether the unit has 10 armor or 1000 armor.
Note: Unlike health, increasing armor also makes healing more effective because it takes more effort to remove the unit's health than it does to restore it.

Nearly the same thing can be found on the MR page as well. I hope this shows why building resistance is greater than building health on a champion who's ultimate restores health. This, however, in no way means to avoid health items and such. It is just that, in the masteries, I prefer the scaling armor and MR versus the health that declines in usefulness. Build the tanky stuff indirectly in game.

A note with Juggernaut. I want is solely because of its CC reduction. However, if you are in a ranked game, or some other sort of draft pick, and the enemy team lacks CC, I suggest you dump juggernaut and throw the point into meditation. All mana regen, no matter how small, is useful so that you can spam your Poison Trail.

If you will not be using Teleport, then feel free to move that mastery point to some other mastery.

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Ok, I would hope that these are somewhat obvious. I have said throughout this guide how important Singed's speed is. I am not exaggerating it in the slightest. The faster you are, the more successful you will be. You can poison more victims, and catch a fleeing enemy to Fling them into your team.

Everything Else

Ok, after those movement speed runes, you don't need anything in specific. The runes I have up there will work rather well. They add some bonus mana, and therefore bonus health, to Singed, while upping his mana regen. Now, here is the thing. You can go runes of regeneration and some resistance runes, and it will work great. The mana regen is one of the greatest assets of Singed because you WILL reach the point where you will NEVER turn off your Poison Trail. However, a safe build is right there.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is the must have spell on Singed. He is a fast champion. We have a mastery spent just to make him faster. You will have someone escaping from a team fight fairly often, and you will enjoy running up to catch them, sometimes even if they Flash across a wall.

I expect some questions as to Teleport. Well, before they all happen, let me just say that that one is entirely personal preference. When I play Singed, I almost never remember to use flash, and when I do use it, my mouse, without a doubt, is going to be in the wrong place. However, if you are good with Flash, then by all means get it! It is an incredibly useful spell, and I often find myself in situations where I curse myself out for sucking with it. I personally find Teleport quite useful in getting around the map and making sure that a large minion wave does not backdoor one of our turrets all by themselves. However, this spell slot is entirely your choice. Grab Ignite if you want to get that true damage finisher for those you can't Fling for the kill, or grab smite if you decide to jungle Singed (but use some other guide for that; I am a horrible jungler, and I doubt this build is any good for one.)

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Skill Sequence

Always, always, ALWAYS, get Fling level one. It is the most useful thing level one. Grab an enemy champion, throw them into the turret. They are forced to pull back and either wait some time, farm for their life steal, or recall. Well, that is under the assumption that your lane partner does not have a stun or didn't get it early on so that you could not do the Blitzcrank troll Mad Chemist style.

After that, Poison Trail is the highest priority besides Insanity Potion. I get Mega Adhesive at level four normally, but some games, when the enemy laner is just barely escaping me, I will grab it at level three to put an end to it, and probably them. I throw in an occasional upgrade to Fling, and a rarer one to Mega Adhesive. Mega Adhesive should be the last one maxed. The only exception is if your team disengages a lot. The adhesive, if positioned well, can make for an easy escape. However, I would still likely max it last, as the poison is already a large turn away to chasers.

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And finally we come to the items! Let me make my first note here: In NO WAY is the above set in stone. In addition, I highly recommend getting components of several before getting full versions of them all. My usual chain is

Item Sequence

Nomad's Medallion

Tear of the Goddess

Hextech Revolver

Archangel's Staff

This is the basic game where you can farm, don't die much, get the occasional kill. However, if you find yourself recalling a lot because of the magic damage you keep sustaining, then grab a Negatron Cloak around the time you start making the Hextech Revolver. If you are talking a lot of physical damage, then you would be wise to grab a Cloth Armor to start building into a frozen heart (in the situation where it is the ADC getting you down with auto attacks) or a Chain Vest to build into Zhonya's Hourglass if you think the stasis will be that useful (which I normally don't, and the armor difference is only one) around the same time. Now, if you are dominating, why not add insult to injury? Early game domination means you buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter right after, or maybe even before, Hextech Revolver. The Hextech Gunblade is a luxury item. It will not benefit you too much more than the other items. Feel free to get will if you want the cheaper item. The spell vamp is the real reason you bought the Hextech Revolver, so that a chasing enemy heals you.

The philosophers stone can be left as it is, or built into either of the two things it builds into at whatever point seems convenient. If you find yourself under a lot of CC, such as an enemy Amumu, grab Eleisa's Miracle for the tenacity. If you aren't, then you should probably grab Shurelya's Reverie for, you guessed it, faster movement speed!

That right there has covered every single situation I have come across in my experience. If you find a situation where you feel a different build order would be more useful, comment it! If it seems like a big enough point, I will add it in.

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Team Work

This is essential. Singed does not have a high damage output. He needs a team to back him up. Well, that, or he needs the enemy to back him up to a turret, but that is besides the point. If he does not have a team to help him in a team fight, he will probably die, and will likely not take anyone with him. However, if he has a team to back him up, all he has to do is get in, throw out their squishy AD or AP carry, and run out, leaving a trail of poison for the entire enemy team to walk through. Then when it is time to chase, turn on ghost and spray some adhesives for a great catch up. If you are losing and need to run, cover your team with some adhesive and leave Poison Trail toggled on.

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Ok, this is essential, and the hardest thing about Singed:

To farm, you press q, making sure you turned your poison on instead of off(!), and walk around minions.

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What Skill, Speed, and a little luck can do

So, as I find videos that show off what Singed can do with speed, skill, and luck, I will post them here. This one shows off one of my favorite things I have ever done with singed.