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Quinn Build Guide by Death Meister863

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Death Meister863

Quinn & Valor~ AD Carry/Mid guide

Death Meister863 Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

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Utility: 1

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This is my 1st guide.

This is my first guide so please tell me how you like it and/or if there is anything I can do to improve my guide. Feed back is loved thank you. ^.^

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Quinn & Valor: They are a Tag Team champion with a huge burst. They are a champion with huge reliability for going in and out of fights and ganks. You can use her in Mid lane or as a AD Carry. There ability to gank bot or top in a flash and come back to mid is what i find the best about being in mid lane. As an AD Carry her best advantaged is her E and blind as she is able to counter most Champions and able to back off of Melee with a quickness.

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As for Runes I like to take flat Attack Damage marks, flat Armor seals, scaling Cooldown Reduction Glyphs, and scaling Attack Damage Quins.

AD Marks: I take for there huge spike in damage. I don't take the Armor pen because you get that with the Last Whisper by early mid game.

Armor Seals: I take Armor seals because playing as AD Carry or Mid I have always felt you need some kinda of extra Armor from the other teams AD Carry seeing as 80% of the time they are the biggest threat.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs: I like to take them because its goes well in fights combined with Quinns E. Since Quinns E slows and moves you into range for a few Quick attacks and because it applys Quinns passive Harrier to the target. I like to try to use it as soon as possible for either the high damage it help you get through her E or in case your need to get away when your being ganked.

Scaling Attack Damage Quins: For the same reason I take the AD marks they let you have a huge spike in damage and burst damage.

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Offense: I take the normal Ad Carry build with 21 point into it, but I add 1 point into Summoner's Wrath because of the 5 AD while Ignite is on cooldown it my not be much but it works well.

Defense: I take 7 point into it for the Health and Armor. Seeing as AD Carry or Mid need some type of extra Defense i feel its a good fit.

Utility: I only put 1 point into it for the Summoner's Insight. Seeing for some reason I tend to always only have a few seconds left when I need to most I took this so that doesn't happen anymore.

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Ability Sequence/Fight Rotation.

I take this sequence because I feel like it maxes out the damage output of your ability's as soon as possible. Some people feel like W is your most important ability because of the attack speed bonus it gives but I feel like your Q and E are. Also getting Zeal and Phantoms Dancer tends to make up for it.

When in a 1v1 fight: Always stay back don't get to close to the fight you always want to start with Q to blind and then E whenever possible to stay on your target. Once you notice your targets health at about 25-20%. E and Ignite and then an auto attack for the bonus damage from Harrier (also since your Ignite is on cooldown at this point you get the extra 5 AD from your masteries). After a few seconds if you judged the health right your target should die.

When in a team fight: Use the same rotation as in a 1v1 and like a said always always always stay as far as possible from the fight. If a enemy champion gets close to you use your E to stay back. If possible ping the enemy champion so your team knows that your under attack.

Your ULT: Your UlT NEVER and I mean NEVER use your ULT as a fight starter you will die. Your ULT is a chaser and a clean up. Use your ULT when you see most of the enemy team at about 30% health. Go in and clean house use E to dive on the enemy team combined with the movement speed and your W for a 360 view of Fog of War it is like taking candy from a baby. Now when in a fight if you seem to have either used it to early. Re ULT for the arrow storm and use E to back away and keep your Q and E rotation going.

Now your ULT is also a good disengage if you see your team losing a fight and backing away use your E to slow the enemy and get and good distant between you. If they seem to be gaining on you use your ULT to get away safely since you have 20 seconds before you auto ULT again get a good distant between you and the enemy team and use your W if you notice they are backing off or a few of them are splitting off feel free to go pick them off. Only if you can remember you only have 20 seconds as Valor so make sure you have time to pick them of or at least down for your arrow storm or an AA or two for the kill. If not DO NOT REENGAGE!!!!!

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AD Carry Laneing: When farming with Quinn you'll need a little bit more DPI on your mouse or faster reflex. Since Harries hits your last AA or a random target you'll need to always pay attention for when Valor sweeps down. Also use your Q when you get in those point where you have 2 or more farm about to die. You can also use your Q to poke the enemy as well and do some damage to farm.

Mid Laneing: Now with mid laneing when farming it is the same thing as when AD Carry laneing, but once you have your ULT you have the ability to quickly hit bottom or top lane for a gank and be back at mid in a matter of 20 25 seconds. Sometimes even before there mid notices your missing. Remember when does this be sure your pushing your lane.

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End of guide

Thank you all for reading my Quinn & Valor guide please like and rate. Also I love feed back so if there is something you see that I can improve with my guides please feel free to comment or PM me. ^.^ Once again thank you all for reading. SYOTOS!!!!!