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Karthus Build Guide by Sunfire230

"The Killing Presence"

"The Killing Presence"

Updated on January 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunfire230 Build Guide By Sunfire230 4,128 Views 0 Comments
4,128 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunfire230 Karthus Build Guide By Sunfire230 Updated on January 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hey my name is Sunfire230 and I'm going to show you my build which creates karthus a great suicide bomber i pentakill character:(I pentad with this build)
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My Runes are Simple:
- x9(Simple magic pen)
-Greater Seal of replenishmentx9(Gives great mana regen at early stages)
- x9(Simple ap/lvl)
- x3(Another bunch of ap/lvl)
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Masteries are 22/0/8 with all magic offense and mana regen in uti,and i think i dont need to explain why no point in defense.
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Start with a and 2x .-This give a great mana regen early with your other bonuses letting u harass like hell.
Then Farm till you have and
Afterwards get a and a -Ull need the spell vamp and u'll get many stacks even if u died.
From now no more lane phase,you shall get ,then , With U'll have a permanent Fiddlesticks ultimate.
Grab and lastly the only defense: ,It's great for surviving team fights and heal yourself with and Spellvamp.

You can change zhonya's hourgalss for or if the enemy is stacking magic resi.
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Skill Sequence

Max first it's great damage,Second ,LAst: ,And of course Take on every time u can.
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- :most important for karthus play,this gives u a chance to go in the fight without hesitation,you will own them after being dead!
- :Great damage great harass low cd no mana cost(nearly) your best friend.
- : Great for ganks with slow and lategame nice armor/mr lowering,use only when needed!
- :Main damage in teamfights,as i asid permanene ,And if needed in the middle of fights.(MIn 5 stacks on )
- :Great ultimate in full game big damage global range.In early game Emeies will be feared or dead, in mid/late game biggest damage in teamfight. Caution! Only use while dead or not near enemy so they wont break channel and take on 150 sec cd for nothing.
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- :with karthus flash is not for retreating,anytime u should flash in the middle of teamfights they'll focus you,but u will get your revenge i promise!
- :Grants u a kill and useful vs. Dr. Mundo and Fiddlesticks

No need to use other summoners.
- : you have infinite mana with archangel.
- :I say flash.
-Others i havent mention u dont even have to think about them.
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Pros / Cons

-Great damage
-If focused no problem
-1 of the best AP carrys
-He owns even after life
-Global execution
-Squishy as hell
-Not a 1v1 vs carry hero
-If u die before fight u can only ult
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Best Friends

Karthus' best friends are AoE cc tanky guys whos can hold them in .
THese guys:
- Amumu
- Galio
- Nunu & Willump
- Fiddlesticks with
- Leona
- Kennen
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Biggest Enemies

Biggest enemies are
-anti mage character like LeBlanc, Kassadin, Malzahar, Cho'Gath-Silence moar/cc moar!
-and cc immmune carryS: Olaf, Master Yi-you cant catch these guys[
- Soraka:fuuuuu global heal with better scaling than yours.
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Ultimate counters

There are many counters for your ultimate,so if anybody says noob noskill ult and anything u can show this chapter to him/her.

- :It's active.
- :passive spell shield.
- :passive magic shield.

And also many skills can counter it:
, , , , , , , ,
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Farming/creep waves

Farm the entire game when u can,always get the blue buff.
And if on low hp get near a massive creepwave and then +
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Early game:
-Harass like hell
-Watch lanes for ur
-lat**** with

Mid/late game:
-Be in the middle of teamtights
-doN't run alone
-use combo:WEQQQQQQQQR xD

With you can solo most thing up to dragon and with you can seal baron easyly if u flash in.
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On ranked u shoulda play the same way and at picking hope for being 1st or 2nd pick.
If not,not many chance u go karth mid:S
Banns good for you:-Top priority: Kassadin, Malzahar
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In dominion Karthus is one of the most powerful defenders.
He can prevent capturing your basas with sacrificing himself and damage the attackers under .
And as number 2,in dominion there are many 1v1/2v2 fights. Karthus shines at these fights,he can easily outdamage many characters and push towards next base.

But,we'll need to modify our build:
We have to change our for an early to become a bit more cc/defending guy.
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Karthus is a great mage,he deals heavy damage,and if u even focus him u die afterwards.
Always pick karthus before enemy does.Never be feared off in fights.
I hope this guide helped you,it was made because Karthus is my fav charater and i love it.
With this build you will have like 950 AP with 20 stack mejai.

Sunfire230-EU West

Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus Karthus
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