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Rumble Build Guide by RSG Dyros

Top [PRE SEASON 7.24] Rumble - General Toplane Guide

By RSG Dyros | Updated on December 7, 2017

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Arcane Comet
The Ultimate Hat
Gathering Storm

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Greetings reader!

My name is Dyros and I hereby present you a guide for Rumble. Please note that this guide is completely my own play style and I do not claim this guide to be the best or so in any way. Everyone has their own preferred way of playing and this is mine.

I play him in lane very safe. I am aware that, especially in season 8, there are a lot of aggressive toplaners out there where Rumble as a lot of trouble with. In that case I try to farm and poke with my Electro-Harpoon and wait for my jungler to help me. Rumble is not a very good 1v1-er vs. bruisers and tanks so I try to avoid getting behind early and come out stronger in the mid-game.

Late I play him all around his ultimate. His The Equalizer can be so incredibly devastating to a team and especially late-game, when you are fully build, they have to play around your ultimate. I once was fully-build with an elder buff and ran into their team in their jungle, knowing I would die anyway I rained down my ult in the small alley of the jungle and activated my Zhonya's Hourglass, not even having time for activating my Flamespitter. The entire team melted down instantly, resulting in an 'one-ult' quadra kill and me surviving. His ult is his true strength and I usually try to use it to catch people that are out of position so my team can follow up on it.

Please keep in mind that I want to keep it simple and don't post huge pages full of text if unnecessary. Everything regarding pages and skills has notes, hover over them with your mouse to see my motivations. Basic information about what abilities do can be found clicking on the champion in your client. This guide is made for people that try to build on basic knowledge that is already there. If you are completely new to the champion, his abilities, function and mechanics I suggest you check out the champion spotlight and the small video's provided by Riot games in the client.

Patch 7.24 Did not bring any significant changes for Rumble, his build or play style.
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Pros / Cons

Rumble's unique abilities make him a very hard-to-place champion. To define his role is quite hard. This can be and advantage and disadvantage. Here is a list of some of the most important Pro's and Con's of a Rumble in your team.

+ 1 well placed ult can devastate an entire team
+ Easily underestimated
+ His Q continues during CC
+ Proves a lot of CC and chaos in team fights
+ Safe farmer in lane
+ Needs relatively little items for good value
+ Players often have little experience against him
+ This type of play style in lane is likely to frustrate or even tilt opponents

- Has a lot of hard match-ups
- Vulnerable to ganks
- 1v1 usually is not his thing
- Has a relatively hard learning curve
- All is damage-over-time, resulting in little execution power
- Very vulnerable to CC
- Bad management of his passive can cause problems
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After some testing I decided to change Summon Aery to Arcane Comet since it is actually easier to hit than I initially thought it would be. Together with Gathering Storm this should add up to a nice bunch of extra damage in mid- and late-game.

I also decided to drop the domination tree to inspiration. The aggressive top lane meta makes it hard for Rumble to stay alive so taking the Stopwatch (which you can build Hourglass of) should give you some survivability in an all in. (Note: You Flamespitter continues to burst during this active). Cosmic Insight should add up to a nice total amount of cdr since your core build only contains 10% Zhonya's Hourglass. When you buy Zhonya's Hourglass and Hextech Protobelt-01 you should now total to 35% cdr. This together with The Ultimate Hat in combination with Transcendence should enable you to always have The Equalizer when needed in mid to late-game.
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Flash is without a doubt a must on Rumble. Apart from a 1 second movement speed boost on your Scrap Shield is it your only true method of escaping sticky situations. I can also function as a tool to surprise an enemy with a Flash + Electro-Harpoon + Flamespitter combo.

Teleport is my preferred choice since it helps you greatly with leveling and farming into the mid-game. With Teleport, you will also be capable of helping your bottom lane out of sticky situations. Especially when the The Equalizer is up. People tend to ignore his incoming Teleport in lane somehow and together with your ult, you can really turn a fight around.

If you know the enemy team is lacking hard CC you might consider taking Ghost as well. It allows you to move around quickly in team fights and generally improves your mobility.

If you are really, really confident or just messing around in a normal game you could rock the Ignite as well. But I highly recommend one of the other options over ignite since you deal a lot of damage already and you lack mobility.
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I will keep this very short since your play style in lane is different vs. every opponent. Usually your main priority is to just farm up and get your items. Try to avoid fights until at least your first back. Hover over the champion match-ups I made to read some details on how to play. And please guys, place a ward. Rumble has little escape and any form of CC forces you a summoner spell or results in getting killed. He is not the lane bully that he was back in the days, the season 8 runes result in most meta toplaners having more early damage than you. Respect your weaknesses and use your strengths.
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Team Work

In team fights at good placement of The Equalizer is key playing as Rumble. In my opinion, Rumble is best played in a 5 premade team due to the fact that it is best that you create specific situations for him in which he is really strong. Such as fights in the jungle, Baron Nashor , Dragon and perhaps also the river. Telling and organizing your team in solo queue to do this is often a hard task. This doesn't mean you shouldn't play him in solo queue though.

When in one of these nice situations, try to place your ult in a line that starts at the enemy's frontline and end in their backline. This has 2 main advantages. 1: If their frontline counter engages (this happens most often), their carries will not be able to follow up unless suffering from serious damage and slows. 2: If they decide to retreat, their frontline has to walk the entire length of you ult. Together with Liandry's Torment, Void Staff and the enormous slow, this results in an easy pick with little that their frontline can do.

When in open areas such as the midlane or end-to-end river battles (not for objectives but 2 teams walking into each other form both ends), Try to hit their backline with a ult that starts a little before their champion and lines up over the easiest and most logical path to safety. This way they have to re position uncomfortably close to the fight (which you should be ready for to happen) or to take a walk on the barbecue towards safety, not adding any type of value for their team and often even leading to their deaths.

Once The Equalizer is fired keep an eye out for enemies out of position to chase down and provide your team help with your Electro-Harpoons and Flamespitter's damage and slows. Together with your backline you should have so much mixed damage that their frontline will stare at a grey screen soon enough.
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Simple Mechanics

The bonus on abilities from Junkyard Titan do not work if that ability brings it over 50%. It only works if you did the ability when your heat is already 50% or higher.

Don't underestimate the damage of your Electro-Harpoons late. With your keystone, Liandry's Torment and Void Staff you really hurt tanks and a single shot can deal up to 650 damage to an ADcarry late-game.

When building Rylai's Crystal Scepter, your kit slows tremendously. And together with your ult's damage and slow you can force the enemy back line in a very uncomfortable position, requiring them to take risks, make mistakes or blow summoners. Even when it is not killing them, it eliminates them from a team fight temporarily. Don't make the mistake of not casting until it can kill someone, it can win you a team fight like this as well.

Unlike Nunu's Absolute Zero or Katarina's Death Lotus your Flamespitter does not stop if you activate your Zhonya's Hourglass. Always try to combo these two since it makes you untargetable AND you will still be able to deal damage or at least slow during this period. Utilizing your damage in a fight.

Don't underestimate your Basic Attack's once you are overheat. When fully build, this might add up to 400 damage per Basic Attack once you are silenced. Do not leave this to waste and use it if possible. Also keep in mind that the added damage is magic damage and thus works together with Rylai's Crystal Scepter as well.

Do not be afraid to roam when behind. What I see Rumble's often do when behind is to tunnelvision on the farm at top, the most loneliest lane out there. I have done this too, but believe me. Liandry's Torment and a good The Equalizer is all you need in a teamfight. Group with your team, even though it doesn't feel right. Just try, and see the result of a winning fight once you landed that beautiful ult. The gold you get from that team fight often compensates the farm you had at top. And it profits even more when looking at the gold of the entire team.
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Final Notes

As I said, I like to keep it simple. Nobody likes or reads entire pages of text that everyone knows already. I tried only to tell the things that are not always straight forward while learning this unique champion.

I am no pro, I still learn. Feedback is much appreciated and I love a good discussion if any of you disagree on something. Love to hear your thoughts! And don't forget to give an up-vote if you found this guide helpful :)

Hope to encounter you all at some point on the rift.

Best regards from top,

League of Legends Build Guide Author RSG Dyros
RSG Dyros Rumble Guide

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[PRE SEASON 7.24] Rumble - General Toplane Guide