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Pyke Build Guide by ButtILoveBoobs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ButtILoveBoobs

Pyke - The Ripper (All Lanes Guide!)

ButtILoveBoobs Last updated on September 25, 2018
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Pyke Build

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Hi everyone!

This is my very first guide and I hope to help some of you guys. :)

Do not hesitate to drop a comment below if you have any questions or doubts, I am happy to discuss about any questions you may have.

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Pyke is not the easiest to lane with if you're going Mid for instance. You will be against lots of long range AP champs or ADs like Yasuo and Zed which can be a bit difficult. However, you can still farm safely until your level 3 so you have 3 abilities that helps a lot!


Jungling is possible but not recommended. Pyke is slow to level up while jungling in early game, your enemy can have advantage of 2 levels ahead while jungling with common jungle champs. However if you're good with the mechanics, it's very easy to counter enemies when playing Pyke, even if they're 2 levels ahead!


What I have noticed Pyke players NOT DOING is using his W, it's a great way to escape and regenerate HP while in stealth mode. "W" is also great for ganks and engages which I will cover more in the "Combo" chapter.

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When it comes to guides, I don't often see the "Combo" section which I think is essential for a guide.

People want to learn every bit of the champs and tricks that sometimes can be hard to learn unless someone experienced told them so.



Pyke can get extremely easy kills with his Combo. You can always initiate your Combo by grabbing the enemy champ with his Q and then E and then auto until low health and when the enemy is below 25% health you can just R and he's dead.

However that's too obvious at the moment, all the players understand how Pyke works more or less.

So here's a new combo you can do.


If you're out of range and you want to engage an enemy.

Hold Q to charge Pyke's hook, once you're aiming on your out of range target, Flash and release Q, then E to stun and R to execute! ;)


W so you go in stealth mode... Make sure you hit E properly, then once the opponent is stunned, auto attack, TAP Q, auto, your enemy's HP should be quite low by now, please press R. You got yourself a kill. ;)


W to be stealth, then Q and E.


Sometimes it can be hard to hit Pyke's ULT, so make use of it's DAMAGE! You can start of using his R at the beginning of the fight (I would suggest only 1v1 fights) and then E and Q. I think Pyke is a very diverse champ which requires your own instincts so there's a lot you can do with him when it comes to PLAYS! ;)

Always have your ULT UP when team fights so nobody walks back home! It's do or die fight for the enemy team! If they're low health, there's no mercy! They will die!

(I cannot stress enough, please make use of your W!!!! It regenerates Pyke's HP!!! Alternatively once low health, have a walk around the jungle and your HP is back up again!!! I see lots of Pyke players hanging around with low HP which makes no sense!!!)

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Pyke Knowledge Day by Day

Players are learning more about Pyke's mechanics day by day as the champ gets known more and more.

As we were all unsure which lane was meant to go based on Riot's Pyke gameplay video release, now I have the answer...

I'm confident to say that he belongs in the Bot lane as Support, although an assassin type of support for the team. I am always the carrier for my team because in Team Fights, there's nobody walking back to base with low Health!!! They will be executed!

It's either DO or DIE team fights against Pyke as you can just re-use your ULT if you got a kill using your R, it will be available for the next 20 secs to kill another enemy and that repeats itself if you're successful!!! ;)

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Rep it up

I hope you all smash and destroy them with Pyke! ;)

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to drop below and rate my guide please! This is my very first guide and I hope it helps everyone who wants to rape, oops I mean rip them apart! xD

Take care all,