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Poppy Build Guide by SchloppyPoppy

Top Poppy Toppy Season 14

Top Poppy Toppy Season 14

Updated on February 5, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SchloppyPoppy Build Guide By SchloppyPoppy 13 2 22,324 Views 0 Comments
13 2 22,324 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SchloppyPoppy Poppy Build Guide By SchloppyPoppy Updated on February 5, 2024
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Runes: Grasp (resource management)

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Poppy Toppy Season 14

By SchloppyPoppy
Who Am I?
I am SchloppyPoppy#C00M (EUW). But don't let my name fool you, I am very professional when it comes to our little fluffball called Poppy. I started playing her because I hated all the champs that were constantly dashing in and out of my range. Since playing Poppy I've never had that issue again.
What to do against ranged matchups?
Imagine this, you pick Poppy top and the enemy picks a ranged champion. Now this ranged champion could be anyone, but to make matters even worse, let's take everyone's most hated ranged champion; Teemo.

Here's a very simple three step guide to EASILY win against that stupid poisonous blinding little yordle.

Step 1: Runes


You can take one of two options.

Grasp of the Undying vs. Fleet Footwork

While Grasp of the Undying's healing is based of your HP, Fleet Footwork's healing is based off your AD. Keep this in mind when deciding which to go, if you decide to go very tanky with no bruiser items, it might be best to go Grasp of the Undying. The same goes for when you decide to build more bruiser-y, then I would suggest going Fleet Footwork

With Fleet Footwork you get to have a more spacing and manoeuvrability, because of the 20% movement speed it gives after using it. The downside of this (in my opinion) is that it also works against minions, which means that you won't always be able to use it against a champion. With Grasp of the Undying, this is not the case. The downside here however, is that you lose that bit of manoeuvrability, but you exchange it for the permanent HP you gain.

All in all, it comes down to what you prefer more; Manoeuvrability vs. Tankiness

Second Wind & Revitalize

These two runes are a MUST HAVE in a ranged matchup.
Second Wind will increase your HP regeneration when damaged by a champion, and this increased HP regeneration will refresh everytime you get damaged.

Revitalize will increase all incoming heals and shields by 5% (10% if you're below 40% HP), which means that the increased HP regeneration from Second Wind will also be increased.

Step 2: Starting Items

Doran's Shield + Health Potion

In normal matchups, you'd want to go Corrupting Potion. But the increased HP regeneration from Doran's shield when getting damaged by a champion is just too good to ignore.

Step 3: Effectively Using Doran's Shield + Runes

Here comes the fun part. Abusing Doran's Shield + your runes (Second Wind & Revitalize) is very easy. All you have to do is get attacked, now of course don't get attacked untill you die. Best case scenario is that you don't want to get attacked at all, but that's a dream that will never come true so... get attacked. The lower your HP, the better. One IMPORTANT thing to remember is to not immediately use your HP potion when you're low on HP. Wait untill your Doran's Shield & Second Wind passive have done their thing. After that, use your HP potion. The lower your HP, the stronger the HP regeneration from Doran's Shield & Second Wind, but the HP regenaration from Health Potions is not impacted by your missing HP. So if you already pop your potion on low HP, it will make the HP regeneration from Doran's Shield & Second Wind less effective

AD vs. AP

When up against AD ranged champs (Quinn, Akshan, Vayne etc.) it's best to first back with Warden's Mail and get Frozen Heart as your first item.

When up against AP ranged champs (Teemo, Kennen, Cassiopeia etc.) it's best to first back with Spectre's Cowl and get Hollow Radiance as your first item.

Early Laning Phase

Poppy can be a good bully early on IF you utilize her kit to it's full potential and know how to space well between the enemy and yourself. Proc'ing either your Grasp or Fleet Footwork in combination with your passive heals you and damages the opponent even more.

Use your Corrupting Potion (if you bought it as starting item) wisely. Don't just use it after a fight, but use it right before you start fighting. The damage it does plus the healing it gives you can make or break your fight with the enemy.

Mid laning phase

Once you've went back a couple of times, you want to try and push the wave in as much as possible. Help your jungler with the Voidgrubs so you can push even harder. Where Poppy really shines is in teamfights, so you want to push lane and get tower as soon as possible. This way, if your team might be losing, you can come in and save the day.


Poppy's kit allows her to peel really well for the carries of the team. One thing to remember is that, even if Poppy is a strong champion, you'll almost never be able to 1v5 the enemy team. Poppy is very team reliant, which can be a bad thing if your team sucks.. but hey, that's just part of the classic League of Legends experience.

Now onto the real peeling part, you want to keep your W up for if the enemy decides to engage on your carries. Let's say they have a Rengar in ult, waiting to jump on your ADC. Stay close to your ADC, with your W ready. This way Rengar will never be able to jump on her, he might even be too afraid to engage at all knowing you can just cancel his engage.

Another thing Poppy excels at, is turning the teamfight around. Let's take an enemy Illaoi for example. Now Illaoi is famous for being able to 1v5 and come out without even a single scratch. Your team wants to engage in a teamfight, but you cant get to the rest of the enemy team with Illaoi in front of them. What do you do? Ult her away, simple as that.

After ulting her away, pick one of their carries and stun them in the wall with your E. The rest of your team can focus their carry because you have just stunned them in the wall. This will easily turn the tide of the teamfight.


Poppy's other strong point is engaging. See an enemy close to a wall, are your teammates close to you? Engage this enemy, the rest of your team should usually follow up on your engage. Beware of the fact that if you engage on a tanky enemy, you won't accomplish much. Be sure to engage on someone that's squishy, or has a shutdown.


E + Q + AA + R + AA

E + Flash

Q + Flash

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SchloppyPoppy
SchloppyPoppy Poppy Guide
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Poppy Toppy Season 14

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