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Orianna Build Guide by Zanzig

PURE AP Mid Orianna

PURE AP Mid Orianna

Updated on March 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zanzig Build Guide By Zanzig 42,067 Views 9 Comments
42,067 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zanzig Orianna Build Guide By Zanzig Updated on March 16, 2012
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VERY BRIEF Introduction

(re-doing soon)

There has been a glitch and this section has been deleted...
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Why Orianna?

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What to Get


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Why to Get Them

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Recommended Items
  • Doran's Ring as your primary item gives you both mana regeneration and ability power.

  • If you have enough money for Sorcerer's Shoes get that instead.

  • Catalyst the Protector
    catalyst the protector
    This is where the health potions become less necessary for survival. The health and mana regeneration every time you level up removes the need.

  • If you do not have enough gold for the full item get Blasting Wand, then follow up by getting Needlessly Large Rod and finally the full item.

    1. Get WOTA first if you have trouble staying in lane, and no stability.
    2. Get RD first if you need more AP, and not worried about stability.

      I recommend getting Will of the Ancients because it gives you extreme sustain.

  • After you complete building one then buy the other item.

  • I have added this item because so many people agree that Sheen/Lich Bane is a great item on her. This does make sense due to her passive ( Clockwork Windup) and then Lich Bane's passive it does great amount of damage.

  • Lich Bane's passive gives Orianna's damage per attack more power. Make sure while in game to use ability, attack, use ability, attack ETC.

  • This is a good item to end with because it gives you more armor and allows you to escape major damage in a team fight (e.g. Crowstorm).

Situational Items

To Start:
  • Before Rod of Ages, the secondary item was Archangel's Staff. I still believe this is a better item [for me at least]. I am very good at escaping damage, using mana when it needs to be used, and when it does not need to be used ...conserving mana is my greatest talent.
  • Archangel's allows a great combination with the mid-to-late game Rabadon's Deathcap.
  • So to start get a Doran's Ring, then Sorcerer's Shoes], and then get [[Tear of the Goddess]. And then finishing it up with [[Archangel's Staff.
  • Because you already have three items and no AP items a good idea is getting another Doran's Ring somewhere between Boots and the full Archangel's Staff. Gives you more mana regeneration and a bit of AP for more damage.
  • Get rid of Zhoyna's Hourglass or Lich Bane depending if your opposing team is heavily AP or AD. (If it is a mixture leave in Zhoyna's because it has an ability that can dodge both AP and AD abilities.
  • Your AP per level runes are necessary for this situation item.

More Magic Resist:
  • If your team is heavily AP based and your enemies greater carry is AP based then Abyssal Mask is a must. Lowers magic resist on the opposing team allowing for more damage on your team and gives you magic resist for more “tankyness.” Replaces Zhonya's Hourglass.
  • If their team has heavy amounts of crowd control (e.g. stuns, taunts, fears, slows, etc) then Banshee's Veilis a great option. Gives you more Magic resist and will block the first spell in a team fight that you get hit with. That means you can dodge a fear, stun, or slow. Also replaces Zhonya's Hourglass.
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Skill Sequence

Priority on Q ( Command: Attack), and W ( Command: Dissonance).

Make sure to get E ( Command: Protect) at level 4.

And R (Ult - Command: Shockwave) whenever you can (6,11,16).

See the chart:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Summoner Spells

Best Choices
  • Flash is obvious, gets you out when you need too and gets you in when you need too. No sexual puns intended. It is always better to WAIIIIIT then to pre-mature flash. If you can walk closer to the wall DO IT. It gives you more of a chance to pass the wall, and a farther distance over the wall allows for more time to escape.
  • Ignite will SECURE that kill. Ignite is always better in one vs. one situations. It does damage to only one target so that makes sense. If you are soloing a AD carry that has Life Steal then using Ignite at the beginning of a fight is necessary. Ignite can also be used to kill a low-hp running champ.

Other Choices

If you play more of a passive game then you can replace Ignite with any of the following:

  • Teleport is another Summoner Spell you may want to try out. This way you can back when you need to, for mana/items/health, and still be able to get back and miss little to NO experience points. This is also better then Clarity because normally Clarity will fall late game and be of no use. Teleport gets you to places extremely fast and allows you to go back to get mana if you want anyways.

  • Another viable spell is Heal. Why heal? Because Orianna is a mid-range fighter. This means in a team fight she will be close enough to BOTH long range and melee fighters, therefore, using Heal in a team fight will heal everyone in its range. Heal also increases her ability to have the upper hand in a team fight. All of her abilities can do damage to multiple champions. Heal just gives that extra OOMF near the end of a huge team fight that can change a bad turnout to a positive ACE.

Remember to SAVE the Summoner Spells until you are SURE you can escape, or get a kill.

No accidents happen. It's only player skill with some fake lag calls.

Remember that.
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Skill COMBOs

Most people don't really understand Orianna's abilities. This is a quick and easy to read guide for some of her combos that can be used.

Level 1: Command: Attack
Easy, Q. Sending her ball to a location that will deal damage to ANYTHING THAT PASSES through it. That means if your ball is sitting left of the creep wave send it to the right of the creep wave to deal damage. There is no extra damage done from just Q for sending it on top of the enemy unit you are targeting.

Level 2: Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance
Send your ball (Q) on top of a creep (minion) wave and then use W. Good damage. Try it out on your opponent. Send the ball (Q, again) to the targeted champ. If he(/she) is running back send it a little in front of them. Use W to slow and do damage. Auto attack until you cannot anymore. Only use ignite if you can secure the kill, otherwise SAVE IT.

Level 3: Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance
See above (just does more damage).

Level 4: Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance + Command: Protect
After you use W on the opposing champ (assuming you used up to level 2 combo) you can then use E and target yourself ONLY if he(/she) is in the pathway of your ball and you. This means the targeted champ must be somewhere in the line the ball will move to do damage. This will give you a shield and do damage to the enemy champ.
NOTE: The W's slow, wherever the ball was when it was activated, will still be in that same spot. It does not "follow" the ball, it is stationary.
EXTENDED NOTE: The mana cost to use E should be a last resort for shielding or a certainty of akill.

Level 5: Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance + Command: Protect
See above (just does more damage).

Level 6: Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance + Command: Protect + Command: Shockwave
Use everything till level 4's combo, so do not use your shield. If you are sure the ult will hit and they are running away then use your ult. DO NOT ULT TOO SAVE THEM (otherwise, you will be called a noob and hear a "thanks, nice ult," a few seconds after you decided to press R). The ult is a good pull, and pseudo-stun. It just brings them back into the fight, or engages right away.

A Way to Engage: Command: Protect + Command: Shockwave
Use E on your tank, handing them your ball and a shield. Then use R, then W. This will cut the enemy's health down a lot. It brings all enemies into one ball, and slows anyone trying to escape (you used W).

Those are basic combos, there are many more, but that ruins the fun if I tell you everything. You can explore a lot with Orianna. Go out and try it.
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Lane Matchups

Explains the BEST and WORST lane match ups.

  • He's JOKING how can XERATH be a good lane match-up? He stands still for his maximum damage output. He-STANDS-still. Three words. Your greatest advantage is on anyone who will not move because when your ball is sent it only does damage to people in its way or around it. A non-moving, stationary, target is what you want to face.

  • He is just like Xerath. A bad Karthus will spam Q's over and over again. These are easily dodge-able if you know they are coming, and makes him stand still. When you see him about to cast his Q let him. Take the small damage and send your ball and for a bigger damage output. OBVIOUSLY do not do this if

(coming soon!)

Karthus, Teemo, Xerath, MOST AP carries, lol...
Ziggs, Ezreal, Caitlyn
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A huge thank you to A Chubby Baby. He has helped me through the full process since the day i released my guide. I don't know what i could do without him ;,(.

Also thank you to jhoijhoi for the guide to helping me understand BBcode better.

Any questions should be commented below. A deserved rating would be great, and a +Rep while you are at it :D

More thanks to come!
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