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Quinn Build Guide by anthek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anthek

Quinn: League of Valor [AD Carry]

anthek Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


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Hello everyone, I'm Anthek (once again, that's not my real name, but still, just call me Anthek), and in this guide I will show (again) you an efficient way I found to play AD Carry Quinn.

First of all, a little disclaimer. This is an efficient way to play AD Carry Quinn, but by no ways I pretend this one to be the best one. I'm not a pro player, ok?

So, let's get into the topic of today, which is...

Ultimate Doomsday AD Carry Quinn MKIII

Destroyer of Lanes

This guide is a repost from the one I made earlier, which was a WiP. I finalized it, therefore I'm reposting it to void the heavy amount of downvotes I got for publishing an unfinished guide. I also fixed some things, like the item pick and the masteries. Hope you'll enjoy the final version!

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Pros / Cons

So, why play ADC Quinn?

  • Heavy burst damage
  • Nice sustained damage
  • Mobility (probably the most mobile ADC, along with MF)
  • Survivability
  • Laning phase can be quite easy, depending on the enemy ADC
  • Cool as f*ck with her bird and her crossbow
  • Close-ranged ADC. This will let the ennemies zone you quite easily early game.
  • Has to commit itself to get kills.
  • Laning phase can be quite hard, depending on the enemy ADC
  • Your burst damage relies heavily on Harrier (well, not that much since you build Trinity Force).

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Harrier (P)
Your passive is where your real damage comes from. An important note on how it prioritizes targets: It will proceed first on...

  1. Ennemy heroes and hero-related entities you attacked, then
  2. Ennemy minions you attacked, then
  3. Nearby ennemy heroes and hero-related entities, then
  4. Nearby ennemy minions.

Blinding Assault (Q)
This is your main harassing skill. Its blind makes it very efficient to deny the ennemy ADC's farm. It has a pretty low cooldown, so it's nice to spam it to proceed Trinity Force's damage as much as possible.

Heightened Senses (W)
Your W transforms you in a huge mobile sensor battery. It has a huge area of effect, so it can be used to check for inbound hostiles, or to keep track of fleeing hostiles after a teamfight. Remember that it also allows you to get vision in bushes!

Vault (E)
This is your boom-boom-headshot skill. It slows the target, and it applies your passive. Try to use your E after triggering your "regular" passive, so you can apply a double-supra-mega-dual-harrier combo combined with Trinity Force for ultimate tear harvesting.

tag team Tag Team (R)
This ultimate is quite good, actually. It might be disappointing at a first glance, but it can be used to chase enemies, to escape, or to join an imminent or ongoing team fight. Remember that Valor's attacks applies on-hit effects like Icy, so it's just perfect to chase down retreating hostiles.

Summoner Spells

Flash is good on Quinn, as it is on 98% of the heroes. Use it to chase an enemy who escaped with Flash, or as a free get-out-of-jail card when tag team is on cooldown.

Since Quinn is a short-ranged ADC, Barrier may save your sorry a*s if something goes wrong. It can also be used to bait enemies and frustrate them like never before.

Ignite can be used to get that little extra burst needed to finish off a fleeing hostile. It's quite good but it gets useless after the midgame, since your items already give you an insane burst.

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Runes, Masteries and Ability Sequence


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Self-explanatory ;)
A 21/9/0 will help you to get tons of damage early game, since you get the extra survivability from your support early game, and your items later.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
That's right, you get your second level of tag team at the level 13. You don't need it before heavy teamfights begin. If teamfight'o'clock comes earlier than expected, pick it earlier.

I prefer maxing Vault before Heightened Senses because of the interaction with Trinity Force, for which a reduction in the cooldown comes pretty handy. If you mostly need sustained damage, max out Heightened Senses instead.


> > > tag team

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Starter items

This one is a good starter against heroes like Miss Fortune or Caitlyn, which will tend to zone you pretty hard early game. It will help you dodging their abilities like Double Up and will help you to "counter-zone" them.
If they have a heavy, brutal ADC like Draven or Graves, you might consider going for this first. The extra HP and AD combined with the little bit of sustain will make you able to keep your lane.

Early game

Doran items OP for the early game. Try to get that at your first back. Get only one if you're pretty comfortable on your lane.
Extra HP, extra AD, and the passive will help you to get hostiles that comes too close of you. It's also needed to build Trinity Force afterwards.


That's self-explanatory... I guess?
If you're having a hard time dealing with the enemy AD carry, get this. If there is heavy AP damage in the enemy team, don't get Mercury's Treads, instead get a Maw of Malmortius or a Mercurial Scimitar just after your Zephyr.

Core items

Tons of damage. The extra speed, the AD, the HP, the attack speed, the slowing effect and the ultimate-supra-masta-blasta spellblade passive. It'll increase your burst like never before.
This is a bit of an uncommon choice, huh? Zephyr has everything Quinn needs. AD, attack speed, but also cooldown reduction to spam even more your spells (to proc Trinity Force ) and some tenacity to survive if you're getting shot down in teamfights. And the extra speed will help you to place yourself correctly, escape ganks and chase down ennemies.

Attack Damage Item

Alright, now you have plenty of attack speed and decent AD. What to do next?
If the enemy team is not really tanky, get this. It gives you plenty of AD and a pretty nice sustain while fully charged. Remember: You lose half of your stacks when you die, so don't play god while on teamfights.
If there is metric sh*ttons of HP in the hostile's health bar, grab this. The passive will make them melt, and it gives you a nice 15% of lifesteal to have some sustain while on the battleground. And remember: It has an active effect!

Critical Strike Item

Alright, so now you have plenty of attack speed, a nice amount of AD, and some sustain. Now, pick one of these.
More attack speed, extra CS and more mobility. That's a pretty cool item on all AD Carries. It will give you nice stats overall, and will make you more efficient in roamings or splitpushing.
If you really, really, REALLY want more CS, grab this. The OMGWTFBBQish amount of AD and the passive will make you a real doomsday device. However, it doesn't features much utility like speed or cooldown reduction. If you're always finding yourself teamfighting, grab that instead of Phantom Dancer.
If you're in a game in which your team is pushing hard, grab this. It will transform you into the ultimate split pushing machine.

Due to the fact that there is 7 different types of items that are good picks on Quinn, you'll have to choose between Armor Penetration or Survivability to finish your build. You can also choose to pick between Critical Strike or Armor Penetration if you want to.

Survivability Item

Now, you need more resistance, huh?
Tons of armor and HP, and the passive will help you to reduce enemy DPS. If your support is building a Frozen Heart to complement this against heavy incoming AD damage, that's just perfect. And the active guarantees you an Ace when win a teamfight.
Magic Res.
This item will help you to survive against a fed AP Carry. The extra AD coming from both the flat bonus and the passive is pretty nice too.
Against Crowd Control
So, you have troubles with triple-stuns and sh*t like that? Grab this. Don't even ask, just grab this. And activate it when you need it. And the extra Magic Resistance will help you to counter the ennemy AP carry as well!
Against All
Armor, magic resist, and gives you the ability of avoiding death every five minuts! A must-have if you're in serious trouble.

Armor Penetration

So, when you were getting some more HP, they were spending their gold building armor, huh? Then, take one of these.
If your toplaner didn't build it and there isn't a stockpile of armor in the enemy team, get this. The extra AD and flat APen makes it better than the Last Whisper against lightly-to-medium armored target.
If, however, there is a sh*tload of armor on the hostiles, get this, and ask your solotop to get The Black Cleaver to reduce their armor below 50%. This item combo can also be efficient against lightly armored targets, too, but in this case flat APen would be better to deal extra true damage.

Boots Enchantment

Get this whenever you want. Usually, get it just after the Zephyr.
The best one for Quinn. Quite handful to chase, escape, or even doing backflips.
If you're really in trouble, or if the game is really close (like 10 towers down in both team), grab this one. It will save you many towers and inhibitors.

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Support Synergies

Quinn has her place on a very offensive bot lane.

Therefore, here's the three supports that goes best with her.

Quinn & Taric make a nice offensive bot lane, that can come back and play defensively if they're in trouble. Taric's Shatter gives Quinn even more survivability, and Dazzle guarantees you a kill if the hostiles pushed too hard.

Lulu's Whimsy allows you to put Harrier often on the enemy ADC, therefore putting a nice pressure on the lane. Her Wild Growth, combined with Barrier, allows you to do some dual-wombo-combo bait that your adversaries will remember for a looong time.

Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing gives you a nice sustained CC combined with Vault. If she manages to land her Aqua Prison, your kill is almost guaranteed. Her Tidal Wave is also an amazing ultimate to initiate a teamfight.

(This is not an exhaustive list of all supports who goes well with Quinn, but I've tested her with all three of them and found them being really good with her.)

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So, here's my AD Carry Quinn guide! Hope you enjoyed it, I'll keep it updated and add more content if it pleases you :) .

Have fun on the Fields of Justice!