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Udyr Build Guide by teneriffa

Top gold

[Preseason 9] Toplane Phoenix Tankdyr

By teneriffa | Updated on January 15, 2019
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Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[Preseason 9] Toplane Phoenix Tankdyr

By teneriffa

I stream occasionally at

I'm teneriffa, a Plat elo Udyr OTP from EUW.

I'm currently at around 270k mastery points with Udyr and have been playing him on and off since season 4.


    Really hard to kill after first item

    Good base damages for trading

    Great splitpusher

    Good waveclear

    Does hybrid damage

    Great at peeling for carries

    Isn't a solo carry champion, you need teammates who can carry the game

    You lack the damage to fight multiple enemies alone so ward alot

    Needs items to be a threat to anyone

    Easily kited

    Mana hungry in laning phase

Grasp of the Undying and Shield Bash are what make this playstyle work. You can start level 1 with Turtle Stance and just wait for your Grasp to stack up and surprise the enemy with a smack to the face for a good chunk of damage while simultaneously healing you. The enemy can't really do anything about it as you also get resistances while shielded.

Most people seem to prefer Flash over Ghost. When going Phoenix Stance you don't need the flash engage that Tiger Stance does. You take way less damage so going Ghost helps you both get to your target and stick to them. Flash only does the former.

Your early game consists of mostly getting CS, stacking up your Grasp and going for short trades. You can surprise many toplaners with a quick Turtle Stance or Phoenix Stance slap with a Grasp proc. Don't trade for too long though as many toplaners do run Conqueror or have other sources of good consistent damage.

After your first back where you ideally want to get either Glacial Shroud, Negatron Cloak or Spectre's Cowl, you can start doing longer trades as you dont take nearly as much damage than before your back. Ideally you want to be fighting in your own minions but you also can in some situations go for trades in the enemy wave as your W healing should compensate for any minion damage you take.

This is where the fun begins. This is the point where you should have your first item built. Now you can go for pretty much any trade you want unless you died more than two times before that. Only some champions can do any meaningful damage to you at this point so go ahead and try to proc your Grasp as often as you can to get alot of free HP.

You can also clear waves very quickly with your Phoenix Stance and try to roam Mid or invade the enemy jungle with your jungler.

Taking towers is your highest priority at this point so don't get too caught up with trying to force roaming plays.

Late game is the point where you need to accept that you are not going to be a damage threat to the enemies. Your job now is to peel for your carries or disrupt the enemy carries. Don't be scared to dive the enemy backline if that means that they will focus you only. That means that your carries get to freely hit whoever they want.

You are great at zoning the enemy off of objectives with your Bear Stance so you can take Baron or Elder pretty safely even if the enemy jungler is alive.

Udyr is, maybe after Singed, the best champion at playing time. Your movement speed and shields let you get away from many bad situations so use that to your advantage.

The most important tip for Udyr: always walk in front of your enemy so they cant run away

You can safely farm caster minions by proccing Phoenix Stance on a cannon minion

Bear Stance makes you ignore unit collision

Monkey's Agility gives you attack speed so keep it stacked while pushing waves and towers
League of Legends Build Guide Author teneriffa
teneriffa Udyr Guide
[Preseason 9] Toplane Phoenix Tankdyr