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Camille Build Guide by stephjmillz

Top diamond

"STEPH J MILLZ" The Black Godfather of Camille

By stephjmillz | Updated on February 20, 2020
35 Votes
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Runes: The Basics

1 2 3 4 5
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #27 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Threats & Synergies

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I Am Steph J. Millz

If you have not heard of me, then I recommend you do some research. Because I have been underground for quite some time & now I am getting the recognition many say I deserved to have a long time ago.

I am Steph J. Millz. A rising prodigy with the Steel Shadow they call "Camille". I come straight from the hood. So I am blunt, raw, & ghetto because you may assume its in my nature. Yet, I still choose to break the stereotype barrier & prove that I am more than just a statistic.

I began my journey in League about 8 years ago. My first guide on MobaFire was an AP Tryndamere guide (Click here) which I can't believe was already 5 years ago from now. Time sure does fly. I did not start playing ranked until Season 4.

When I say I come from the hood, I mean it literally & metaphorically. I used to be hard stuck Bronze - Silver back in the day. I done seen it all. The trolls, the toxicity, the unskilled, the feeble-minded, etc. My experience in low elo contributed to what I have become currently. Sometimes you have to start from the bottom to become a Legend.

Please, take the time to check me out on Twitch I stream very often!

You can also follow me on Social Media:
Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Peaked Rank Back to Top

I need you all to put some respect on my name! Because I am far from an ordinary or average player. I reached heights Dwight Howard couldn't reach. No this ain't photo-shopped or edited so get that out of your brain. That right there, is hard work & believing in yourself even when times are tough. And I am almost positive that I am the only Black man you know that ever reached that high in solo que. I'm talking 100% Black. Not mixed. Just because you got a small % of Black don't make you all Black.

And yes, I have played with & against the pros. The well-known faces of League such as Tyler1, Yassuo, Imaqtpie, Voyboy, TSM Bjergsen, LL Stylish, etc.
The Takeover Back to Top

I used to be an Olaf main for Top Lane, Jungle & a Karma main for Top, Mid & Support. Playing those champions would only allow me to reach up to upper Gold & remain there.


Ms. Camille Ferros caught my eye around Season 7. She was one of the champs I paid no attention to, never tried out even when she was released, & would barely see her in game. After a while, I was curious to try out a new champ & she was first on the list.

I will say, I embarrassed myself countless times trying to learn a champ with high skill cap. Not knowing how to time her Q's, aiming hookshot on champions instead of walls....yeah it was bad. But did that make me give up? NO!

After intense training in my personal hyperbolic time chamber, I sought out to make her my new one-trick as of Season 8. And by doing that, was I able to surpass my previous hard stuck barrier in Gold & climb to Platinum, & then Diamond, & then even further beyond in Season 9 up to Grandmaster. I will say that without her, I definitely would not have reached that high.

My style with Camille is what separates me from many Camille players out there. The way I move, the way I build, the way I deal with matchups, the runes I choose & so forth. I was always taught to be different & stand out as my own individual. And I have made a ton of progress with the style I run with. Many wonder how I do it, many criticize how I do it, but all I do is just let my skills show for itself. Many observe & wish to learn. I never turn down the opportunity to teach those that seek. Which is why I have guides on my YouTube channel that I am crossing over to this guide here.
Guides & Montages Back to Top

My guides are divided into 3 parts that each give information on Camille as well as explanations as to what I choose, why I choose it, & how I execute with those choices.

Guide to Camille Ep. I The first is an introduction. You will learn more about me, my background & experiences as well as more about Camille & my preferred runes of choice.

Guide to Camille Ep. II The second is an in-depth commentary about item builds & showcases mechanics, tips & tricks, & also goes in detail on key notes when facing certain matchups.

Guide to Camille Ep. III The third is an update to the first that discusses preferred runes for the matchups discussed in the previous one & why. This also introduces Hail of Blades. A keystone that I believe should not be overlooked on Camille at all.

Yes they are quite lengthy. That is why there is a table of contents for you to skip to parts that you want to see the most rather than watch the full thing.

There are quite a few montages of my best moments with Camille throughout the seasons.

Montage #1
Montage #2
Montage #3

These are personal montages made by me:
Montage #1
Montage #2 (Hail of Blades Camille)
Montage #3 (Funny moments on Stream)
Overview & Matchups Back to Top
I have already completed my guide on YouTube as I stated above with the links to them. Here are just the screenshots of the overview & the matchups. I recommend that you right-click & open the images in another tab to get a full screen view or to watch my guide on YouTube. Guide to Camille Ep. II

Conclusion Back to Top

I keep telling people: "Do NOT underestimate me."

Seems like people love to do that. Which gives me motivation to show that I am indeed a force to be reckoned with. My style & strategy with Camille has become noteworthy to where I wish to share it with those that wish to learn her or wish to discover something new about here. I am fearless & determined to succeed. Camille has paved the way for me to showcase the best of me to all of you.

I strive to continue showing the best of me. Though it will be a rough journey. There will be mistakes, there will be hard times, but does that mean we should just give up when the going gets tough?

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your love & support. Be sure to check me out on Twitch, hit that follow & subscribe button as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel to see highlights if you could not catch the stream!

Have a great day!

P.S. This guide WILL be updated as the seasons change along with there being new videos on YouTube to stay updated.
League of Legends Build Guide Author stephjmillz
stephjmillz Camille Guide
"STEPH J MILLZ" The Black Godfather of Camille