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Lulu Build Guide by Lan Mandragon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lan Mandragon

Poke that Pokemon in the Middle

Lan Mandragon Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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READ ME!! About this guide

Hello summoners,

Lulu is not your every day suppordle. Let me get this out early, AP does not greatly affect LuLu's ability to support, So any Lulu trying to do a pure AP build is hurting your team more then anything else they may be doing. That being said, you can truely do only two things beyond casting your abilities to support your team. The first is to add more damage, (which is what this guide will try to focus on), or two, purchase items that buff/debbuff allies and enemies.

I personally feel that in a perfect team with great communication, that the second option should be the perfered build. My problem is that I play mostly pick-up games and where the teamwork is at a premium. A Lulu left alone with a pure support build is a free kill to almost any enemy champion...1v1 in LuLu's support build is not a situation any lulu wants to be in. the best you can hope for is to be able to run away. So Enter this build which will allow LuLu to get kills if and when she needs to.

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Pros / Cons

Awesome Poke
Versitile Skills for offensive use and defensive use
Fits well into endgame team fights
Low skill costs allow for good sustain in lane
Can control lane throughout the laning phase

No heal as a support
Not all players are open minded to let you mid
Need a jungler or teammate to come down for ganks
Teleportive champs like Ezreal, Leblanc, Kassadin or long range are issue if you push your lane.

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Item sequencing, what everyone is mostly worried about, so let me get this up here for you all to read.

Starting Items

The flat mana does wonders for LuLu, her skills cost very little to cast and if you focus on using mana just to poke enemy champs you can last hit minion with your auto attack and passive to earn the gold. Surprisingly enough, with lone item and your mana from leveling, you do not have to worry about your mana pool to much as long as your not spamming skills to push a lane.

Core Item

These are the items that are the core of turning you into a champion to reckon with. The Sheen supports your Mana pool while doubling the initial burst damage after say a whimsy < Glitterlance combo. If you feel you will be able to snag more blue rune buffs, i would recommend trading out the for to grab a higher attack speed. Taking your base damage and passive into account your throwing out 300 a swing, with the Shen shot of 460 initially, and 320 from your glitterlance. This gives you a good 1380 damage in the 2.5 seconds that an enemy is whimsied compared to a support Lulu who may just get a 400 damage lance and run away.

In most games I have played this is the point the game ends. your currently sitting at 9.1k of gold and either your team has been doing well and the enemy surrenders or your team has fed the other team and you are getting blown out in team battles. But if for some strange reason the teams are balanced, or they just wont surrender, here are a few more things to work towards.

Goal is to make yourself more survivable and do the normal support thing. Three major routes you can go. Build Health and Resistance, Health and Support, and Health and damage. I do not recommend you adding any more swing speed or AD to Lulu. Investing in more will not yeild you any significant increases in damage, At this stage your actualy better off getting AP items to increase your overall damage capabilities if your looking to continue to do damage.

Health Resistance build
Banshee's Viel
All items will give you more health which is definately a positive, yet they all have serve additoinal survivability by negating a harmful spell, slowing down enemy movement, and the allaround buffing of stats, movement, and damage from Trinity.

Health Support build
Health and debuffs/buffs for the team as needed whether your team is carried by AD or AP

Health Damage build

Overall gives you more AP to make your E worth While, more damage with glitterlance, and adds on a couple hundred more health onto Wild Growth. Do not forget to use WHimsy on yourself for the additional 60 AP buff.

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Summoner Spells

Flash- Great spell for most champions, great versatality goes well with Lulu and her abilities.

Ignite- Helpful with securing an early kill in mid, negating someones heal/regeneration

Exhaust- also good for taking out AD carries, getting that extra slow, and allowing that teamate to get another kill

Teleport- Got a teamate on the otherside of the map that needs help? maybe you need to get back to lane quickly, this will allow both of those.

Heal- Good for sustain, or helping someone get out of a sticky situation

Clarity- Much like Heal, good for sustain, or stopping a team mate from needing to b while pushing are hunting down enemy champions

Clairvoyance- The support spell, help keep an eye ahead and behind the team or jungler.

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Skill Sequence

< < <

R- Wild Growth may be your teams favorite skill from, you, yet it also will help you survive in the middle as a means of stunning, slowing and healing yourself during those gank attempts, or for your own use to support your teams own gank.

Q- Glitterlance is your main Poke, Slow, and minion wave push. Very versitile with its ability to come out at two points. Partnered with your Help, Pixi! E you can poke on almost half a screen away on a line, or even hit an entire arc of minions encircling a tower your trying to save.

W- Whimsy is an AP boost and movement speed for an ally or yourself, or you can polymorph an enemy champion into a lovely furry pokemon. As you increase the length of the silence and movement speed, it is great for chasing, fleeing, or just stopping that pesky enemy champion from doing any damage at all.

E- Help, Pixi! is a slight shield for an ally as well as transfering your passive to their auto attacks, or a bit of damage as a champion is running away. If an enemy is heading to the bush don;t forget to slap this on them as you can see exactly which way they are going without having to loose sight. Also as noted in Glitterlance, it partners well with pokes so be sure to grab it at level 2 but otherwise hold off till the end.