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Warwick Build Guide by WhiteMex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhiteMex

Pure Survivability Warwick

WhiteMex Last updated on January 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco Squishy, and his only escape is his q and your e goes through the invis of his q. Great match-up. Try not to let him burst you and you will be fine.
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Hey everyone, my name is Whit3Mex. I started league in the summer of 2014, and made silver 2 just in time for the season rewards :D. Though I have not been playing for long, I have seen Warwick played and I have played him myself and from what I can tell, this is the best way to build him in my opinion. This guide is always gonna be open to change and I would really enjoy some feedback on how to make this guide the best Warwick guide out there!

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed We get these for almost every jungle build because it increases jungle clear speed as well as jungle sustain like Warwick's passive.

Greater Seal of Armor We get these because it decreases the amount of damage we take from jungle monsters as well as decreasing the amount of damage we take from enemy champions.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist We get these to decrease the amount of damage received by any champions that try to cc us during a gank.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed We get these to not only increase our jungle clear time, but also to assist in ganks and chases.

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In this section, I will talk about certain items to use in certain situations. The first items, Skirmisher's Sabre and Stalker's Blade both need to be bought with the enemy team in mind. If you go against a team that deals heavy damage, is tanky, or you just want to deal some crazy unfair damage, go for a Skirmisher's Sabre. If you are facing a team that has lots of escapes such as a team with a Riven or a ghosted Singed, Stalker's Blade would probably be the best option. Now for enchantments, Enchantment: Warrior and Enchantment: Devourer. I personally like to get Enchantment: Devourer because of the crazy damage it will allow you to do with each hit when you get stacks on it. If you know you can't farm very much or the enemy has lots of armor, Enchantment: Warrior would be the best option because it gives you nice armor penetration without needing to farm for it. Now for boots choices. I normally get Boots of Swiftness for the speed as well as reduction to the time of slows. Ninja Tabi's work well if the enemy team has lots of ad and you are being focused because of how over powered you are. Boots of Mobility are a great choice if you plan on roaming a lot but I don't recommend them because all it takes is one hit from a minion to screw up your chase. Spirit Visage I feel I should put as a core item because of the amazing synergy it has with Warwick's skills but there may be times where it is not a necessary item to get.

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Eternal Thirst- This is what keeps us alive in the jungle as well as the reason building attack speed on Warwick is key to playing him correctly.

Hungering Strike- This is our main damage ability excluding our ultimate. Warwick uses this to stay alive in close battles as well as help give him extra sustainability in the jungle.

Hunters Call- This gives Warwick really nice attack speed which increases his jungle clearing speed as well as makes him a danger to other junglers. This skill also buffs nearby teammates so this skill can also be used to take objectives such as towers or baron.

Blood Scent- Warwick's chase mechanism which makes Warwick very hard to avoid. Though it alerts people of Warwicks nearby presence, it would already be too late. This gives Warwick nice bonus move speed when an enemy champion is low as well as vision of the champion.

Infinite Duress- This skill is what makes Warwick so scary. For 1.8 seconds, Warwick immobilizes an enemy champion while not only applying on hit affects on them, but dealing damage and life stealing. This is Warwick's scariest ability because of the difficulty of dueling him when it is off cooldown.

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How to Play Warwick (NEWBIES MUST READ)

Now comes the most important part. If this is your first time playing Warwick you NEED to read this. You need to learn how to time Warwick's skills to get maximum potential from them. What I recommend is Hungering Strike followed by Hunters Call in the jungle so your attack speed time isn't interrupted by your Hungering Strike. Also, if you are low on mana in the jungle, I would recommend using Hunters Call if you think you can sustain a jungle camp, but if you are very low, Hungering Strike is your best bet. I cannot count how many times Hungering Strike has saved me in the jungle, during a 1v1, or even after a tower dive. Hungering Strike is a strong skill and it will keep you alive in many situations. If you want to become the best Warwick ganker, my advice is to toggle off your Blood Scent until you are in a better position for a gank as it will scare and enemy laner into backing in a lane. One final note is only use your Infinite Duress on an escaping enemy during a gank. If you use your ult too early, one well placed flash can cause your gank to fail.

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Pros / Cons

+Very high sustain
+Great dueling power
+Very difficult to escape
+Crazy damage
+Easy to jungle with
Warwick is such a great champion because of his high sustain due to Eternal Thirst and Hungering Strike. He has cc with his ultimate which can allow you to single out a key opponent on the enemy team during team-fights, and his Hunters Call give Warwick's teammates a great attack speed boost to give them a great advantage in team-fights.

-Can be bursted very easily
-Hates stuns
-Takes a few games to get used to
-Once again, no stuns
Warwick has some flaws in that he can be easily bursted down by assassins and he hates stuns. Though he may be difficult to get used to at first, once you get the hang of him, you become nearly unstoppable. Did I mention Warwick hates stuns?

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With Warwick's high jungle sustain, high DPS, and great ganking potential, he is a great champion to play when you are not only first learning jungle, but also a great champion to help carry you to high elos. Thanks for any feedback guys, and as this is my first guide, I will be making changes to it many times, improving and adapting to updates to make this guide the best. Thanks :)