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Anivia Build Guide by NovumJ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NovumJ

Quick Silver Masterclass to Anivia 6.15 #SpeedMove #LichBane

NovumJ Last updated on August 2, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys! my name is NovumJ, and welcome to my first guide At mobafire!

I play this game since September 2015, and Currently I am Silver 3 player on EUW server!
In November 2015 I was placed in Silver 4, but because of lack of knowledge inside the game, I was really playing bad; I dont know how to snowball, carry or fight the teamfight in the game. and ended the season V in Silver 5 with 34% winrate and MMR of 750 (very elo hell).

before the reset, I practiced hard to main some champions, so I can get a good deserved place in season 6. I mained Anivia, Amumu and Jarvan IV before entering season 6.

Sadly, the mmr doesnt reset, and I was placed in Bronze V even My placement was 7w 3l.
I accepted this place as punishment for playing bad in season V, and didnt know how to play in the game.

But I succesfully got out of Bronze after playing so much Anivia, and currently I am in Silver 3, and I decided to write a guide to share my experience to fellow summoners.

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Ranked Play Results at the moment

This is my current result of my Anivia matches! If you want to stay tuned on my matches, please find my name on

p.s. I am on holiday, I dont play lol for few weeks :(

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Runes and style of fight and control

Few peoples will ask now; why do you use movementspeed on anivia? you will have zero damage?

I find myself more easy, to focus my anivia more on utility than a burst giving champion.
Sometimes I delay the teamfight a lot, which I feel myself sorry to let my teammates die.
The second reason is to place my wall very well, before I applied movementspeed runes, I fail 8 out of 10, placing wall in teamfight and it is very punishing moments if I dont place my anivia wall very well and let the enemies escape. Some of the matches for example against Brand, Karma, Veigar and etc. I can dodge the skills more easy so I can farm safely and sustaining.

My queue preferences is most of it times solo queue, so I dont thrust my teammates and I dont rely on teammates.
My style is more to help my teammates, of course I dont like to be fed alone for example; I understand, that I have to be proud of having 6/0, but If I dont perform really well in mid or late game, I feel really punished by teammates for not carrying well. So if it is possible, I try to give my teammates some kills if I am very ahead.

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Masteries; Stormraider Surge? are you kidding me?

I always go for 12/18/0, with Stormraiders Surge as Keystone.
Lots of players goes for Thunderlords degree. But I dont like this keystone especially for anivia.

I focus my Anivia really a useful Kentucky fried frozen Chicken.
Sometimes I getting caught by a enemy gank, which I find really frustuating.
if enemy is going to gank you, I do my simple combo Q-E, to escape myself really easy, because of good burst that gives you 40% extra movementspeed for few seconds. Please try for yourself! it is much safe in lanephase while you overextending.

It is also good to chase the enemies with low health, you are fast because of stormraiders surge keystone, and as final finish kill you can place a wall so enemy cant escape! I like this as a sign of enemy tilt!

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Items; Lich Bane and Support boots; are you bronze or plastic?

Let me explain these two items what I find really useful.

Boots of Mobility; +25 Movement speed, Increases to +115 movement when out of combat

Lich bane; +80 Ability power, +7% extra movement speed +10% cooldown reduction and +250 mana. passive- spellblade: After using ability the next damage deals 75% base damage (%50 of ability power) bonus magic damage on hit

This support boots might be really ridiculous, but I buy this boots, to roam to top or bot without delay.

Lich Bane gives you an opportunity to extend the anivia combo;
For example; Q-E-aa, or W-Q-E-aa or R-E-aa
The autoattack range of anivia is really useful, and gives also burst damage for just one autoattack! This item will kill enemies more easy because of extended combo. When you have other items you are nearly 40% cdr (zhonya or abyssal and scaling cdr on your runes), so your combo will feel really good as the combo of the old ryze!

Lets calculate your movement speed of anivia:
Base movementspeed Anivia; 325
4.5% movementspeed runes; 339-340
7% movementspeed lich bane; 362
Boots of mobility; 387-477(out of combat)
+3% out of combat total: 486 movement speed anivia!

With this movement speed, it looks like hecarim, but this speed is really enough
To rescue your teammates, and place the anivia wall very well!

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Team Work; Wall is the key of Gamechange!

Wall is the key of every winning team fight

This is very important to know before practicing; the teamfight.
In my experience, the teamfight depends on your action, Because anivia can place a wall.
Teammates are always selfish and taking their own actions, and most of it times they win the fight without me if they are really ahead, but my teammates will never win if they are really behind in everything; I am mentioning Level advantage, Gold advantage and item completion advantage

But back to about anivia wall; You as Anivia, you can stop the teamfight or win the teamfight or screw the teamfight by placing a good wall or bad wall position

I really want to show a picture how to place a good anivia wall and bad anivia wall, but I will do a major update if I am back from holiday! My apologize!

Anivia Wall can be really situational. I prefer to place a wall to seperate the enemy positions; what I´m trying to say, is that when the Enemy is grouping, and I see an opportunity to seperate a midlaner or adcarry that is positioned in front (because of a poke), I am going to place a wall really in the middle of enemy group, to seperate in two groups.

Why? The answer is to give a cue and Sign, to do an all in to teammates. In my Elo, my teammates are really dumb, and some of the teammates I am 100% sure, they will focus the tank that is really out of the way, so that is why I really want to try to seperate the enemy grouping in two groups!

When you succesfully placed a wall, the first enemy group that is going to die is always midlaner and carry (or/and jungler). I would say they are dealing the most of the damage, so that is what we are aiming for to destroy these carry champs first!

Hint: You can also place a wall when they are trying to escape, you have decent movementspeed what I mentioned why this is important for anivia, to destroy the escapers!

Second Hint: If you find the enemy comp is really too strong or too much CC, the important focus on your build, is to reach the Cooldown reduction by 40%, to give you a second chance to change the 5vs5 gamefight

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Ending; Thank you!

It is a short guide, but I hope that I gave an useful information to you guys.
I understand that people doesnt agree about this build, but it is my opinion and I always open for critics and positive reactions! I happily feel if you find this worked really great, please dont forget to send me your result!

I hope I can get some likes :) and grow my community big as possible!
Update: coming soon in september and october; Anivia montage of NovumJ! :D :D

Thank you guys for reading this guide and dont forget to put some likes! :) Good Luck and GG!

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Updates Guide:

2 August 2016: I added Teamfight placing anivia wall
-Added situational items