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Caitlyn Build Guide by Eclipse Of Life

"Nice fed Caitlyn" (Fed Brand, after his death.)

By Eclipse Of Life | Updated on April 1, 2012

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Hello guys, i'm french but i'll try to be unerstandable. This is my first guide, i used to visit this site to see the best guides about characters i wanted to play... And now i'm here. Caitlyn is very often in the free champs rotation, and i used to test her many times and finally bought her.

I saw a lot of people saying she is one of the worst AD carries... Why do you say that ? You didn't saw a good Caitlyn ? She is the BEST and not the worst, guys. Now let's see why.

- Caitlyn has the best early game ever seen, because of her Piltover Peacemaker. I think you have to up this skill first, because it gives you an advantage at the first level.
-Good farmer, and good to avoid ennemy farming. You can't do that with all champs.
-The third range of the game, and the first normal range ( Tristana only better with her passive and Kog'Maw with his second skill)
-Try a gank against her and you'll take a Yordle Snap Trap in your face.
-You'll say OMG when you'll saw a Caitlyn with this build cause of her damages.
-Can finish an hidden fleeing champ with her Piltover Peacemaker easily ! FUNNY !
-One of the best turret defender and turret diver with her range and the Piltover Peacemaker.
-Everytimes winning her lane, often carrying her team... And you'll have good scores with her, everytimes the best of your team. Not very important but good to see then :)

-Not very tanky
-Just 90 Caliber Net to escape.. But not so bad, it is a jump+slow.
-Nothing to help in team fights, but usefull to kill ennemies one per one fastly.
- Ace in the Hole usefull in laning phase, not in team fights if you don't have a lot of luck.
-With this build you'll be the most focused of your team !

You understood, she's not so bad. Can we say she is OP ? No. She's balanced. You will be focused, focused and focused. Today the ennemy team tried to kill me in 5V1 two times. They had me because i can't do anything in this situation, but the first time i killed two of them before i died. But i was under my turret x)

Now i'll explain all this build.
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Runes, masteries and summoner skills


greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation are the most important. With that runes you can destroy the tanks too. Because they are often annoying for me when i play Caitlyn and i can't imagine killing a good tank without that runes.

Take greater seal of resiliance and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because Caitlyn need it to escape a lot of dangerous situations.


Caitlyn needs offensive power, physical and magical resist and mana. A cooldown reduction for the recall can be useful.
Offense: 22 (Take Demolitionist , useful to win the game.)
Defense: 4 (2 in Hardiness and 2 in Resistance .)
Utility: 4 (3 points used in Expanded Mind and 1 in Improved Recall )

Summoner skills: Flash (Very usefull in a lot of situation, very polyvalent skill ! Prevent ganks, jump walls, kill an ennemy... Take it with all champs, always usefull)

I choose Teleport too. Why ? Ignite has, i think, a lower range than Caitlyn's basic attacks. Teleport allows you to have more time to farm, it can give you a kill (when the ennemy is going back and you use Teleport on your minions where he is going), usefull to protect turrets ... Polyvalent skill too. But i think you can replace it with Exhaust to be sure to survive to ganks or when an ennemy try to kill you.
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Item purchase and skills order

Item Purchases:
Basically, i use to buy Doran's Blade first in all situations because i'm a noob and i like that. One Doran's Blade is necessary, if you buy a second you'll lose usefull gold and farming... You better buy berseker's greaves and then a Bloodthirster. Because Caitlyn is a so good farmer, she can finish her Bloodthirster when the ennemy is finishing his boots. Why ? Because if you play Caitlyn good, the ennemy can't farm without taking huge damages in his face and you can farm very fastly.

When you'll have your Bloodthirster, your farming will allow you to have fastly all your item's powers (+100 attack damages, +20% steal life.). Then, just take a Phantom Dancer to become Over Powered. If you did it fastly (Good farming, and a beginning of killing spree), you'll be the terror of the midgame, the most ganked people of your team and the biggest minion slayer. Ah, i forgot one thing: In this situation, you can easily carry your team.

Then you can continue with an Infinity Edge. Your damages will be so important that if you bought the Infinity Edge fastly the ennemies will surrend in 90% of the cases by ragequit, saying " Fed Caitlyn" (A fed Brand said me that today... 4 basic attacks to kill him :D)

If you have problems (Ennemies can kill you in team fights, rare but possible) you can buy a Warmog's Armor because with your farming ability you will fastly have the full-powers of Warmog's Armor. Your damages will be so OP you can buy it without saying "Oh no i can't deal anything with a Warmog's Armor in my inventory", but "YEAAAAAH I'M THE BEST CARRY AD TANKY EVER AND I'LL WIN THAT". If you do this, the ennemy team can't kill you. But you'll kill the ennemies with 10 basic attacks. With an offensive item ( Bloodthirster) and no Warmog's Armor you can do it with 3-4 shots. That's your choice. Caitlyn is good in the two situations, and in my mind it depends on the ennemy team.

So it finish in that stuff: Doran's Blade: Berserker's Greaves: Bloodthirster: Phantom Dancer: Infinity Edge: Bloodthirster (Replace Doran's Blade by an other Bloodthirster if there is a long game and the ennemies can't kill you. It gives you awesome damages and 60% steal life in total (+390 hp per hit on a minion). If the ennemy team can hit you and focus you, take a warmog after the Infinity Edge. You can then replace the Doran's Blade by a Frozen Mallet, i didn't test but it seems to be a good thing to do in this case).

Skill Points placing order:
Some of good Caitlyn players first place a point in the Yordle Snap Trap skill. I don't agree. Why?
The Piltover Peacemaker is your main skill. It can be VERY usefull to have it at the beginning, and with the agressive gameplay i want you to have, it's important to have your harrass skill first. Then you choose your order. Personnally i prefer placing point in the 90 Caliber Net than the Yordle Snap Trap. Why ? I use the Yordle Snap Trap to stun an ennemy, to prevent ganks and to control bushes. It only require 1 level in this skill. The 90 Caliber Net is usefull to deal damages, slowing and escape at the same time, and i don't like the basic cooldown of this skill so i place points in this before the Yordle Snap Trap (I just take Yordle Snap Trap at the second level and place just one point on this skill). One funny thing, one time i died against an other Caitlyn (Don't worry, it was just luck, i dominated her on all the game), and then she activated my trap when she tried to go back. Bye, Caitlyn ! Ahah, it was funny. But it's not interesting for you. Just place your yordle snap traps where you think it's usefull (Always in bushes, to be the most efficient).

Place points in Ace in the Hole everytimes you can. It's an OP skill to finish an ennemy going back who nobody can kill. More usefull in lane phase than in team fights.
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All you have to do... (+ usefull comments)

Play agressive ! You have a good range, harrass your ennemies with your Piltover Peacemaker and your basic attacks ! Make them go back, or kill them, and farm everytimes you can. It's instinctive to farm and harrass at the same time. Your ennemy bot lane will have a so bad early they will be useless in team fights. If there is the case, you're a good Caitlyn player, gj. Place Yordle Snap Trap in the bushes ennemy entry. Your ennemies will be surprised when they'll enter in the bushes and you will be able to place a Piltover Peacemaker in their face when they'll be stunned by your Yordle Snap Trap. You can use the Yordle Snap Trap to flee, just go in the jungle and place it in the bushes... And say "Haha" on the /all canal. Use 90 Caliber Net to escape, but i think you already know it will be used in this situation. It can be a funny harrass too: "I'm arriving ! I place my 90 Caliber Net which makes me go back and you take the damages without sending me an answer ! Haha ! I'm a kid !"... But i don't often use this skill to do that because it don't deal a lot of damages and it's beginning your only-way-to-escape cooldown. You can observe that when an ennemy is running, an other can block Ace in the Hole.. Annoying situation. But you can go to the jungle and use your ulti from this position, it will be harder to block for the ennemy's teammates... If they have time to do. But you can do it only if you see you have time to go in the jungle to place Ace in the Hole... Rare situation, no ? But when it happens it's good to know you can do that.

The most usefull comment i can give you is a support choice. Caitlyn has some mana problems, so i think Soraka is the best support Caitlyn can have. It allows you to harrass your ennemies non-stop with Piltover Peacemaker. Just try it !

That's my first guide. Be indulgent please. (I'm french, sorry if you don't understand what i try to say ^^")
League of Legends Build Guide Author Eclipse Of Life
Eclipse Of Life Caitlyn Guide

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"Nice fed Caitlyn" (Fed Brand, after his death.)
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