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Samira Build Guide by QueerJunk

ADC Comprehensive Samira Guide (ADC, Bruiser, Jungle, & Supp

ADC Comprehensive Samira Guide (ADC, Bruiser, Jungle, & Supp

Updated on September 25, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Build Guide By QueerJunk 12 1 45,831 Views 3 Comments
12 1 45,831 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Samira Build Guide By QueerJunk Updated on September 25, 2020
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Runes: Personal Preference

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Comprehensive Samira Guide (ADC, Bruiser, Jungle, & Supp

By QueerJunk
Pros & Cons

+ Insane Burst & Mobility
+ Can easily end the game with most damage dealt.
+ Flashy Combos,
+ Fun, Engaging, Spammy Hardcarry Playstyle
+ Ult has no CD & Resets on kills.

Samira is flashy, deals tons of damage, and has resets which makes her a pentakill champion. Once you learn how to combo properly you dealsomuch damage. is INSANE and provides massive outplay potential. She is hard to focus, due to her temporary deflect, and insane mobility. She can utilize a wide range of items and runes and adapt to a variety of playstyles.

- Very Squishy
- Cannot cast without combos.
- Easy to misposition
- Needs to land skill shots consitently to be effective.

Samira is very squishy, and is like a mini game that you will need to play for the entire game. If you fail to combo properly, you won't be able to ult, so you will die unless you are very fed. You need to issue your commands quickly, her short cooldowns and spammy nature will make it difficult for lagging players or players with poor hardware. Samira is so mobile she can end up where you don't want her to be by accident, you really need to pay attention to your abilities and time them appropriately. As a snowball champion she performs poorly when behind and lacking gold, since her build is very expensive.

Daredevil Impulse (Passive)

The passive that defines the playstyle. It contains 3 major components. First your melee attacks deal significant bonus damage based on your target's missing health. Second, you briefly knock up champions who are already immobilized and dash towards them(dash distance increases per level). Lastly, Samiras style increases for each unique hit, allowing her to cast her ultimate once she reaches S grade.

Their are a total of 6 "style grades" and each grade grants additional MS. In order to gain a grade, you need to weave your auto attacks and abilities together. Spamming auto attacks or the same ability will not gain you stacks, even if you hit different champions.

  • Since ascending grades grants bonus MS, use the extra mobility to chase kills or escape fights as necessary.
  • Grades reset upon casting
  • Your dash range increases based on level.

Flair (Q)

RANGE: 950
COST: 30
COOLDOWN: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2
The easiest way to gain stacks of Deals significant burst damage on a short cooldown at a low mana cost.

This ability is a skillshot and missing it will significantly delay your first cast of . However if used in melee version it is much harder to miss.

  • Both iterations of the spell can crit.
  • When cast with Samira strikes her dash path instead of shooting or slashing.
  • The melee version has an AOE damage radius, use it to farm or hit multiple champs at once.
  • Your combo can be cast during

Blade Whirl (W)

COST: 60
COOLDOWN: 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 / 22
Essential for building stacks of . Basically with damage. Destroys projectiles while providing decent damage and stacking your passive.
This ability is similar to in the sense that while it is active you are temporarily tanky. The damage is decent, and the defensive utility is incredible, but the cooldown and mana cost are significant so this needs to be cast with proper intention and timing. Deals two separate instances of damage, one at the beginning and one at the end of the cast.

  • This is your all-in tool, without it it will be difficult to stack your ult and survive in combat.
  • Should be used offensively for damage & stacks, as well as defensively,

Wild Rush (E)

RANGE: 600 / 650
COST: 40
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50%
Can be cast only on champions, both on both allies and enemies. Deals damage to the units dashed through and provide bonus AS the scales. The cooldown is refreshed upon killing an enemy champion, which means unlike or you do NOT need to land the killing blow with this ability in order to get the reset.

You should use this ability as often as possible while weaving in auto attacks to quickly stack Reckless Impulse so you can spam Provides decent damage and Insane mobility.

  • Remember to use it on allies to escape death when necessary!
  • Use while split pushing to kill turrets faster with the bonus AS!
  • Can be used to jump over walls if used on jungle creeps and champions near walls similar to

Inferno Trigger (R)

RANGE: 2750
COST: 100

Insane AOE damage with literally no cooldown, and tons of lifesteal. However it cannot be cast until you reach S grade on Reckless Impulse. The damage and channel are similar to . This ultimate truly shines when cast multiple times within a single teamtight.

The damage is nutty, and the sustain it provides is nothing to scoff at. To make things even better it can crit for even more damage!

  • Make Sure You aren't CC'd while channeling!
  • You can cast while channeling, for optimal positioning.
  • The damage cannot be body blocked, it goes through walls and damages all targets in the radius equally, damage is NOT reduced for hitting multiple targets.
  • Hits invisible units.
Samira is a "combo" based champion by design. It is literally impossible to use her ult without "comboing". I am simply referring to gaining stacks of your passive, these tips N tricks will help you stack it as fast as possible and are great to try in the practice tool before playing Ranked!

You need to auto attack before and after landing a spell in order to properly stack your passive quickly.

Base Combos

AA + + AA

+ AA + + AA

+ AA + + AA + + AA = Ult

AA + + AA + + AA + = Ult

While the previous combos will be how you stack your Reckless Impulse consistently, Samira truly shines when using her combining her combos together, you also want to weave in your + AA combo on every reset to stack as quickly as possible. For Example: + AA + + AA + = Ult
Dark Harvest is much easier to consistently proc then conquerer. Provide significant burst when stacked.
Taste of Blood Provides lots of passive healing which synergizes with . A great choice when forgoing
Ravenous Hunter Even more healing, however this requires you to execute enemy champions. Stack it as early as possible to get the most healing. A must have when taking
Grasp of the Undying Essential for the "bruiser' build. Grants significant bonus health but must be stacked intentionally. Don't forget!
Overgrowth Only taken with for even more bonus health!
Relentless Hunter An alternative to if you feel you don't need the extra healing.
Conqueror Provides great healing & bonus damage that synergizes with Samira's kit. However I feel like it is difficult to stack, and doesn't really provide great healing until late game. I personally prefer & but this her current "meta" choice, so experiment for yourself!
Triumph A perfect choice on Samira! Synergizes perfectly with her resets giving you just enough health to cast another
Legend: Bloodline Did someone say passive healing? Provides extra sustain.
Phase Rush Grants Extra MS and synergizes naturally with your combo!
Manaflow Band Solves any mana issues for you spammers out their.
Celerity Synergizes excellently with , can be swapped for if you intend on stacking CDR.
Gathering Storm provides the most damage late game, but can be swapped for if you want more early game damage, or if you intend to roam frequently.
Learning how to itemize properly is essential. Every character has their "cookie cutter" build, but learning what situations should make you prioritize one item over another can definitely help you carry your games harder and more consistently. You should build based on the pace of your game and how hard you feel you are carrying.

Crazy expensive, but insanely worth it! Finishing this item is a major power spike since it synergizes so well with Inferno Rush. I often rush this item, and once it's complete I know I can 1shot any squishy from full health with a proper combo. You can still burst without this item, but killing tankier targets will be difficult if you opted for more survivability. The single item that grants Samira the most damage for gold spent.

Also very expensive, but also very strong. If you are comboing correctly it is impossible not to proc sheen which creates explosive burst on squishy targets. The CDR enables you to combo even faster which makes come up faster & more often! The bonus MS will help close the distance and 1shot those squishy targets! Combine with for explosive damage at an insane price.

You have quite a few options when it comes to boot upgrades. is considered "Meta" however since your damage is attained through abilities mixed with autos I don't feel like AS provides significant utility. For damage Is the better choice, since higher CDR means more ability weaving which leads to a faster . Are an excellent rush in botlane for the extra durability, and the CC reduction & MR on Mercury's Threads will make it hard to pass up against certain comps.

Often your second item after your first major damage item. Provides stronger sustain then at the cost of damage. Offers less damage then your other options for strong defensive utility that can help you survive those clutch plays.

Provides the Crit and MS you need and has a bonus shield to boot! Synergizes insanely well with to help make your Inferno Rush a guaranteed kill.

A core item for the bruiser build, since it provides health and AD. The slow however is almost wasted on Samira, since you have such insane mobility with the slow doesn't provide much utility. The health and AD in combination with your base damage however will turn you into a mid game bruiser with 3k Health who can then itemize into damage or further sustainability. If you properly combo you will do significant damage regardless of what you build, however you will have trouble bursting tankier targets before finishing your

The 2nd item in the bruiser build. Provides even more health, some MS, and a bit of damage. Once you complete this you will be a beefy babe and can 1shot most squishes while having 3k health. You will be lacking damage, so if you aren't tanking or dying frequently you should considering itemizing into damage after finishing your core.

Flat out required against champs with tons of sustain like and . Also required when the enemy team is stacking armor or has a ton of tanky champs. You build this item to counter the opponents champions or what they are building, depending on the circumstance.

Buy this item against and the like and laugh at them when they ult you. If you are having trouble with these champions do not delay building this item, it can heavily shut down carries who are reliant on their ults. You should also encourage your team mates to build them specifically if they are whining about how OP those champions are. This item is broken when it's necessary

Dying too much? Have too much leftover gold? A great choice that provides strong defence & offence. Not worth rushing but can be incorporated into almost any build late game.

A fine choice that gives you infinite mana upon completion as well as decent damage , crit, & CDR. Considered Meta however I find it lackluster when compared with or . Mana just really isn't an issue for Samira unless you are spamming her and even if you need to do that is more then enough.

Samira's second Meta item. Provides strong damage and decent defense. It is difficult to decide which is more effective defensively when compared with , but doesn't have MR or CDR. Samira gets tons of lifesteal from her kit, this is a solid choice, and it's ultimately up to personal preference & composition.

Getting bursted by AP? Is not enough MR? Maw has got you covered! More damage and an anti AP shield which will help you stay alive to get more kills.

The best jungle enhancement since it provides both CDR & AD which are primary stats. Samiras damage isn't purely auto based so the extra autos on feel wasted. You can build into either for extra dueling potential, or if you need the slow to catch targets.

The go to support item for damage dealers. You can take but lategame the lethality will scale with your build better then the tank stats. It's also easy to Proc the gold with your . Make sure to build since it's essential for clearing wards as a support unless you have

Built primarily for the anti-warding utility. The lethality isn't wasted but isn't' ideal since crit and CDR grant you access to more damage. That being said you should have no problem with squishys when building lethality and late game you should be able to compensate for your missing damage in your build. When playing support warding is your top priority, even over damage, a utility based purchase. Makes it so you 1 shot wards and 2 shot red wards so contest them aggressively.

Vision is an essential part of carrying in the late game. By securing vision you make it easy for assassins to catch unsuspecting pray, you avoid confrontations where you are outnumbered, and you give you team vision of bushes so enemies cant use them to hide. So I created this image to help illustrate the idea that where you should be warding independent on what state your game is in. Warding as a carry is much easier then as a support since their is literally a maximum numbers of wards you can place per game. Keep your trinket on cooldown at all times & drop red wards frequently and you should be good.

"Standard Wards" should be taken when the lane is even.
"Defensive Wards" should be taken when you are behind, and
"Aggressive Wards" should be taken when you are pushing their base or turrets.

Make sure your upgrade your warding trinket to blue at level 9. Any spot designated for a yellow ward can be used as a control ward, and you should be making this decision based on how often and where your allies are warding. When warding you want to be trying to think ahead, and predict where teamfights will be breaking out. Securing vision before a baron or dragon can have a massive impact on the outcome of the skirmish. You want to try and ward as you are roaming/already running through the enemy jungle, try to be as efficient as possible!

Control Ward's are incredibly important, and you should always be picking up 1 to 2 with your leftover gold each back. Use them as mini objectives to start skirmishes, to secure permanent vision of a key area such as baron or dragon, or to generate extreme lane pressure. You should be using your red wards frequently, and aggressively, don't just let them sit in your inventory! Constantly check your ward count by hovering over it to see if you need to drop another one! Drop them in areas where you know the enemy has warded to secure vision and clear the ward simultaneously.

Provides range wards that never expire! Use it to check if enemies are on important objectives, to avoid facechecking a bush, or just to get a long last ward. You should take this upgrade in a majority of games, unless your team doesn't have enough scanners and you want to control bushes to catch people out.

Use the active as you roam through the enemy jungle or the river. It can also be used defensively when you roam through your jungle if the opponents just backed after a large push. Their are commonly warded spots like the bushes to river/jungle in your lane that you should always scan to check for wards. Use this item as often as possible in the correct context, clearing out enemy wards is a great way to increase your vision score! Which you should be aiming to get as high as possible every game! Not required when building ADC, but preferred when playing Jungle, Support, or top.

Flash over walls to get the most out of this spell. Flash to dodge big CC like and that will generally one-shot you if they land! Ping when your enemy flash is down and freeze your lane to get a great gank from your jungler! You can occasionally use flash to go in for a kill when the enemy adc is being greedy and wont back. Learn how to use this spell well, it will improve your gameplay with all champions! Strong Playmaking potential on Samira but feels underwhelming since already grants access to multiple dashes.

+ To get those clutch engages!

A strong alternative to since the base MS, allows you to get in range to cast your and if you get a reset within 4 seconds the duration of is extended. This means multiple resets make ghost last for a long time which can make you even more slippery and difficult to escape.

Grants access to even more damage that will help with your all-ins. The problem is that when played properly Samira does enough damage without needing . Essential against comps with tons of sustain like or But seems unnecessary once you can 1shot.

A great choice in the bot-lane! Makes your all-ins against enemy ADC's devastating, and has more late game utility then A strong defensive choice and essential against comps with mutliple auto attack based champions such as and

You usually take Heal when you are going ADC. Grants bonus MS and extra sustain to your lane partner. A strong choice when in the duo lane with less all-in potential then but strong utility & sustain.

Barrier is a strong choice and excellent for when you want to dive straight into the enemy team. Grants you extra durability to get off an extra which can snowball the teamfight. This is the selfish alternative to since it does not heal your lane partner but provides stronger burst protection.

Literally required when going jungle. You can build into either blue or red smite based on preference. A required summoner spell for jungling, that must be mastered in order to be utilized properly.

Very strong against comps with heavy CC such as or . Broken when necessary and useless otherwise.

Please let me know what you think and any feedback you have on how I can improve the guide! Thanks For Checking Out My Guide! Let Me Know What You Think Or If You Have Constructive Criticism In The Comments!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk
QueerJunk Samira Guide
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Comprehensive Samira Guide (ADC, Bruiser, Jungle, & Supp

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