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Anivia Build Guide by NovumJ

Simple Anivia Guide for beginners {push to win} in Patch 8.

By NovumJ | Updated on June 25, 2018

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Hi Guys! my name is NovumJ, and welcome to my Anivia guide for Beginners!

Anivia is very hard champion to master, but this guide will help you to win some anivia games with less effort.

In this guide we talk about the rune settings and how we should play the anivia in the lanephase with ease but pressure.
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Ranked Play in Anivia

Every match you will face a different matchup, in this guide we should talk about what you should do as anivia in every matchup.

In Anivia we divide the matchup in 4 groups: Ranged/Melee/just shove or pressure, and poke harassement

A good example to observe: Zed
Zed is melee, he can teleport short distance with shadows, when we are below 50% health, he has more damage by his passive. There is no way he gets tp as summoners spell because most of zed players wants to have an advantage.

How we should behave as anivia in lanephase against zed?

IN Rune settigns: Sorcery; put scorch instead of gathering storm!
Reconsider choose one of them: Aery or Arcane Comet, if you want to risk a lot with mana,
try aery against zed!

In Lanephase: First level skill E to poke zed absolutely. Since the patch that when you harass, the enemy minion will react you to attack; after the poke, immediately fall back from minion aggro!

Golden Hint: try to count 20 seconds after you poke zed with E: the scorch rune will coming back after 20 second to have more efficient poke / Zed Startup items are always longsword with 3 health potions or refill potion (2)

This is the analysis of preperation matchup, you can think what is the best for each matchup by dividing groups
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Why Demolish on Resolve rune?

Demolish rune is recently buffed, but since bone plating rune is very relevant to survive in lanephasing, demolish rune is less used.

when anivia is level 6, you can zone enemy laner behind his tower by using Glacial storm (R)
to enforce your demolish proc. Remember that demolish rune might really useless for ranged champion, but when you are able to proc the demolish on towers by any chance, it is very useful and greater chance to get first blood turret!

Golden hint: As a beginner, your concentration must be in direction of win the lane by deadpressuring. The focus is to find an opportunity to scale. consider anivia as a split pusher before late game. The split pusher is already starting from level 6 since anivia has a great wave clear possibility
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Important sorcery main rune: When Phase Rush, Aery or Arcane Comet?

It depends on what you really want with this champion. I can explain some style what it is relevant for you:

What if:
-You are a low risk player: Phase Rush is good for you: when the enemy jungler ganks you: just hit Q (it doenst matter if you cant stun him) + E and Auto can proc Phase Rush, to escape safely with cc resistance up to 40%.

golden tip for Low risk player: After you get tear and Rod of Ages; Rush ZZ-rot. It sounds very silly, but if you want to low risk win the game, zz rot helps you to have the potential push opportunity

-Use Aery or Arcane Comet if you are comfortable: Dont be shy, shy player gets punished earlier than when you are comfortable. It needs a clear gameplan.
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Items; Full Magic Pen or Full Ap or Bruiser utility anivia?

When to Full Magic Pen Anivia:
If enemy team has tanky composition (like Dr.Mundo, Maokai) or healing champions like Janna, Karma etc.

When to Full Ap Anivia:
If you are super ahead: Consider get dark seal to automatically stack ap.

When to bruiser utility anivia:
If you dont want to take a risk.
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Ending; Thank you!

It is a short guide, but I hope that I gave an useful information to you guys.
I understand that people doesnt agree about this build, but it is my opinion and I always open for critics and positive reactions! I happily feel if you find this worked really great, please dont forget to send me your result!

I hope I can get some likes :) and grow my community big as possible!
Update: coming soon in september and october; Anivia montage of NovumJ! :D :D

Thank you guys for reading this guide and dont forget to put some likes! :) Good Luck and GG!