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Taric Build Guide by Jukantos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jukantos

Quick, use it before they nerf it! (3.03 Broken AS Taric Exp

Jukantos Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quick, AS Taric broke! Use it!

Hello everybody. This is a quickly mashed together guide, to help you exploit the currently fully broken Attackspeed Taric. Riot has already stated what they are going to do to Blade of the Ruined King, but you might as well use it while you can :)

This is a guide for rather advanced players who are "into the current meta" and have a general broad knowledge of game mechanics and the current patch situation. There are a lot of good general guides on this site, if you are a beginner i suggest you check those out first, as i will not detailedly explain the use of Sight Wards and other "mandatory" stuff in this guide.

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The Basis

The Basis for Tarics new broken Playstyle is a combination of two things. First, his new passive, which adds a percentage of his mana as bonus magic damage onto every of his attacks, similar to the active toggle of Muramana. Second, the fully broken new Attackspeed Version of Blade of the Ruined King which basically gave Attackspeed based builds a place in this league again.

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Well, how to use this?

First of all, the new Taric is AMAZING at sustaining in the top lane. His Autoattacks have a lot of damage even at early levels and sustaining is not really a problem with the massive base Armor and Heal he sits on.

Starting Items

I recommend you start your build with 3 Sight Wards, 2 Health Potions and Faerie Charm.

This Faerie Charm can be upgraded to Chalice of Harmony, or preferably Tear of the Goddess.


With nothing but a Tear of the Goddess and a Vampiric Scepter, you will be VERY hard to push out of the lane, as you will get insane Sustain just by autoattacking creeps if necessary. The Sight Ward should keep you safe against the "meta" three-and-a-half-minute ganks we've seen so often lately (plus Taric is very hard to Towerdive).

Your early build goals: Manamune and Bilgewater Cutlass. The sooner you have Manamune, the sooner you will increase your passive damage with every autoattack and build towards Muramana. The Cutlass helps you kite opponents even hard than just Dazzle and further upgrade your chasing and nuking potential.

Midgame: Time for some Decisions

Midgame at around level 11 you will run into some rather difficult decisions. Upgrading your Cutlass to Blade of the Ruined King Is almost mandatory to further increase your attack and nuking power, but at the same time you need to choose an offensive or defensive path in your Itemisation. Iceborn Gauntlet intensivies your sticking power, while also granting more important mana, Armor and Cooldownreduction. Frozen Mallet however gives you even more Health and an even greater sticking Power. Your Choice.

If you need pure damage in the form of even more attackspeed, Wit's End or even Phantom Dancer are viable options, Phantom Dancer also greatly adds to your chasing ability by disabling Minionblock.

Faced with a magic damage opponent? Behind in Lane? Athene's Unholy Grail from an earlier Chalice of Harmony, Runic Bullwark and Mikael's Crucible should help with these. Mikaels also makes you an even more effective additions to "Protect the Carry" Strategies focused around the damage output of a Vayne or a Miss Fortune

Lategame Power

As hilarious as the Idea of a 2.0 Attackspeed Taric may be, if you have the sticking potential to permanently apply your passive and CC you can be more annoying in teamfights than an Amumu or a Malphite. If you have Iceborn Gauntlet, Muramana and Wit's End under your belt, it might be a good idea to get Shurelia's Reveree if your teams support hasnt picked it up yet, simply to get in range for Dazzle and your slaughterfest onto the enemy Carries.

My fully built hyperfarmed Taric, if i get there, has Boots of Swiftness Enchantment: Furor, Iceborn Gauntlet, Shurelia's Reveree, Blade of the Ruined King, Wit's End and Muramana under his belt.

This turns you into a big nuker that also has very strong sticking power, good autoattackdamage of at least 500 per attack with activated Muramana, that can also gapclose quite effectivly (Movespeedboost from Botrk and Shurelias) combined with the lockdown of Iceborn Gauntlet and Dazzle, which can also tank quite a lot for his team and deploy strong auras (the more armor you have, the more your team gets).

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The Upcoming BotRK Nerf

Well, this build is not going to stay as it is for a too long period of time. Riot ZenonTheStoic has already stated, that BotRK is getting a hotfix with "increased gold cost and reduced AD", but that is not going to affect AS Taric too much! (Original Source: "The weekly balance thread" (german))

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Now what?

Thank you for reading. Even though this was put together rather quickly (half an hour), i wanted to get a good one of these out there with my personal opinion and item choices, before it falls out of favor via riot patching against it.

Have fun trolling your lanes ;)

Commentary and voting would be highly appreciated but keep in mind this is a situational exploit guide and will become stale probably rather soon.

PS: i have NO idea why i was able to choose Dragonwing Corki as a skin for Taric in this guide, but i thought it would be hilarious to troll a little. Umad? ^^