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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Poppy Build Guide by Nihial

Poppy - How to do a Devestating Blow

Poppy - How to do a Devestating Blow

Updated on June 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nihial Build Guide By Nihial 7 2 10,560 Views 7 Comments
7 2 10,560 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nihial Poppy Build Guide By Nihial Updated on June 14, 2011
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Poppy: How to do a Devestating Blow
Poppy is far more than most carries. While being able to dish out the enourmous amounts of damage that she is, she also has alot of Crowdcontrole. I do not call myself a great player nor do i want to say i am skilled, but by my experience if you put Poppy in the hand of a strong skilled player they will turn invincible and can turn the tides of any team combo. I myself hated Poppy before i tried her and i didnt see her that often throughout my gaming, and those i met werent that great after all. I decided it was time to try her and see what kind of champion she was and after a game or two i realised what power was behind this little blue goblin!

This guide is what i believe is missing from the site and its an explanation of the mechanics, aswell as tacts, of the character Poppy - And try it before you comment.

- Nihial
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Strong carry
Spammable damage with high burst
Good stun
Wonderful initiator
Best tower diver with ultimate active
If fed or in hands of a skilled player - Unstoppable
Good chaser
Her passive makes her hard to kill, and that much better as a melee Carry

Hard to Farm - must master lasthitting
Vurnable to being CC'ed
Very weak early game
Gear dependant - expensive gear
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Poppys spells is what makes her so insanely good and strong, both early game and late game!

This is your passive which is something you wont notice while playing, see it as a silent guardian watching your back. What it does is that, if you take a hit reducing you by more than 10% of your CURRENT health, then the damage is reduced by 50%. This is what makes you such a strong fighter even though you are at low health. This is also why Poppy can be specced full dps more and still take hits - which is unusual in the carry group!

This is your main Damage output - and its awesome! This spell makes your next hit do insane amounts of damage and with the Trinity force on top the enemy carries wont know what hit em before they are dead. Incredibly low CD, so grab the blue buff for good continuesly bursty damage.

Good spell - Increases your damage and armor as long as you keep hitting or keep getting slapped. But that is not all! This is what makes you a feared chaser - at lvl 5 it increases your speed by 25% and you are pretty much Gank proof and can chase down all those running cowards!

Heroic charge is what makes us able to wreck teamfights and take out that carry before he realises what happended. You charge a person and push em away sort of like alistar - BUT - If they hit an object on the way they are stunned for 1.5 sec and take over double the amount of damage. Very good for ganks and for keeping the enemy players in place! Either use for stunning or for pushing that single person to your team!

Poppys ultimate is far more than just an ultimate. It makes you able to run into the middle of a team, use it on the carry target, charge em and take em out without taking any damage or getting cc'ed while doing it. Perfect for towerdives aswell since it also blocks out that type of damage.
Another way of using it is if you against a support and a damage alone and you know you can take them both, use it on the support and wreck the dps while he tries to take you down. When he is down take down the support aswell, remember to write Lol after.. Poppy feeds on rage !
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Summoner Spells

My Top Choices:

The reason for Exhaust is that i find it to be a main Summoner Spell for any melee carry. Who wouldn't want to be able to run into the middle of a teamfight and exhaust their melee carry, which doesn't only reduce his damage to practically zero but also slows him enough for you to get that stun in and slap his face beyond recognition.
Now the other spell i have chosen is Flash. The reason that I choose flash, where others may want to go Ghost, is that i am an old school Alistar player, and for those of you who know him he can do some nice flash slapping combos. When playing on Poppy i felt that i had the same kind of CC power as an Alistar, and the reason i then chose Flash Over Ghost is that i can easily Flash up by their side without them knowing, Stun, exhaust and free kill as easy as that.

Other Summoner Spells worth looking at:

These are perfect secondchoices and i have personally used teleport and cleanse instead of flash. Cleanse is worth the spot because it turns you into an unstoppable force with your ultimate making you invurnable and after that you get away from that nasty cc using your cleanse = 2 kills and still made it out alive -> PROFIT
Heal is the only of these spells which i wouldnt use myself since you benefit mostly early game, which is also the reason it is here. Poppys early game can be very very tough if not played probertly so this could be a good "beginners" summoner spell.

Do NOT get:

Just dont get it please...
this build starts with mana so you wont need
This is not a jungle build so this is a no go
Can have it's uses but i normally wont use
Just a no here aswell
Save it for the supports
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Greater Quintessence of desolationgreater mark of desolation

As our main goal as Poppy is to dish out some sick damage i recommend alot of armor penetration, it gives a good headstart and saves you alot of trouble. Att Speed for a good start farming aswell, and i choose CDR because our abilities are "nearly" spammable and the more we can use em the more damage we are able to do with Poppy!
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I personally go between two different masterie specs.

This is my personal favorite - increased xp, reduced cooldown on flash and in general more usage of your summoner spells which i find to be crucial on poppy. Besides this we got movement speed which applies nicely to poppys natural chasing abilities and lastly CDR which as i mentioned helps us spam our abilities = KILLINGMACHINE!

This is a build i use in special occations if im with people i can rely on. It gives you that extra damage, ATT speed and the 5% extra damage is insanely good on Poppy. To be honest i would say that in lategame Poppy benefits alot more from this build because of the increased damage.

It is all personal preferences when it comes to go between these two, i prefer XP and such but it is up to you !
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This is the main build that i use. As you may have figured there is 1 item too many for the six spots that we have at hand. This is because i find the last item to be a personal preference. I personally prefer to use Infinity Edge because i normally have controle and i play alot of premades, and i can therefore rely more on my team.
BUT if you are in the situation of playing with a bunch of bad players, not covering you when they should, i would go with Frozen Mallet because that extra health really ups your survivability!

Selected Items

Sheen is the bread and butter in this Poppy build. Not only does it fix our early game mana problems BUT it also gives us that insane burst that people fear poppy for. For instance if you activate your Devestating Blow it will not only hit the usual damage but also increase the melee damage by 80% for that hit, and that is an enourmous amount of damage in 1 hit!
If you stun someone to the wall hit em once after, then use Devestating Blow you just did a burst almost able to kill a squishy (further explanation in the tactic section)

This here are the shoes that i prefer and i personally like the 25% attack speed which gives Poppy alot of damage early game. I build boots after sheen because it increases your chasing abilities and greatly increase you damage potential. Other possibilities further down!

I cannot explain how incredibly strong this single item is for Poppy. If you thought you were doing alot of damage with sheen, imagine having two of those. Trinity Force increases your damage of the next attack by 150% and that is not all that it does. Trinity Force gives your pretty much all the stats you need as a melee carry, Crit, Att Speed and Run speed which helps your chasing ability. Besides this it increases your mana and your health giving you all the mana and health that you will need to do your job in a teamfight. Beside all of these amazing stats it gives, it also has a chance to slow your target and with your fast attack speed it is insanely good!

This is a fantastic item for Poppy, not only does it increase your attack speed and Crit chance insanely. It also increases your run speed by a huge amount and no one will be able to flee from your insane powers and burst. You cannot live without it!

This is where i see alot of Poppy players choose Bloodthirster, but before you call me a stupid noob let me explain.
The active itself is a benefit for Poppy since it gives us that ranged spell we are missing, seeing a runner getting away? Fire a the Gunblade and chase em down with your insanely fast run speed. Now the reason i choose the Gunblade over the Bloodthirster is because i find it hard as a melee carry, standing in the heat of battle, to not take a slap or two once in a while and Bloodthirster is a stacking item which many people wont reach the full potential of. Poppys abilities are a mix between physical damage and Ability power, which is why i choose this hybrid item, why not gain the full potential of every spell why have in our arsenal? On the plus side aswell it gives a good amount of both life steal and Spell vamp making you regenerate health like crazy! Expensive but perfect for poppy cause of the damage and hp regen - TRY IT!

I find this item pretty obvious. Att speed, damage and it reduces the targets armor per hit - Do i need to say any more ?

Every Carry in this game love this item, increases your Crit to 250% instead of 200%. Gives alot of damage and crit so what is not to love with this item?!

Other items

I love this item if im either getting focused really fast or need some sort of surviveability. Gives a bit of damage, slow and alot of healt. All over wonderful item!

philosopher's stone
having a hard time laning? Try one or two of these to start with! Gives a nice headstart and then you should have the gold needed to buy the items i recommended! - Sell when not enough room in your spots!

I like this item because of peoples faces when the scary smasher suddenly re-appears in the battle and starts wrecking faces!
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Team work and playstyle section!

This section is going a rework, im getting screenshots of me playing to explain different situations and possibilities.
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Hope you enjoyed my build and i hope you can use the information i wrote here. This is what works for me, and it might not work 100% as well for you. Adapt! change as you please and give it a go

Dont comment or rate if you havent tried - it works :)!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nihial
Nihial Poppy Guide
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Poppy - How to do a Devestating Blow

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