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Kayle Build Guide by IluminatorX

Top [PreSeason 8 WIP - The Golden Angel] A Kayle Guidance for To

Top [PreSeason 8 WIP - The Golden Angel] A Kayle Guidance for To

Updated on November 7, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IluminatorX Build Guide By IluminatorX 13,507 Views 3 Comments
13,507 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IluminatorX Kayle Build Guide By IluminatorX Updated on November 7, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Hey Guys!

After a long time of silence(where I just played the Game) I got back!

Didn't felt that the basic components of this Guide needed a change since Patch 7.14. But with the upcomming Pre-Season(8) it WILL need to get a rework. And of cause I will do this.

What does that mean?
As soon as Patch 7.22 goes live I will take a look at the new Runes and start experimenting until I find the best Combination for the Playstyle this Guide covers.

So stay tuned and visit frequently!
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Hello Mates and Maties!

In this Guide I want to introduce to you one of the strongest Champions in the League... Kayle!
But why another Guide if there are thousands of it already?! That's simple:

I agree with many of them, but also disagree with them. This way I can show you my opinion of Kayle and what suits her. And also.. I can say that Kayle is my number 1 Main.
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Pros / Cons

Pro's about Kayle

Con's about Kayle

+High Damage in Late Game -Vulnerable Early Game
+Great Waveclear with Nashor's Tooth -Needs many Items to Scale well
+ Intervention -Hard to catch up when behind
+Tank Destroyer -Very vulnerable to CC
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I am using the runes shown every time. For myself it enhances her the way I want to play her and it boosts every needed stat. Of course you can change them a bit. For example taking CD Runes instead of flat AP ones. It allows you to keep the gap between the active and inactive E early game as low as possible. On the other hand, the AP runes increase your damage for a little amount and increase your heal by your Blessing.
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If you want, you can play Kayle with Thunderlord's Decree . Thunderlord's Decree enhances your early and midgame damage for a little burst. But if you want to use Thunderlord's Decree , you need to exchange % Penetration for a Flat amount. Since Kayle is a Late Game Champ, enhancing percentual Penetration is a better option.

And you may ask:"Why does he goes 5/5 Magic Penetration instead of 2/5 Armor and 3/5 Magic Pen?!"

The answer is simple: As long as you do not build atleast 1 AD Item... you will never use the 2.8% Armor Penetration. So don't do these things. It's srsly silly.
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Skill Sequence

The way you Skill is the way you play.

If you need a better sustain in Lane, Max Righteous Fury, then Divine Blessing and lastly your Reckoning.

If you need a higher damage output, Max Righteous Fury, then Reckoning and lastly your Divine Blessing.

If you want the golden mid of both, skill them equally.
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The "Always Take Them" Spells

Flash is always a good Choice. So consider picking this.
Teleport is the second Spell to pick. It gives you every 300 Seconds the chance to bring up global pressure or to get back to lane very fast.

The "Consider Taking Them" Spells

Ghost can be picked instead of Flash. The Spell itself is very strong
and usefull since it helps you kiting, closing up or escaping.
Exhaust is an Option against bursty Champions like Riven, Quinn or difficult Matchups like Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV.
Ignite is a Spell which gives you a little extra potential in killing the enemy laner. So you can consider picking this instead of Teleport
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The Core Items of Kayle

This Item should ALWAYS be your first Item to get. It has the most valuable Stats a Kayle can get. It gives you +80 Ability Power, +50% Attack Speed,
+20% Cooldown Reduction and gives your Attacks additional On-Hit Damage for an amount of 15(+15% Ability Power).

These Boots give you +45 Movement Speed and increasing your Attack Speed by +35%. More Attack Speed means more Damage, a better Waveclear, more Pressure and more Fun. See below for other Boots you can pick up.

The Rageblade enhances your damage. It really does. This Blade gives you +50 Ability Power, +35 Attack Damage and +25% Attack Speed flat. Additionally every following Auto Attack will increase your Attack Damage by +3, your Ability Power by +4 and your Attack Speed by +6%. This Bonus stacks up to 6 Times, giving you an overall of +18 Attack Damage, +24 Ability Power and +36% Attack Speed. This way, this Item gives you, if fully stacked, Stats that are worth more then this Item costs. With 3600 Gold it is one of the most expensive Items in the Game, but also the strongest for Autoattack based Champions. And it's Passive let's everything Skyrocket. As soon as you gathered 6 Stacks of Guinsoo's Rage, every Auto Attack will trigger On-Hit Effects an additional Time. This includes The On-Hit Effects of your Righteous Fury, your Nashor's Tooth and the On-Hit Damage by Guinsoo's Rageblade itself.

Wit's End VS Runaan's Hurricane

Wit's End is a very powerful Item on Kayle. Espacially if your Midlaner and/or Jungler has AP Damage. But what do you get when you pay 2500 Gold for this Item? You get: +40% Attack Speed, +40 Magic Resist, +40 Magic Damage On-Hit and the Enemy loses 5 Magic Resist every time you hit them. This Stacks up to 5 Times, meaning your Enemy loses a total amount of 25 Magic Resistance. This way, you steal them a whole Spectre's Cowl. With that, your Single Target Damage increases alot and it weakens every Tank. This Item is totally worth it's Costs and perfectly synergizes with Kayle.

Runaan's Hurricane was a perfect Item until Riot changed it and made it into a Crit Item. You get +40% Attack Speed, +30%
Critical Strike Chance
, +7% Movement Speed. It's Passive fires 2 Bolts which will Hit nearby Enemies(of your Main Target). Theese Enemies will take 40% Attack Damage + your total Amount of On-Hit Damage. Why is that Item not better then Wit's End? Well.. it isn't that bad. You do not need the Critical Strike Chance. But the Bolts are interesting since they apply On-Hit Effects. This way your Main Target and your two Off-Targets nearly take the same amount of Damage. And all Three of them will spread the AoE Damage of your Righteous Fury which Scales with your Attack Damage. So when should I buy this Item? Buy it if you need to spread your damage. If the Enemy Team has two powerful Tanks(e.g Volibear and Singed) you should consider picking up Runaan's Hurricane instead of Wit's End. The same goes against strong Melee Champions like Jax and Master Yi. Runaan's Hurricane is your "Multi-Target Damage Item", while Wit's End is your "Single-Target Damage Item".

Enhance your Damage

The good old Deathcap. It is not the speaking Wizard Cap from Harry Potter... but I bet both are equally powered! This Item gives you +120 Ability Power and increases your overall Ability Power by +35%. With Nashor's Tooth+ Guinsoo's Rageblade(Stacked)+the Runes from Above+the Masteries from above you gain a total amount of +413 Ability Power. Insane, huh? With this, your Heal will be VERY STRONG. You will heal an ADC for around 40%-50%. And that's a Value where you can be proud of. So long talk in short: Get this Item.. and your Heal+Damage will Skyrocket.

The Void Staff gives you +80 Ability Power and 35% Magic Penetration. Remember that %-Penetration will ALWAYS count AFTER the Flat Value. So the Void Staff is mostly effective against Enemies who picked up Items like Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil or Locket of the Iron Solari.

Other AP Items

Rylai's is an Item enhancing you offensive and defensive. This Item will give you +75 Ability Power, +300 Health and a Slow of 25% for 1 Second. Take this Item if the enemy Team has Champions like Volibear, Singed or Shyvana since they are quiet mobile.

Who want's some Burst? Maybe you! From this Item you will get +80 Ability Power, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +250 Mana and +7% Movement Speed. On top of that you will get a nice passive. After using an ability your next Auto Attack deals extra magic damage for 75% Base Attack Damage + 50% Total Ability Power. Remember Fizz and Twisted Fate? They use this Item.. and it HURTS as soon as they get it. The same will go to you. Trust me, I used this Item alot on Kayle and it is so much fun! Try it out. Maybe you do like it!

Wear Boots. It's better!

The Berserker's Greaves are the best choice you can pick up. They (obviously) give you movementspeed and they enhance your Attack Speed. Early on(around completing your first Item) they are a nice Extension. Overall they give you +35% Attack Speed. In the later state of game, around minute 40, you can change them to one of the other options if you feel like you need to.

Another option are the "Sorc's". They give you +15 Magic Penetration. That's a good combination together with your passive. For example: Your enemy on lane has 60 Magic Resistance. This way, you will steal him 15 Magic Resistance flat. That means he only has 45 Magic Resistance left. Your passive then(fully stacked) removes another 15% Magic Resistance to a total amount of 7 Magic Resistance. This means he only has 38 Magic Resistance left which is(mostly) near the base stat.

The Ionian Boots give you +10% Cooldown Reduction. Also, they reduce the Cooldown of your Summoner Speels by 10%. This reduces, early, the gap between your Righteous Fury active and cooldown. With them and Nashor's Tooth together you will have your Righteous Fury nearly always active. And having your Summoner's up quicker gives you a big advantage. No doubt. You can grap theese boots early and swap them out Later with Sorcerer's Shoes, Berserker's Greaves, Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi.

The Mercury's give you +25 Magic Resistance and additionally reduce the duration of Stuns, Fears, Snares, Silences, Blinds, Roots and Taunts by 30%. This way every form of Crowd Control will be less effective against you. These Boots are mendatory if you lane against a Teemo or a Quinn since both Blinds can mess you up.

The Tabi are great Boots against the Leagues "Duelants". These are Champions like Jax, Irelia, Master Yi or Tryndamere. The reason for that are stats given by the Ninja Tabi. They give you +30 Armor and additionally reduce the Damage taken by Auto Attacks for 10%. And let's be honest: 10% doesn't sounds like much.. but the difference is giant.


No other Items?! Well.. I will at some other options later. For now.. this should be enough.
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Preparations in the Game

The Preparations

You picked Kayle and now it's time to start watching over the Rift. At the very beginning you will start over by buying Doran's Ring, 2 Health Potion and a Stealth Ward. Get your very first Point in your E, your Righteous Fury and walk to your lane. If your Jungler starts with his Top-Side Buff feel free to help him out. You can use your E for since using Righteous Fury doesn't costs much Mana. Now we will see who you play against. If you are against a Champion categorized by 1-3 from above, check up the Chapter "The Easy Way". If you play against a Champion categorized by 4-7, check out the Chapter "The Moderate Way". If you have bad cards and need to play against a Champion from 8-10... take a look at the Chapter "The Hard Way"
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The Easy Way

You are lucky!

Yes, you truly are. If you have to take a look here it means you are playing against a Champion like Garen, Nautilus or Shen. This means Laning Phase will be Easy. Don't get carried away though. Here are 3 simple, yet very mandatory, rules you have to know.

The Basic Rules of "The Easy Way"

Rule #1: Always expect the enemy jungler so ward the River Bush(and if you are right side, place a Control Ward in the Tri-Bush).

Rule #2: Use the first 3 Minutes in Lane to play Aggressive and Passive! This way you will find out how your Opponent plays.

Rule #3: Use your Divine Blessing ONLY if you need to build up Distance(e.g while Kiting). If you need to recover health, use your Health Potion or use your Life Regeneration. If you do need to use your Divine Blessing, then try to do it when you have enough Mana left to use your Righteous Fury and your Reckoning atleast twice each without the Regeneration between it. The reason for that is: As soon as you lose more Mana, the more your Opponent will Pressure and ask his Jungler for Ganks. Without beeing able to Bless yourself you are very likely to lose your Flash when getting ganked.

The Time to Raise

After playing for 3-5 Minutes against your Opponent you already know how he reacts in different situations. You know how he reacts to Pokes, while beeing Pressured and you know how he tries to Poke and Pressure you. Now it's time you bring up a strategy on "How do I get you!

Champions in this Difficulty are Easy because they usually cannot harass you effectively. However.. they can still crush you if "**** is getting real".

Now to the point on "How to kill them". Did you noticed that every Champion in this Category has atleast 1 Movement related Ability?

The Movement Boost

Garen and Poppy can increase their Movement Speed for a short Duration. This means if they Use this Ability then throw your Reckoning after them. This will instantly remove the boost and instantly slows them. Great, huh? This allows you to keep up with them allowing you to AA them.

The (Skillshot) Slow

Aatrox, Gangplank, Dr. Mundo, Olaf and Sion have atleast 1 Ability which Slows you! The only good thing is: Your Slow is Point&Click while their is a Skill Shot. You can dodge and avoid them if you can react fast enough. Try to make use of that and bait these Abilities by "Fake Engaging" on them. They may panic and waste them. But remember: Do that too often and they will not fall for it anymore.

The (Skillshot) Stun/Knockup

Aatrox and Nautilus are able to Stun or Knock Up you. If Nautilus stuns you in a 1v1 it is not that big of a Problem. Incase of an enemy Gank it is likely that you will lose your Flash or your Life. Both ways are bad. Post-6 Nautilus can Hard CC you twice. Take care for that. In case of Aatrox you can dodge his Hard CC. Even though it is likely that you will have to use your Divine Blessing, but in case of Aatrox.. do it. This avoids him doing free damage and openming up a good Counter Engage on him.
Another Knockup can come from Sion. There is a Good and a Bad thing about it. It's very difficult for him to hit and knock you up. He needs to cast his Decimating Smash for atleast 1 Second. The bad thing about it is.. If you get fully hit you will be knocked up for ~2 Seconds. And THAT'S bad. Srsly.

The Dash

Shen and Yasuo are able to Dash. Shen will taunt you with that which isn't that bad since you will AA him. Just make sure your Righteous Fury is active when he dashes at you to maximize the damage you deal. As soon as he gets invulnerable.. just Farm and wait. It doesn't lasts forever.
For Yasuo it is a bit more tricky. You need to position yourself apart of your Minions to avoid free damage by him. His Windwall only blocks your Reckoning so safe it if you want to slow him. Your AA's aren't blockable. Even with Righteous Fury active. Some Yasuo's are still trying this, which is good for you.

Back to "How to kill them"

Now as we know what Movement effecting Abilities they have we can make up a plan.

In every of the Matchups you need to Poke them low. Dr. Mundo and Garen have a strong sustain without the need of doing much for that. So be sure to AA them frequently, espacially Garen. As soon as they hit 30% - 40% Life safe up your Cooldowns and wait for them wasteing their Movement Ability. As soon as they've done that, engage and go for their Flash and/or the Kill. If you are Level 6 and if you have enough Vision and you know the Enemy Jungler is too far away.. go for the Dive. If you Dive use your Intervention the very last Moment before the Tower Shot hits to maximize the Chance of Survival. Be aware that your Intervention does NOT avoid beeing Stunned/Knocked Up. It only avoids beeing Feared!

And if everything worked well.. you got your kill which allows you to push the lane and going back without the need to Teleport back to Lane.
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That was alot of text you had to go through, huh?

I hope you liked the way I made this Guide and I hope that this Guide helped and helps you too understand Kayle from another perspective. In the Future I will maintain this Guide, keep it up to date and add a Midlane Version of it. But for now.. that should be enough.

Feel free to tell me what you think. Advises and useful critic are always welcome. Oh.. and I forgot to tell:

English is not my native Language.. so please excuse any mistakes in writing and/or grammar. If you find some you can tell me and I will correct them :p

Have a nice Day, Good Luck and may The Golden Angel always watch over you.
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24th July 2017

-Added Sions Decimating Smash into the "The Easy Way"'s Explanation. Forgot it yesterday somehow.

23th July 2017

-Added the Boots to the Item Section
-Added the Boots to the Item Explanation
-Removed some writing mistakes
-Added two new Chapters! "Preparations for the Game" is a little Introduction to your Game. "The Easy Way" discribes how your Lane is likely to be and gives you some advises.
"The Moderate Way" and "The Hard Way" will be added later since they will take some time writing and formatting :p

20th July 2017

-The Guide was published! Yaaay!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IluminatorX
IluminatorX Kayle Guide
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[PreSeason 8 WIP - The Golden Angel] A Kayle Guidance for To

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