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Nami Build Guide by QueerJunk

Support QueerJunks In-Depth Support Nami Guide

Support QueerJunks In-Depth Support Nami Guide

Updated on May 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Build Guide By QueerJunk 15 0 18,524 Views 13 Comments
15 0 18,524 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Nami Build Guide By QueerJunk Updated on May 27, 2022
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Runes: Electrocute Nami

1 2 3
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

QueerJunks In-Depth Support Nami Guide

By QueerJunk
Hey everyone! I'm a gold Nami main that has been playing since season 2, and currently have an ~70% winrate on nami( It's gotten to the point where I only play Nami in solo que because I feel like that is how I carry the hardest out of any role available, so I figured id share some of the things I learned spamming countless games of this floaty fish. I stream almost daily on and play almost exclusively support. Come say hi! I would really appreciate it!

+ Incredible Healing
+ Great CC from &
+ Recent buffs to are huge
+ Easy to get stellar KDAs with passive playstyle
+ One of the best disengagers in the game

Nami is strong throughout most of the game, her heals can easily create MASSIVE plays for your team, and if you consistently land your double you will be some SERIOUS trouble. Namis ult is commonly referred to as the best disengage in the game for good reason. The MS boost provided from is a big deal, and learning how to properly time your spells can create huge outplay potential. Nami was very strong before the E buff, and is currently an S tier meta pick in season 10 that will keep you safe from rage & guilt, & doesn't seem likely to be nerfed.

- Requires atleast one carry to truly shine
- is hard to use properly
- Generally requires a more passive playstyle
- Missing can throw games and feels BAD

Nami lacks a true hard engage, since and are less reliable then other support spells. Nami is easy to play, but difficult to master, and if you aren't healing enough to carry your team you will need to land well timed & spells consistently to win the game. People will often not notice you are carrying, even with a stellar KDA, meaning it can difficult to heal teammates in pivotal moments that can lead to throws. No one knows how to position for your so they must be timed well to bounce properly. You will also instantly die if caught by hard CC even with flash up a lot of the time, so proper positioning is necessary.

Alt + ->
Use the slow from your empowered AA to land an easy bubble! You can also use this combo when you use your E on an allies abilities just be mindful!

Namis safest "agressive" combo. You land the ult, and then use the knockup from the ult to land your Q. Creates a decent CC chain that can be followed up on by allies from a distance.

-> + + AA
This is your bread and butter follow-up when you land a lucky Q. Burst them with W, AA as much as possible, and either use E on yourself or your strongest available carry for the followup.

Due to the recent buffs on Nami E, you can now apply the slow from your E with your W itself! It's a nifty trick I just learned so make sure you take advantage when your ADC isn't taking full advantage of your E spam.

Surging Tides (Passive)

This passive is underrated,the bonus MS scales with your AP, and works on every one of your abilities most importantly your ultimate.

When using your spells consider when the short boost in MS can be best utilized for optimal results. Right as your ADC is looking to move in to poke, or using it to get just enough MS to get away are both great examples. This can also be Proc'd from so don't be afraid to use it to boost a clump of allies if you can't get in range of a fight!

Aqua Prison (Q)

RANGE: 875
COST: 60
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
A broken spell that is difficult to land, and will make you think you are god at times and hate yourself at others. Do not underestimate how hard this spell is to land, and make sure you use other elements of your kit to land it in pivotal moments or risk throwing the engagement.

Landing double bubbles will devastate opponents, land a solid bubble at the right time in lane for an easy kill. Use bubbles to stop ganks in their tracks, and if landing a bubble isn't possible, use them to zone enemies so you can escape as they dodge your Zoning bubbles are a real thing and should be utilized, but it is obviously better to land them in almost every scenario. Good luck.

  • combo, and combo, are necessary to landing consistent bubbles.
  • use to disable channeling ultimate's like etc!

Ebb and Flow (W)

RANGE: 725
COST: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115/ 130
In my opinion, Namis most consistent and important spell. Learning how to land double bounces is essential, and depending on your target will bounce in different ways

Targeting an ally or yourself causes it to have the chance to bounce to an additional ally, and is generally the stronger option due to your build. Targeting an enemy will make it bounce to an additional enemy, which is generally good for lane harass but sub optimal in most teamfight scenarios. Each bounce is about the range of a flash, and in order to to land bounces you want to target allies & enemies who are clumped together. The healing provided from this ability is huge and can single handedly carry games. Try to use it as many times as possible within a single skirmish for optimal results!

  • Bounce off an enemy champion to heal out of range allies!
  • Avoid blowing early by using it on full health allies during teamfights!

Tidecaller's Blessing (E)

RANGE: 800
COST: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
This ability was always strong, back when it only buffed Auto Attacks, but required precise timing to be utilized effectively. With her new buff in Season 10, that's all out the window, now that it proc's on spells, it's used by everyone almost always instead of being ignored.

Use it on whoever is carrying the hardest, or whoever needs the MS. Spam it as often as possible. This ability is incredible and is now super consistent, it is now one of the best parts about bringing Nami to a team

  • Be creative! are just some examples of great synergy.
  • Can used to save low health allies with
  • Can be used to proc & via an allies auto attacks.

Tidal Wave (R)

RANGE: 2750
COST: 100
COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 100
An unreliable ultimate that I am still trying to master. It's most consistent use that will win you games, is using it to disengage/turn around fights. Ult right after someone or you are engaged on (make sure it lands) and use your combo to either book it or turn it around with a quick

It can also be used offensively from bushes or fog of war, but this is far less reliable since it travels so slowly. The range is about the full distance of your screen meaning if you see them in the same screen as your champion they are in range. Your goal is to land it on as many allies and enemies at one time, so that your allies can benefit from and your enemies are all knocked up. Your ult really needs to be combo'd with to truly shine!

  • Can be used on allies to chase if you can't land a better ult!
  • This ult has a longer slow based on how far the wave traveled, so try to land long range ults for maximum impact.
  • Your ult really needs to be combo'd with to truly shine!
Like it or not, runes have become an integral part of League of Legends. They can dramatically change your playstyle and build paths, and since season 12, it is essential that you are synergizing your runes, & builds with your playstyle. Consistently utilizing your runes will give you a significant advantage at every stage of the game that will be undetetacble to enemies who ignore this aspect of the game. Learning how to optimize your rune and build path based on the enemy composition is one of the easiest ways to climb without having to improve your mechanics.

Electrocute The big deal with Electrocute nami, is that her now applies stacks of electrocute. This has some intense synergy with . If your ADC auto attacks the same target 3 times, they will trigger both Imperial Mandate, & Electrocute simultaneously, due to it's unique interaction with
Guardian Currently grants the most bonus healing & shielding out of your various rune choices. It is so easy to proc this rune simply by playing nami correctly, and in terms of output, will almost always provide more bonus healing, then you would deal in bonus damage from running electrocute.
Summon Aery Has been the standard support rune for enchanters for multiple seasons. It is very easy to use consistently, but due to balance changes(Aery Nerfs), is seen as less favorable then Guardian. This gives a mix of damage and survivability.
Font of Life Also applies from making your ADC have innate healing simply for playing their role properly. (Auto Attacking)
Zombie Ward **** the meta, AM I RIGHT!? - since when is it a bad thing for a support to have more wards. It's not. Wards are OP. There was an entire season where the support role was exclusively about buying wards. When you run this, make sure you dont ward a bush until AFTER you scan it with , or you will ward the bush twice.
Ghost Poro Free wards, and it's way easier to avoid accidentally putting two wards in the same bush.
Ultimate Hunter Being able to spam your ult is a very useful way of dealing with champions like & who can instantly dash directly onto your carries. When I am afraid that missing a single will throw the game, I run ultimate hunter to give myself extra ults in case I make mistakes.
Relentless Hunter If you are confident you won't need more ults, the extra MS from this rune makes it easier to land your This rune also has excellent synergy with and can make warding the jungle and roaming take signifcantly less time while improving your survivability.
Revitalize We run nami to spam our during teamfights.This rune feels self explanatory.
Learning how to itemize properly is an important part of playing support. Every character has their "cookie cutter" build, but learning what situations should make you prioritize one item over another can definitely help you carry your games harder and more consistently. The items you build, should be related to the order in which you level your abilities, what the enemy team composition consists of, and what runes you run in that specific game. Optimizing this synergy will significantly improve your winrate.

Provides guaranteed healing to allies while you are in-combat. It is important to make the most of the passive by continuously attacking and casting abilities. Essential if focusing on , since it can increase your maximum healing & shield power by 25% when itemizing properly.

Extremely important, sometimes worth rushing. Makes it easier to land and enables you to roam more effectively to provide more support to your team, and to help you make it back to your adc before they try to 2v1 botlane. Once you have this item try to be present in as many skirmishes as possible, a rogue +[Tidecaller's Blessing] combo can turn around alot of bad engagements and help feeding allies make it back into the game.(Make sure you aren't dying to try and help) Try to be mindful about keeping it activated by avoiding unnecessary trades and minion damage, to get the most uptime on the bonus MS.

The only viable AP support item, which is a necessary purchase for any support. Be mindful of completing the quest ASAP, when you are pushing turret, try to land extra AA's on the turret to proc the passive and upgrade it more quickly. Make sure you always have all of your wards out, preferably in areas that are likely to become teamfight terrain. (20secs before drag respawn, baron, etc)

A great item for any enchanter support who can actively proc the effect, you should rush this item in comps where most of your allies deal damage with their auto attacks. etc. Once you have this item you should pretty much spam your E on the nearest carry who can benefit from the effect. You should also consider casting your and on separate targets to put ardent onto more allies. This item gives everything an enchanter needs, CDR, MS, Mana Regen, and Bonus Healing & Shielding(Your primary late game stat) Consider it a decent power spike, your heals should be almost spam-able, as well as the majority of your other spells.

An incredible item, that has fallen out of the meta. The active has a huge impact, & timing it properly can change the tide of a teamfight, provides extra healing and damage. The active can be used after you die, helping you redeem yourself after bad catch outs. The active effect applies both &

A great support item in general, although slightly subpar on nami due to it lacking bonus healing and shielding which synergizes so incredibly with namis kit. The locket active when timed correctly is very good, and also applies both & passives to your entire team. I also like to build this item when I am feeding since the extra tank stats and the active ability will help me stop.

Gotta Go Fast? This mythic has a great active that may be worth considering against certain champions who are difficult for you to disengage against It also grants 25% bonus MS to your allies every time you cast which stacks with making your allies pretty zoomy. The active also does not break stealth

The mythic passive can grant up to 75 ability power with 5 other Legendary items. This item also has a unique interaction with where an ally, will have their basic attack trigger both parts of the unique passive. The passive works similarly to however in order to receive the bonus MS your ally must proc the passive. This has excellent synergy with since they both can be proc'd by an allies auto attacks independently by using on someone competent.

Buy this item against and the like and laugh at them when they ult you. If you are having trouble with these champions do not delay building this item, it can heavily shut down carries who are reliant on their ults. You should also encourage your teammates to build them specifically if they are whining about how OP those champions are. This item is broken when it's necessary

Don't build this item in Ranked games. That being said, Nami does pull of the kind of KDAs and generally encourages the kind of playstyles that benefit from this item. The problem is that it is to expensive and you don't benefit from pure AP nearly as much as other AP supports like etc. That being said this item at max stacks is good on any champion with good AP ratios, so if you are stomping a game and don't mind potentially throwing it over a death or two, consider picking it up. If you do buy this item play even more passively then normal since you will need to build as many stacks as possible to benefit from it. Steal those assists!

An item that is flat out required against certain enemy team compositions. If your primary carry is getting destroyed by cc like etc, buy this item and take advantage of the insane active which will not only cleanse your adc of all CC but grant 2 seconds of slow immunity and 40% bonus MS. This item also gives 20% heal and shield power making it a strong item for nami in terms of raw stats. The extra MR and Mana Regen certainly wont hurt you, in certain comps, this item can be a stronger buy then due to the powerful active and very viable stats this item offers.

An item that is flat out required against certain enemy team compositions. If anyone on the enemy team benefits from healing Grevious Wounds should not be underestimated since it not only counters kits but items such as etc.

Grants AP & Ability haste. Take this instead of Ardent's Censer when more of your allies are casters who benefit from reduced cooldowns such as etc. Occasionally you will get fed enough to build both, but generally your team comp is better suited for 1 buff or the other.

The ability power stacks with the buff from Infernal Dragon as well as Only the support can build this item and it is the only way of increading the ward cap. It can also store 3 which can secure vision of important objectives. A flat 12% bonus to AD, Health, AP, & Haste is no joke. I build this item anytime I can once I pass level 13 so it instantly upgrades.


Vision is an essential part of carrying as support. By securing vision you make it easy for assassins to catch unsuspecting pray, you avoid confrontations where you are outnumbered, and you give you team vision of bushes to enemies cant use them to hide. So I created this image to help illustrate the idea that where you should be warding is dependent on what state your game is in. "Standard Wards" should be taken when the lane is even "Defensive Wards" should be taken when you are behind, and "Aggressive Wards" should be taken when you are pushing their base or turrets. Making sure your support item has no available wards is a good way to make sure you are keeping up with vision.(So long as you are backing to recharge it) Any spot designated for a yellow ward can be used as a control ward, and you should be making this decision based on how often and where your allies are warding. When warding you want to be trying to think ahead, and predict where teamfights will be breaking out. Securing vision before a baron or dragon can have a massive impact on the outcome of the skirmish. You want to try and ward as you are roaming/already running through the enemy jungle, try to be as efficient as possible!

Control Wards are incredibly important, and you should always be picking up 1 to 2 with your leftover gold each back. Use them as mini objectives to start skirmishes, to secure permanent vision of a key area such as baron or dragon, or to generate extreme lane pressure. You should be using your red wards frequently, and aggressively, don't just let them sit in your inventory! Constantly check your ward count by hovering over it to see if you need to drop another one! Drop them in areas where you know the enemy has warded to secure vision and clear the ward simultaneously.

Oracles lens is Insanely! important, and for that reason needs to be upgraded as soon as possible!(Once you've completed your warding item) Use the active as you roam through the enemy jungle or the river. It can also be used defensively when you roam through your jungle if the opponents just backed after a large push. Their are commonly warded spots like the bushes to river/jungle in your lane that you should always scan to check for wards. Use this item as often as possible in the correct context, clearing out enemy wards is a great way to increase your vision score! Which you should be aiming to get as high as possible every game!

It's a new item specifically made for supports. Items riot makes for the support role are ridiculously gold efficent. This item costs 1100gold - and gives u 12% of every useful stat in the game currently. It is also the only item in the game that increases your ward cap, and allows you to hold an extra ARE YOU A REAL SUPPORT MAIN? ARE YOU GOING TO LET THAT ENEMY SUPPORT WIN THE CONTROL WARD BATTLE BECAUSE THEY HAVE 3 WARDS AND YOU HAVE 2? If you don't know what i'm talking about you aren't a support main and will probably be garbage at nami.
Flash over walls to get the most out of this spell. Flash to dodge big CC like and that will generally one-shot you if they land! Ping when your enemy flash is down and freeze your lane to get a great gank from your jungler! You can occasionally use flash to go in for a kill when the enemy adc is being greedy and wont back. Learn how to use this spell well, it will improve your gameplay with all champions!

+ To get those clutch out of range heals & kills!
To reposition and land a good
+ Don't miss, have follow-up.

Your standard pairing with flash. Try to use it BEFOREthe enemy heals to reduce the healing. Use it when your ADC goes all in and needs as much burst as possible. Especially useful for following up on a rogue that lands. Always E the nearest damage dealer when using this to amplify your all-in!

Take exhaust when the enemy comp has 3 or more auto attack based champions like etc. Exhaust used to be the go to summoner to pair with flash in the support role, Using it when the enemy ADC all-ins is just as effective as using ignite when going all-in if timed properly. Use it during teamfights on the biggest auto attack based carry on the enemy team to shut them down and turn the game!
Thanks For Reading!
Please let me know what you think and any feedback you have on how I can improve the guide! Thanks For Checking Out My Guide! Let Me Know What You Think Or If You Have Constructive Criticism In The Comments!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk
QueerJunk Nami Guide
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QueerJunks In-Depth Support Nami Guide

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